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Angry Birds Friends MOD APK

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK is a brand new app created by the fans who love the Angry Birds gaming series. It allows users to personalize their avian characters, and compete against with other players with multiplayer modes. Angry Birds Friends MOD APK can be described as a no-cost Android game that lets you play any of the bird species of the popular mobile game Angry Birds. The goal for the game’s purpose is to assist Red, Chuck, Bomb and their pals escape their evil green pigs throwing TNT at the pigs. Additionally, you can earn cash and other prizes during the game.

This Angry Birds Friends MOD APK offers gamers to experience this game in a new manner. This application lets you connect with your friends and other players from around the globe.

Players can make the avian characters, and then use their characters to play multiplayer.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK is an unofficial game that lets players customize their avatars. Play new levels, and fight with other players. It was developed by players of the game, for players who love the game. Angry Birds Friends MOD Apk is available on Android devices and is available for download through Google Play Store. Google Play stores.

Background and story

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK It is part of the renowned Angry Birds 2 collection that is a part of the world of mobile entertainment. It’s a classic method of playing and the enthralling characters are all too familiar. However, this time, it’s simpler to play and more enjoyable. In addition, players can challenge their Facebook buddies to join in.

Angry Birds Friends MOD APK revolves around the ferocious angry that is Angry Birds. Chef Pig and King Pig joined forces and sent a fat-pig out to capture birds’ eggs from the forest. In addition, they also kidnapped a few members of Angry Birds’ friends. Unfortunately, the criminals were uncovered. The fat pig, however, was saved only by his accomplices , and then disappeared in the hot air balloon. The bird that was red became angry and decided to kill the fat pigs in order to retrieve their eggs and to save their fellow pigs (including Blues, Bomb, Mitilda).


In terms of game, Angry Birds Friends MOD APK has added more things, so it’s much easier to play and to win. For shooting based on coordinates it comes with a specific amount of birds based on the colors. The birds rotate through the battles. The focus will be on the left side of the screen. To the right is the fat pigs team. The frontline the pigs will be laid out in a random arrangement, and supported by an effective defensive line made of wooden squares, bars, and triangles that form an impressive structure. The task is to use the slingshot shoot the birds from an effective position to destroy the shape and structure of the pigs, causing them fall. If there aren’t any large pigs within the structure above and you have won, you will win.

The gameplay is just as simple as other games of the series. Simply touch and move the screen to create an extension of the shot. Then , you can move to the left and right sides to the left and right, and down and up to adjust the force of the shot select the angle and align the coordinates so that the birds can fly away. That’s all.

If you can pass the challenge fast and efficiently you will be awarded an enormous golden egg. Each egg brings lots of benefits to you. They will take you to the location of the egg more quickly. After each level, your score will be an amount of stars. The more stars you have, the better, as if you score enough stars, you’ll be able to open exciting levels.


As you’ve seen in previous Angry Birds Friends MOD APK games The challenge in this game is to determine the right angle at which to shoot the bird directly in the structures. The shot you make must not only destroy the part of the structure, but also take into account an effect known as the Domino effect, which causes the structure to fall apart with the smallest number of bird strikes that you can get.

The architecture that has fat pigs throughout each level will be more sophisticated and intricate. It will be taller and wider, and will include more exotic objects like solid wooden crates, sweet cream dessert… Its spread of the structure can make the process of destruction fragmentary and not satisfying. The goal is to make it collapse in one shot, and then it will take off in flames. It’s the game’s gradual difficulty level that every player will be extremely excited to play.

Red is the bird you’ll always find at the beginning of the game. It has nothing else except for a lovely red hue. Chuck is able to speed up whenever you play with the screen, which increases chances of taking out the opponent. Bombs can explode with such powerful force that they can break even massive stones within the structure of a fat pig. Jay, Jake, Jim all three are the same and are able to be split in three different lines which can increase the damage by several times. The other three friends are equally great, and you’ll get to come across them later.


The Angry Birds Friends MOD APK game is believed to be based off of the previous Seasons version but has numerous improvements to gameplay, particularly with the ability to interact with friends on Facebook. This means that you can invite your Facebook friendsto test them and determine who gets the top ranking on the board. This Facebook interactive online battle feature is thought to be the primary factor increasing the popularity and success to game Angry Birds Friends game.

The game is almost familiar. However, it is an appealing competitive genre since you compete for top ratings with your buddies. Competing with real online players (not random players like in similar PvP games) can make you feel unique and fresh. The glory of winning is more thrilling and thrilling than ever before.

If you’re not keen to participate, you can simply play for fun and accumulate scores, and get ranked in the game’s continually up-to-date leaderboard. The amount of pigs killed, the amount of birds left at each level, as well as the particulars of the pig’s structure are all aspects that can earn you extra points. The points you accumulate will inform you of where you stand in the global ranking.

Angry Birds is a franchise which is familiar to us. Now, Angry Birds Friends MOD APK The app has been upgraded and now permits downloading and playing in apps store. This allows players to play from anywhere and offer the best entertainment experience, but still retains the original the traditional look.

The quality of entertainment has never diminished

As you are aware, it is a game that has been played for a long time , and each of us is or is a fan of and hasn’t been played without. This game that is accessible to everyone is the ideal option for healthy play and provides endless entertainment. the ranks that are created for players to climb are also exciting and fierce players, providing a thrilling entertainment experience. What is the number of years that have passed by, and generations after generations, generation after generation, remain engrossed in the game and more and more people are enthralled by it?

It’s so popular that you can find with the name “Angry Birds Friends MOD APK” on a tablet, laptop, desktop or smartphone, as well as any other device you can locate that is a type of solution. Human brains are a thing of is simple. If you’ve not played this kind of game, install Angry Birds Friends for a chance to discover why the game appears appealing.

How to play

Simply put, the birds of different shapes will be placed in the chute using the huge rubber thread. You have to drag them, then drop them to break the structure of the game. This will create birds. The birds land on blue pigs, making those small pigs appear pale which is why you play every level until you’re ready to end the game. Each level gets more challenging each week and makes the game never dull, the rankings displayed on the bars of game can cause you to be more aggressive and the scores of your opponents.

The game will get more intense, brutal and most importantly it’s an exhilarating adventure. Each bird comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages, and every drag and drop can make you think for about it and you shouldn’t be worried about the game becoming routine because you can change and upgrade the Bird anytime, and contemplate the amount of money you’ll make.

It Is a free game

There are many games that cost a specific amount of money, but Angry Birds Friends MOD APK lets you to play at any time, from anyplace, for absolutely no cost. It provides you with soothing and refreshing entertainment, and make use of your brain in a relaxed and healthy manner. It’s the ideal option for parents, kids and anyone who want to relax and enjoy beautiful and soothing graphics. Naturally, it is possible that you could spend it however you’re looking for. Making a purchase of tools for birds will aid in getting through the level and makes the game more enjoyable. It isn’t a problem if you play it for no cost. The game will satisfy your needs for entertainment.

An overall review of Angry Bird Friends

As with every other bird-shooting games, Angry Birds Friends MOD APK is simple to play, enjoyable adorable, and difficult to miss. It is a game you should try at least for the first time. A lot of Angry Bird Friends players have been hooked to the angry birds for a long period of time and have said it’s an excellent tool for stress relief , and the most suitable option for recess. There’s no reason to doubt this when it comes to popularity since no one knows the answer to this game. To judge the quality of the game, examine the feedback about the game. And the number of players across the world have demonstrated that this game is worth a look at and will gain more attention in the near future.

This is merely a brief overview of Angry Birds Journey if you are seeking a balanced and fun game. An exciting adventure that includes birds is available and you’ll become the most effective commander to lead the colorful creatures one step closer to achieving victory and climb to high on the leaderboards. It’s totally free. And in case you’re wondering, Oh sure you can get it for cost-free.

Mod Features:

Unlimited Money and Coins


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Download and Install Instruction:

If you’re looking to find Angry Birds Friends MOD APK available for download on you Android device. Follow these simple steps to enjoy the app at no cost.

Step 1. Get Angry Birds Friends Mod Apk for absolutely free.

Download the button I’ve added it to this article (below the explanation) and download Apk File. Onto your Android Smartphone tablet or PC. If you’ve downloaded the Apk file on your PC , do not forget to transfer it to on your Android.

Step 2: Allow Third Party Apps on Your Android Device.

To install Angry Birds Friends MOD APK (Apk File from third-party sources) You must ensure that apps from third parties are allowed to be installed as a source. Simply go to Settings > Menu > Security and look for sources that are not known to permit your phone to install applications that come from third party sources.

Step 3: Install Apk File

Now, you must find Angry Birds Friends”s APK file that you downloaded from our website and then install it onto Your Android Device.

Step 4: Open the App and Enjoy.

Angry Birds Friends is now installed on your Android device. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you think it is safe to Download Angry Birds Friends Apk from this website?

Yes! 100% safe. We don’t add or modify any dangerous code in any APK file on our website We offer the original Apk Files (source taken from Google Play Store) and occasionally, we provide Modded Apk Files to our users who are looking for additional features. Don’t worry about it. Install and download apps and games from our website and have fun.

Is it Modded Version?

Yes! It’s a modified version. If it’s not working we can help you.

Have you got a a direct download link?

Yes! The file has been uploaded on our server, and you can download it in one click.

Do you have the latest version?

Yes! This is the most recent version of the application.

Download Link Not found or an error?

If you have found that the download link not working. Don’t forget to post a message or get in touch with us


Angry Birds Friends MOD APK is one of the most comprehensive and feature-rich games of the Angry Birds series. It opens with Piggy Tower as well as the Campaign mode, which has 110 levels. After that it will also give you an option to play tournaments. Which will provide the most recent levels each week. In addition, you can download the amazing game, Angry Birds Friends MOD APK, which comes with top features such as Infinite Money as well as an open shopping menu. Simply click the download button and begin your journey now!

What's new

MORE Angry Birds Friends:
- New original tournaments, new challenging levels, and a new chance to make it to the top of the leaderboard!
- Performance improvements
- Balance tweaking and fine-tuning


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