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Join the Angry Birds on a magical Slingshot Adventure to recover the Egg Wonders!
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Dec 7, 2022
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Angry Birds Journey MOD APK

Angry Birds Journey MOD APK, formerly known as Angry Birds Casual, is a slingshot puzzle game released by Rovio Entertainment in March 2020. This is the nineteenth installment in the Angry Birds series and the eleventh to feature slingshot gameplay angry birds 2 mod apk.

This game was removed from the Google App Store and Google Play in December 2020 to be renamed Angry Birds Journey. The game was officially re-released on Google Play on January 14, 2021. It is unfortunate for Asian players that the game is currently only available in North America and a few European countries. But don’t worry; you can download the MOD APK file from APKNETS.COM and install it to play wherever and whenever you want.

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How do you play?

As previously stated, Angry Birds Journey is a slingshot game. To aim at the target, players must drag the rubber piece with the birds on it. The competition is divided into 3 sections, each with its own set of scenarios and missions, such as:

The First Chapter: Ancient Ruins

Crystal Mountains, Chapter 2

Gaia’s Challenge, Chapter 3

In addition, the publisher will release a new section with more difficult challenges for players.

What distinguishes Angry Birds Journey from other Angry Birds games?

One difference between Angry Birds Journey and previous games is that the levels cannot be replayed. As a result, the star rating was removed. Furthermore, the game employs the drawing style of Angry Birds Dream Blast, a match-3 puzzle game in the Angry Birds series. Compared to slingshot games, the angry birds game promises to provide players with new experiences.

Not only have the birds’ appearances changed but so has the way they use their powers. The power is automatically activated when they come into contact with the Piglets’ fortress. Unlike in Angry Birds 2, players can no longer start birds’ ability by pressing the angry birds 2 mod apk screen.

In addition to fighting the evil blue pigs, our birds have another mission: to save the Hatchlings.

The power of each bird

You can still meet the adorable birds, the well-known characters from the Angry Birds series. Angry Birds Journey, on the other hand, has a new model. The player’s energy will be increased after each turn. When the energy bar is complete, the birds become more robust than average and deal more damage. Angry birds mod apk Here is information on each bird’s particular abilities:

Chuck: When he comes into contact with the stronghold, he will clone and fly another part, harming every building. It goes through angry birds mod apk.

Bomb: When it comes into contact with any item, it explodes and does harm all around it.

Silver: After collapsing, Silver will enter the buildings underneath and angry birds rio harm.

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Stella: Upon collision, Stella will form a bubble that will raise any items that come into contact with it. After 1.5 seconds, everything will tumble to the ground, angry birds drawing.

Red ignites a riot after hitting the stronghold, slamming into five random targets and inflicting damage on them.

The game also included little, inept Hatchlings. Swarms of vicious Piglets imprison the birds in iron cages. They must rescue. Several Hatchlings were also frozen in ice blocks. For light to melt the ice cube, you must demolish the surrounding barriers.

The enemies are still Piglets, but the pigs are more childlike in Angry Birds Journey. In angry birds go, there are two sorts of Piglets, each with a unique appearance, including shapes and circles. Don’t be fooled by their charming appearance; these piglets are pretty naughty and destructive!

Aesthetics Angry Birds Journey’s graphics do not disappoint gamers, even if the picture has gotten much more intricate than in earlier games. Angry Birds Blast’s style makes the characters prettier and closer to the player.


The trip to beat adorable pigs is growing more challenging since they have been meticulously developed for Helmet Pig by Angry Birds Journey. As a result, the game gets more challenging when you compel them to remove their helmets to place them in the cart. The pigs can pass your bullets, tumble down, and still be safe, easily live, and avoid capture with the help of this unique helmet.


When you come to Angry Birds Journey, you will get a great shooting pistol made of very elastic rubber to assist you in rapidly achieving your objective. Furthermore, grenades are employed to fire air. Their task is to draw the gun back and let go of your hand, then watch the gun’s movement and wait for the outcome angry birds drawing.

Who else is the bird, the characters you’ve chosen to accompany you on this extraordinary journey?


You will appreciate a variety of exciting tower models with distinctive forms. It may be a home with a crimson roof or an automobile with black wheels that offers stress reduction and delight to gamers. You will succeed when the tower model in front of you collapses, and your cherished Hatchlings will be saved as soon as the items around angry birds go fall.


When you are unintentionally stolen of the egg marvels by malicious pigs, the narrative of the beginning of the actions of self-sacrifice to shoot the tower starts, to restore the lost magical eggs entirely, you must destroy them, capture all the huge ones, and place them in the cart. Hundreds of levels occur, allowing you to immerse yourself in this environment, battling the gigantic towers and removing all the pigs.


The interface system of Angry Birds Journey is a vital aspect that draws gamers in and keeps them playing till the end. In addition to the distinct settings on a show and unique tower models with their personalities, players will get task information in the top left corner of the screen very fast and vividly. We inform you of the current level and the number and photographs of birds you need to kill and pigs you need to beat.

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The journey will transport players to a one-of-a-kind natural paradise; with each level, you will get access to new locales. To view the new environment, you must first complete the current Angry Birds Journey challenge by earning points based on the number of pigs you have killed and the number of chicks in the cart. The more pigs fall and the fewer birds are employed to shoot, the more pigs fall.

Angry Birds Journey MOD APK version includes Unlimited Coins: You have a lot of money.

Angry Birds Journey APK and MOD for Android

This is an excellent pick for anyone searching for a light, enjoyable entertainment game to play in their leisure time. The game is also entirely appropriate for youngsters since it features images of really adorable and hilarious birds. Please download Angry Birds Journey MOD APK from the link below and play the game right now!


It is straightforward to get mod APKs from

You should see a button that reads “Click here to begin downloading” and should click it.

If the download does not begin immediately, please use the URL above!

How to Install Angry Birds Journey MOD APK

The first step is to ensure that your device permits you to install third-party files. To test, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it.

2. Locate the APK file you downloaded and press it to install.

3. If you’re downloading a game that includes an OBB file, follow the on-screen instructions.

Angry Birds Journey MOD APK FAQ’s

Why am I unable to download the game/app using the link?

Please contact us here if you cannot download the file using the link.

What should I do now that I’ve obtained the APK file?

You may already install and execute the APK file after downloading it.

Why is the download taking so long?

We host the website on the best servers available. It implies that even if there are a lot of people downloading at the exact moment, you should have no trouble.

Only thing we can think is that your internet connection is sluggish. Try another WiFi connection to see if it fixes the issue.

Is there anything I have to pay?

No! APKNETS offers everyone all the free games and programs you see here. You need to choose and download it. In exchange, we want that you spread the word about us to your fellow gamers!

Do you keep and share my personal information?

Certainly not! We respect our users’ privacy, so you do not need to register to download apps/games. For additional information, please see our privacy information page.


Angry Birds Journey is an exciting game full of experiences in many locales. The constant release of new levels, engaging characters, and striking visuals make the game more fascinating.

Because constantly new things are occurring in this game, you can play it indefinitely without becoming bored. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about anything since the gameplay is simple and enjoyable.

What's new

The journey continues!

- The Holidays are here, and Chuck and Silver can't decide how to celebrate! Pick a side in daily festive team-vs-team competitions!
- Birdie's got some fantastic New Year prizes in his kiosk! Just collect the tokens and get the party started!


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