Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK 2023.1.0 (vip unlocked)

Create your very own Barbie DreamHouse experience! Join us for a bunch of fun activities: baking, cooking, dancing, makeovers, home design, fashion, nail salon, hair salon, mini games or epic pool parties! Explore Malibu with my pink convertible or dress me and my friends up in fashion-forward looks to get picture ready!
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Budge Studios
Jan 30, 2023
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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK will be a one-of-a-kind game that will provide you with the most enjoyable gaming experience. If you’re a fan of Barbie, this is a game you won’t want to miss. When you play this game, you will have endless fun in fashion shows, festivals, and many other delights.


Create your very own download barbie dreamhouse 3.1 mod! You can personalize every room. Meet Bliss, my puppies, and my best friends! Join us in the DreamHouse for fun activities like baking, cooking, dancing, makeovers, design, fashion, and spectacular pool parties! Please explore Malibu in my pink convertible for even more enjoyable activities.

Additionally, I dressed my friends and myself in fashionable outfits for our photo shoot. Anything is possible in the Dreamhouse! Come along with us on exciting adventures.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a fun simulation game in which you can assist Barbie in building her dream room and engaging in fun activities with her friends. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures lets users create their own Barbie home. You can decorate your space with whatever furniture and paint colors you want. You can see old friends and pets and participate in exciting, fun activities such as baking, dancing, and throwing pool parties. Players can also dress Barbie and her friends in fashionable outfits for reminiscence shots. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a fun game for children who enjoy barbie dreamhouse adventures mod apk VIP unlocked and their friends.

Features Of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD APK:

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Gameplay:

Budge Studios released this fantastic simulation game. This is intended for children aged six to twelve. In this game, players must complete all missions and challenges. Players have skills that they use to complete their tasks. Numerous beautiful items are helpful in the game. You will also be able to examine its incredible features, which will benefit you. Consider some of the premium features listed below.

Improve Your Skills:

To progress in Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, players must learn new skills. It would help if you improved your ability to reach new heights. This is the only way to earn more awards in the game. Furthermore, the game has different levels of difficulty. You can have a good time as long as you master the skills. As download barbie dreamhouse 3.1 mod settles into her new home, help her decorate each room with lovely wallpapers and soft furnishings. Create your fantasy residence. Take a seat, prepare yourself, and decorate. Meet Renee, a sports enthusiast; Daisy, a brilliant tuner; Teresa, a science buff; Nicky, a budding fashion designer; and Ken, the one-of-a-kind. Especially your astute sister, Skipper, who is obsessed with all things technological.

Evening Reception:

Barbie recently purchased a new dress and looked forward to wearing it to the evening party. She’ll need your expert fashion advice to create the perfect gown. She’ll also need to be photogenic. Strike amusing poses with Nikki and Teresa in the photo booth. During the summer, Ken throws his best pool party. Let’s put on our casual summer clothes and make a grand entrance.

Let’s Go On An Adventure:

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures contains a lot of exciting content. Children can tour the entire house, discover new surprises in each room, or play with Barbie and her friends daily to immerse themselves in fun. This group of friends can do yoga, watch a movie, or make a snack together. A small thinking bubble appears on a character’s head, revealing their desires, such as reading a book or eating an apple. In exchange for a heart-shaped balloon, they can help with the activity. When you reach a certain number of hearts, you will be given a gift, usually a small item such as wallpaper or paints, to help you design and personalize your home.

Join The VIP Club Right Now:

Barbie and her friends can participate in a pool party, a fashion photo booth, a rock band, and a hairdressing shop when you upgrade to the VIP Club package, among other activities that promise countless hours of entertainment. Not only that, but this set also includes a slew of other costumes, gifts, characters, and pets, ensuring that download barbie dreamhouse 3.1 mode has plenty of pals and puppies to play with. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is located below this article. It can be downloaded and installed for free.

Friendship Gathering:

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures features a beautiful animated setting as well as engaging stories from Barbie and her friends. Would you like to know more about them? If that’s the case, get to know Renee, a sports fan; Daise, a great DJ; Teresa, a science-obsessed pal; or even aspiring fashion designers Nikki and Ken. You can better understand them by sharing stories, and they can also help you gain valuable experience in various fields. On a specific night, you can throw a party with them.

Take Part In The Activity:

Barbie is stylish but always needs player advice to look her best at every dinner party. You could suggest pink glasses, high heels, sports shoes, and beautiful accessories for her. Barbie is a girl who enjoys cooking, so players should join her in the kitchen and prepare delectable meals. If you’re bored, go to a club, dance, or play with your pet. Please disregard all restrictions in the barbie dreamhouse adventures game because this is your own life.

Prepare And Cook The Finest Culinary Delights:

Every day, Barbies do an excellent job of cooking and creating the most delicious and visually appealing delicacies. While planning and preparing the most appealing dishes in the game, players can enjoy various mini-games and engaging activities. In addition, players will be able to experiment with different culinary techniques and freely add or remove various cooking items. Players can personalize their cakes’ surfaces, save images from in-game celebrations, and share them with the barbie dreamhouse adventures game user community.

Include Creative Elements In Your Dreamhouse Design:

The game’s entire world and content are housed in a massive mansion that can be expanded indefinitely based on the player’s vision. The lovely thing is that each room can be planned and built in its distinct style, providing the home with a lot of variety and color. A simple and friendly construction tool will guide children, allowing parents to participate in the design process. The appealing materials and patterns for each interior, such as beds, wardrobes, and dressing tables, demonstrate the game’s ingenuity and variety. Players can explore various designs and models in the game, with all units created with boundless inventiveness.


Why don’t you join me in my fantastic kitchen? There are so many delicious meals to prepare! Bake with Skipper and post your delectable recipes for all to see on BarbieGram! Mmm… Are that cupcakes I smell?

Get Dressed:

Do you have any fashion suggestions? There are so many different outfits to choose from! There’s an outfit for everyone, whether you want to dress up in lovely gowns or luxuriously soft pj’s. Ask Nikki for fashion advice if you want to look your best.


Prepare to be transformed! The Dreamhouse has a hair salon where you can experiment with different hairstyles! Visit Teresa for a girl’s makeover and discover what unique accessories you can incorporate into your new look.


Malibu Beach is officially open for business! Divers, swimmers, grillers, loungers, and sandcastle builders are all options. You can complete all tasks! Even dogs are welcome on the beach! Chelsea and Stacie compete in an exciting mini-game to see who can best ride the Malibu waves. You can even unwind in the Dreamhouse by the pool while Ken throws one of his famous pool parties!

Princess Journey:

A Royal Ball is being held at the Floravian Castle in Malibu, and you are cordially invited! Prepare my sisters and friends for the ball by getting them princess-ready with royal hairstyles and robes.

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Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Is This A Free Game?


It is free to download and install from Google Play and our website in this article. However, in the original version, you must pay to own certain items in the game.

Q: How Do I Obtain Free Items?


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures MOD can be downloaded from Modded-1. It allows you to unlock your clothes, tools, buildings, and other items without waiting or paying.

Q: Is The Game Appropriate For Children?


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is a fantastic virtual life simulation game with a friendly and inviting design. As a result, it is recommended for children aged three and up, including boys and girls.


Dive into the modified and alternate variant of the original game, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure Mod Apk, which gives you the advantage of exploring much more than provided features and possibilities compared to other gamers in the form of unlimited points VIP unlocked. The Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure Mod Apk game is ideal for the younger generation who want to explore their real-life fantasies based on their shared perception of the movie-like lifestyle. As a result, the game covers nearly every aspect of a luxurious lifestyle through free category and exploration.

What's new

Valentines vibes are in the air! Decorate the Dreamhouse for the season and share! My sisters and I have been busy decorating with tons of lovely wallpapers, heart-shaped balloons and beautiful flowers.
VALENTINE’S CARDS – Spread the love with beautiful greeting cards!
LOVELY DECORATIONS - The Dreamhouse looks so cozy with all these heart-themed decorations!
FASHION LOOKS – You’re sure to find the perfect outfit for this Valentine’s celebration.


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