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Get Bomber Friends now and join the immensely hectic and fun online multiplayer game! Bomb your friends and be the last to survive to win the match!
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Jan 24, 2023
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Bomber Friends MOD APK

Bomber Friends MOD APK is an amazing multiplayer game where you take on the character of a bomber. You hold bombs in your hands and need to explode them to gain way and then hunt down the opponents the way you would by Hunter Assassin Mod Apk. It is possible to play the game with friends, join the millions of other online players, and take them down with explosives. The game has many unique features like Smooth controls, great accessories and thrilling side quests customizing your character, and many more. It is possible to play the sport in two-player, 2v2-, and 2v8 arena modes. You must take out your opponent’s bombs and get the title of bombarium.


We all have memories of our childhood full of unforgettable moments and unique virtual games such as Lara Croft Relic Run MOD APK, Super Contra, Goonies, The Islander, and Bomber Man. Today, we have only one person in our lives, stress. It has been with us for many years and moving further into the future. Nowadays, everyone is focused on their lives and has stopped having fun with childhood memories. We can’t even bring that classic Victor gaming console again because they’ve been taken off the market.

What could be more enjoyable than a Victor game experience on your smartphone? We’re doing just that now, bringing you a classic, enthusiastic game that you can play on your Android screen: Bomber Friends. It’s a simple Android game based on the original Victor Bomber Man gaming interface, bomber friends online similar to the maze-style strategic kind of game that you played during your golden years.

Bomber Friends MOD APK v4.63 is just a version of the latest Bomberman version with the same interface for gaming, but with sophisticated gaming tweaks, like game skins and characters with extraordinary powers. In the game’s description, we’re also giving players a modified version with unlimited money and an unlocked gaming interface to provide you with the best gaming experience! Enjoy it!!

Bomber Friends GamePlay

Launching the Bomber Friends MOD APK game on your first attempt prompts users to sign in with the details of their Google account. Once you’ve signed in and signed in, you’ll be taken to the main screen that the game will display. This is where they’ll tell you the game’s story, which begins with a tiny village where the protagonist peacefully lives alongside his loved ones and friends.

But peace will not last long. The evil of the ORCS took over the village, accompanied by his army, and enslaved the entire town, then destroyed all their homes and possessions. They are taken to a location divided into smaller islands like Desert, Winter valley, Grassland, and the cursed castle. The game’s goal will be to assist the bomber’s friend online terrorist, defeat the villain and save his family and friends.

The gameplay of the bomber buddies is similar to that of the original and timeless Bomberman game. In this game, you must be able to control the character’s movements through a maze and then place bombs on the bricks for a path that will kill your opponents. Some bricks are indestructible; you must use them to trap opponents. When you smash one of them, you could have the chance to get an upgrade piece of equipment like footwear, bombs, a shield, a flame, or a skull.

  • ShoesThey can increase speed as well as make it easier to escape quickly.
  • BombWhen you purchase this product, it can help you place additional bombs in one go.
  • The shield has become our favourite item that will immortalise you for a short period.
  • Flame: It will increase the effectiveness and range of the weapon.
  • SkullIt could be an enticement that will force you to slow down and walk in reverse as well.

Enjoy childhood memories and like the Bomber Man for the smartphone.

Today, we live everyday life using advanced technologies like Android smartphones. These devices can provide us with the most powerful experience of the best memories and the most recent technological advancements. We’ll never play with any other item because we will be able to enjoy the best of our lives and be away from stress and daily worries by playing this unique Android game called Bomber Friends!-bomber friends is a free download

It would help if you had nothing once this game is installed on your mobile, as it has the same game interface you have in your memory. Bomberman is the original victor game, based on the maze-based, strategic game genre. It’s the most advanced version of the Bomberman game, with stunning animated graphics and hilarious soundtracks. Download this game to be captivated by its many features.

Use the online multiplayer interface, and test your fellow players

The original Bomberman was a simple Android game with a few challenging levels played in single-player mode. This game features a Multiplayer online interface. That’s right; you heard that right! You can play the no-cost Multiplayer mode in this game and invite the friends you have on Facebook to join the classic Bomberman interface. The game bomber friends free download can accommodate two to eight players in the multiplayer mode, meaning you can have fun with more than seven players simultaneously while playing the game!

Play online arenas and wide game modes.

Most Bomberman versions support only two game modes: Multiplayer and Single Player. This super-powered Android version gives you many more unique modes than these simple ones, like Arenas and Tourneys. The first time you see it, you will notice that Bomber Friends gives you a Campaign mode in which you can delight yourself with more than 300 challenging challenges locked in six worlds.

Additionally, you can benefit from the Bounty hunts and the weekly events within the game that are updated weekly. If you’re still looking for more, try your Dungeon race, quests, and other challenges available within this game called Bomber Friends. Get this game now and begin to enjoy this intense game.

Make your own Bomber Man with tremendous assets.

Customization was the last option in this Bomber Friends Android game, and to fill that area, the game offers the most stylish outfits, hats, suits, taunts, and greetings. In addition, you can purchase skins during play the game for the best and most fun interface. The skins come with an appropriate power-up upgrade that gives you a power boost while playing the game. Download the Bomber Friends Android game instantly and experience the smooth gaming interface and a truly satisfying experience.

Get the updated version to get more features.

It’s over! Presenting the Bomber Friends MOD APK! You’re in the right place! You can now download the updated version of Bomber Friends with the below-most download link and take advantage of the most valuable features, which aren’t available in other versions of the game.

The primary reason behind the mod’s creation for this wildly popular Android game was the desire to give you access to the game at no cost. You’re probably thinking about the possibility of free access! You’ll have access for free to all paid skins’ power, add-ons and powers, and premium plans within the Bomber Friends UI. Install Bomber Friends MOD APK and enjoy all the benefits of Bomber Friends MOD without spending a dime!

You can make unlimited purchases in the app with an endless money supply.

The most challenging thing is the money you can earn from Android games. In the same way, Bomber Friends also glimpses a unique game interface with demanding levels. It is impossible to be successful in these games without investing cash in acquiring exclusive capabilities.

In addition, There is also you can also download the Bomber Friends MOD APK is a completely free Android game, free from in-app purchases! This version is deluxe and offers unlimited money to buy all Bomberman characters and accessories. You’ll be amazed by this fantastic game that has been modified for Android!

Unlocked and accessible Skins of the Bomber Man containing different abilities

Bomber Man is an excellent source of fun. However, Bomber Man MOD APK Bomber Man MOD APK is an edgier version of the game. The reason for this is that it has a game’s unlocked interface! Simply put, Bomber Ma MOD APK provides you with unlocked skins, along with the unlocked add-on power. This means you don’t require any expertise to master the problematic levels once you have installed this mod version! You must click the download button to the left and earn this awe-inspiring game for yourself!

No interruption policy for all the gamers

We are constantly working on our zero-interrupted policy before launching modified versions of games to offer you the most engaging game experience. We have also integrated the Ad-blocker scripts into Bomber Friends MOD. Bomber Friends MOD APK. If you’re looking for an official copy of Bomber Friends, please stop, as it’s an ad-blocked Android game. In contrast, download Bomber Friends MOD APK, an ad-free 100% Android game with powerful features and the most user-friendly gaming interface.

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Main Features of Bomber Friends MOD APK

The game comes with a lot of features, and it isn’t easy to describe all of them. However, we have listed below some excellent features of this mod and summarized them in simple terms:

  • Unlimited Gems and Unlimited Money
  • Free VIP Season Pass
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Coins
  • All Character unlocked
  • All skins Unlocked
  • Compatible with non-rooting and all devices.
  • Installation is simple and easy to do
  • No Advertisements

Unlimited Gold

It is the primary currency in this bomber friend game. If you are looking to purchase certain premium items such as a wall destroyer, enormous damage for an extended period, a longer fuse, and other things, you’ll require a large amount of gold to purchase items. However, in the basic edition of the game, there is a limited amount of gold available, and it’s difficult for you to get it. If you install the Mod for Bomber Friends Apk on our website, You will receive unlimited amounts of gold that you can use to buy these items in the store.

Unlimited Gems

Gems are the most expensive and most effective currency used in Bomber Friends. Gems are the most valuable currency of the Bomber Friends Game. It is possible to purchase various customization items as well as character cards as well as it allows you to open chests instantly. Additionally, it will enable you to buy gold from the store of games. The only way to acquire gold in this game is to buy it using real money. If you’d like to store unlimited gems in your account, download the Bomber Friends MOD APK with unlimited gems and cash on our site: “”.

Free VIP Pass

A VIP Season Pass is the only thing everyone wants to have in the Bomber games with friends. It also has additional benefits, including free entry to all events, VIP icons and special rewards at every level, and other benefits. You must, however, buy it using your hard-earned cash. We’ve solved the problem, and now you can download a gratis Season Pass with our bomber friends’ premium mod. Download it from our website and receive all of these for no cost.

No Ads

Ads are the one thing that everyone is looking to be rid of. They distract us from the game, so nobody wants to look at ads. Therefore, many users of the bomber Friends mod game are happy with the reality that, just like that of the catapult mod app, advertisements have been eliminated from our bomber Friends mod apk, as it has modified files and game code. In the end, there aren’t any ads in the game.


Numerous websites offer mod apks for bomber buddies. However, it’s only for devices that are rooted only. However, our Bomber Friends MOD APK works with all appliances, both rooted and non-rooted. Some game features will not function on non-rooted devices due to technical glitches.

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Various Game Modes

The bomber games game has various modes like battle mode online, tournament Multiplayer mode, Multiplayer mode to play against your buddies, and a training mode. The training option is the one you can play offline, and it’s more enjoyable due to the possibility of customizing our character. Regarding gameplay, you must plant bombs and then kill your players, even if they’re acquaintances. It is possible to play this multiplayer game in various ways.

Classic modern Classic Mode, players play for themselves and only. The matchmaking system can automatically locate three opponents for you, and you’ll have to eliminate them by breaking up bricks and finding a way to trap them. It would help if you then took them down. The player who is alive to the end wins.

Adventure mode can also be referred to as narrative mode. This mode is where you need to locate the key to unlock the entrance to another level. Each level includes dangerous monsters, and it’s up to you to take on them or avoid them. The difficulty gets more difficult as you advance to higher levels. There are over 300 levels to be found in this mode.

Multiplayer Mode You can play with millions of online gamers across the globe when playing in this mode. It can be played either solo or as a group. There can be up to 8 players playing in this mode, and you must beat every opponent to be victorious. To make the game fun, your map’s walls shrink every 30 seconds.

Reversi TournamentIn the mode, you need to place bombs across every square inch of your map. The walls cannot be broken when playing this type of game. After the time has expired, the player who hurls more bombs takes the victory.

Teams BattlesIn the mode described above, the players are divided into sections. Each team will have two players. If you wish to win the battle, you must defeat or kill every team in the opposition.

Download and InstallBomber Friends MOD APK

For Android and iOS Users

  1. Click the download button. You will then be directed to the webpage for downloading Bomber Friends everything unlocked apk.
  2. Ten seconds later, press the Download Now Button. The file will begin downloading.
  3. Once the download is completed After the download is completed, open the File manager on your Mobile and then navigate to the download directory and start the downloaded file in the application.
  4. If it fails to open If it fails, head to the settings and grants all permissions for installing from Unknown Resources. After that, press the back button and click on it to open the Bomber Friends modded apk latest version 2022 for Android file within the downloads area. The app will be installed automatically on your smartphone.
  5. After that, decompress and copy the OBB files into the android>OBB folder.
  6. After the installation, you can access the program with all premium features, which are not locked.

Bomber Friends Frequently Asked Questions

How to get All Bomb Cards in Bomber Friends MOD APK for Free?

The best way is to download our mod version of the game and get it with unlimited money, all skins unlocked, and all the paid items for free.

How to get Bomber Friends MOD APK on PC?

1. Download the mod version from this page.

2. Install any android emulator, such as BlueStacks, on PC for free.

3. Open the file in it and start the installation process.

How can I obtain a Pass to VIP Pass?

You can obtain the season pass for free when downloading the bomber Friends premium mod app from our site APKNETS.COM.

What permissions are needed for playing with bomber friends?

To play this game, you must grant these permissions to the game

  • Install From Unknown Resources
  • Storage
  • Internet
  • Mic

Do I have the ability to purchase something at the retailer?

Yes, you can buy everything from the online store using the in-app purchase feature of Google. It gets more straightforward with unlimited resources included in our modified application.

How do I unlock skins for the modified version of this game?

Yes, you can unlock any character or skin in this mod version of the game and even gain access to premium characters or items cost-free.


We’ve given you the primary information regarding Bomber Friends MOD APK and its advantages. You can download the app from our site and enjoy a free gaming experience. Overall, you’ll be content with the performance and features offered through the Mod APK file.

What's new

- Season 41: Masquerade starts in February
- Bug fixes


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