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With updated graphics, fun new game modes and a host of friends to help you blast through hundreds of levels!
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Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK

Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK 9999, or even infinite lives are enough to play Candy Crush Friends Saga, or you didn’t? Simply download mod APK version, Connect the candies, and go through hundreds of challenging levels.

Introducing Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK

In the world of games available on mobile, you’re familiar with Candy Crush Saga, the well-known game of match-3 that has records for downloads, with more than 500 million downloads and more than 23 million ratings and reviews in Google Play. Different versions of the game have also had a number of successes, including Diamond Diaries Saga or the game we’d like to talk about in this piece, Candy Crush Friends Saga. The game launched on the 11th of October last year, and users are able to download it via Google Play or the Appstore for absolutely free.

Similar gameplay to Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK

It’s true. Candy Crush Friends Saga retains its original gameplay and predecessors. The player will swipe the candy across the screen until you combine at least three identical candies (in shapes and colors) and then remove them and earn scores that correspond to them. If you mix five or more candies, they’ll create a unique candy that can take out all the candy in a column, row or the entire candy on the table. This will increase the speed of completeness much more effectively.

The game not only follows all the guidelines for a match-3; however, the game also features an innovative mechanism that lets us to organize 2*2 squares. This new rule opens the players to more possibilities to select from. A wealth of treasures and exciting gifts await you at the end of each level, so don’t forget!

Cute and adorable friends Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK

” Friends ” is the most noticeable difference between Candy Crush Friends Saga vs. Candy Crush Saga is “Friends.” This is can be true. It’s not a joke! On every level, you’ll be able to have a partner that is one of the characters that are hilarious in the game. They could be snowmen, teddy bears or unicorns, or just anyone else in the world of sweets. They are not just dancing and sporting cute faces, but these characters also possess unique capabilities that will aid you in your game. For instance, certain characters can throw fish at a tiny area, or they may have their own unique candy to assist you.

Include more modes with new features

Since its launch, Candy Crush Friends Saga boasts more than 400 levels, and the number of levels is growing steadily over the course of time. The developer King has always found a way to put players to complete complex challenges and puzzles. You’ll likely be stuck on a level for quite a while, but you’ll be glad to move on. Apart from the normal gameplay, this game also offers you two unique modes, including:

  • The animals can be released. In this scenario, you’ll find the animals that are trapped in the candy, and you’ll need to let them out from the sweets. What you need to do in this part is to combine sweets near to the beast to break the frozen ice. Every time animals are close to being released by the sweets, you can let them go to solve the problem.
  • Remove the octopuses from jelly The octopus has been stuck in the jelly, and you should perform the same procedure.
  • The cookie is dipped in chocolate. This can be thought to be one of the game’s most difficult puzzles. It is necessary to mix the chocolate to make all the cookies dipped.

3D graphics

A lot of players believe they are playing Candy Crush Friends Saga owns graphics that are better than earlier versions of Candy Crush Saga thanks to 3D graphics technology. It is possible to play the game at any time, anywhere offline and online. Furthermore, the game connects your devices to the internet when connected to the Internet.

More benefits of Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK

There are a lot of rewards from this game which is not offered by other game its players. When you complete each level, you can take on the mini-challenges offered in the game. They can be completed in addition to earning additional rewards like Candy Bombs, Hammer boosters, hand switches, and much more.

Connect with Facebook Facebook

It is possible to link your game to the popular social media platform known as Facebook. By doing this, you’ll be able to include your friends in your game and even compete against them.

Challenge your colleagues Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK

You can compete with your friends online to play this Candy Crush Friends game by making use of Facebook. You can try a different level and try to beat them in scoring than you. In this way, a contest can be created between you and your buddies and you could take home the prize with an impressive performance.

Winning streaks

There are winning streaks throughout this game, and you could achieve to win gold. The gold you collect can be used to purchase more lives or even save your life at the last moment when you’re about to lose the game.

A nice display Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK

The game’s display is amazing and creates a fascinating experience. It is a pleasure to see the candies as well as the overall set-up of the game. Kids especially enjoy it since they cannot resist the bright candy, and L not is a key aspect of the game.

Candy Crush Friends Saga Mod APK Free

Thjs game can be downloaded at no cost, which means that you don’t have to pay any money to purchase the game. It is available on the Google Play store or directly downloaded it from trusted download sites.

In-app purchases

In-app purchases are enabled in the game to provide you with an alternative to purchase gold or items at any time. This is how you can purchase whatever you like within this online game.

Mod APK Version that comes with Candy Crush Friends Saga

MOD feature

If you’re interested in completing all levels without difficulty, download the Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD version by downloading the APK file that is available in this article. The MOD version allows players by increasing their number of live up to 9999.

It is not necessary to root the device prior to installing; however, you will need to remove an official game version.


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Download Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK for Android

Overall, it’s an amazing match-3-style game that features a brand with new graphics and gameplay that can be when compared with familiar names. A plethora of challenging levels awaits you to conquer…

Final Words

Candy Crush Friends Saga MOD APK is an iconic franchise game from the renowned video game Candy Crush Saga with simple but equally appealing gameplay and vibrant 3D graphics. Each level will be challenging, but the difficulty increases along with the reward system, and the pleasure of eating sweets are sure to draw you in.

This brand new sweet candy game has delicious treats ranging from lollipops to cookies, chocolates, lollipops, and much more. The game will allow you to match a candy on other levels. Candy Crush Friends Saga is completely free to play on PCs or mobile devices that run Windows 10. However, some of the game’s features require the purchase of real cash to be used.


Can I play Candy Crush friends on Facebook with my friends from Facebook?

Yes, you can play Candy crush with your yoi4 Facebook friends by linking your Facebook account to the game.

Can I have unlimited lives with candy crush with my friends?

It’s not, because it’s an original version;, you won’t be able to play with infinite lives in candy crush, but only just 6 lives at a single time.

What's new

In Candy Crush Friends Saga, match Candies and collect costumes with all your favorite characters from the Candy Kingdom!

We've made things even sweeter with improvements and bug fixes. Enjoy!


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