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The multiplayer football game loved in more than 150 countries!
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Sep 9, 2022
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Captain Tsubasa MOD APK

Captain Tsubasa MOD APK is a member of the Dream Team. It is the most popular game and almost 150 million people like to download.You must put together a football team and compete in all of the exciting matches. It will give you an unforgettable football experience while also putting your skills to the test. Even if you are new to football, the gameplay is simple to pick up and play.

While playing football, you learn all of the principles and rules. Realistic physics and graphics are also used in the game, resulting in a more authentic gameplay experience.

Over fifty million individuals have downloaded the game, with millions of others playing it on a regular basis. It also earns first place in the sports game category. Captain Tsubasa (Flash Kickerdescription )’s is as follows: APK Game: Dream Team We’ve surpassed 35 million downloads worldwide!
This online football game is played in more than 150 countries!
Create your own dream team and compete against players from across the globe!

 Special abilities that make you feel like Captain Tsubasa MOD APK are available.

Many of Tsubasa and Hyuga’s Special Skills have been authentically replicated in breathtaking 3D, including Tsubasa’s Drive Shot and Hyuga’s Tiger Shot. Close-ups and voice acting are also highlights!

In Story Mode, relive the original comic.

From classic tales to the most recent series, “Rising Sun,” there’s something for everyone.
It also includes brand-new storylines not seen before in the comic!

Play in multiple online modes with Captain Tsubasa MOD APK a  fans from all around the world.

Rank Match:

Compete for the top spot in real time against gamers from all over the world!
Gather up to 32 pals and engage in free-for-all battles in a group match!
Play against friends or Club members in a friendly match with whichever rules you like!
In a fast match, play against a team you’ve put together. This will appeal to even the most inexperienced gamers.

 The Board of Editors in Captain Tsubasa MOD APK

To improve your squad, mix and match any players, formations, and Team Skills!
Create your own fantasy team by customising the players and uniforms!

Player Development

Improve the abilities of your players! Special Skills can be taught to each other by the same players!
Use Hidden Ability Evolution to get goods from “Raid & Hidden Skill Scenarios”.You can improve the Ability Limit Break and the Skill Field in “Player Enhance Scenarios”. Give your veteran players unique abilities, and teach your opponents how to play at full speed!
Footballers all across the world, including some Japanese players, were influenced by the iconic football comic “Captain Tsubasa.” Playing this authentic football battle game is a lot of fun.

Special abilities enhance Captain Tsubasa’s personality.

Tsubasa’s Drive Shot and Hyuga’s Tiger Shot are two of the game’s many unique abilities for characters based on popular football comics. Any of these attributes can be used to catch your opponent off guard and surprise them in a football game.

In Story Mode, you can revisit the original comic.

If you’ve ever read the rising sun football comics, you’ll recognise the gameplay. The plot is identical to that of the comic book The Expanding Sun. Many of the plots and characters in the game come from there as well.

Matches with a high arousal level

The game controls have been adjusted for mobile devices, making for a seamless, intuitive, and stress-free gaming experience! Compete on the pitch against other teams to master the game and take control of the football planet!

Plot Mode allows you to relive the original plot!

On Story Mode, relive the excitement of the original series! Travel back in time to Tsubasa’s middle school days to relive some fantastic moments!

cooperating as a group on a project

You can customise your players, team structure, uniforms, and other aspects of the game to make your own truly unique fantasy squad!

Boost your players’ abilities

Make your players more capable and prepared! It’s also possible to flip between the special abilities of different heroes! Create your own unique strategy with your improved players, and then show them what you’re made of!

Captain Tsubasa MOD APK Customization:

The ability to design your own team of players is one of the most exciting parts of Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Mod Apk. The last time this page was updated was in May of 2022. You can pick from a variety of male and female gamers, as well as other countries. Give each member of your team a name and assign them to specific spots on the pitch after you’ve created your team. You can change their hairstyles, skin tones, and apparel to make them look different.

Graphics of Excellent Quality:

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team mod apk has outstanding graphics that serve to bring the game to life. The athletes appear to be real, and the stadiums are exact replicas of real-life venues. This amount of detail contributes to the game’s immersion, and it’s obvious that a lot of time and effort went into making the visuals the best they could be.

Overall, Captain Tsubasa Dream Team mod apk has some of the nicest graphics I’ve ever seen in a mobile game. They’re similar to the New Start Soccer Game in that they’re realistic, exciting, and faithfully recreate all of the key moments from a football match. Captain Tsubasa Dream Team is a wonderful pick if you want a game with high-quality visuals.

The following changes have been made:

There are no limits to the number of coins or dollars you can earn.
Endless perseverance

Captain Tsubasa MOD APK How to Install

Follow these steps to put it together:
1. Download Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team for free.
2. Go to Settings / Security / Unknown Sources and check the option (Source Not Known)
3. Finally, make sure it’s fully functional before installing it.
4. Enjoy Yourself While Playing This Game

Captain Tsubasa Mod Apk has the following features:

Unlimited Money

Unlocked All Premium Features

Coins indefinitely

There are over 100 levels of enjoyment to be had!


join code are among the new features.
A new version has been released.
The Mod Link problem has been fixed.
Captain Tsubasa’s Dream Team now possesses an inexhaustible supply of cash and jewels.

Captain Tsubasa MOD APK User feedback:

In this game, you can play the manga-inspired plot, which is actually rather pleasant and well-done. I believe that a few things could be enhanced, such as the addition of music to rated games and the expansion of your team’s identity with new designs (animals, objects, etc.). But, in general, I think it’s great to see so much here. This exhibition features a lot of Takahashi’s work.

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Is downloading the mod apk safe?

Yes, downloading the most up-to-date version of the game from our website is entirely risk-free. Because we have a good check and balance mechanism in place, we test each mod on a variety of devices as well as the most common antivirus scanning programmes on the market before releasing it.

What can I do to improve my team’s statistics?

You can boost the numbers of your team by training them and giving them stat-boosting items. It can also increase the number of players on your squad by strategically placing them on the field. You should start a goal-scoring striker up front rather than in defence if you have one.

Is rooting required to install Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Mod Apk on my device?

To install the latest version available on our website, you do not need to root your smartphone.


Fans of the manga and anime series will enjoy Captain Tsubasa Dream Team mod apk, which is a fun and exciting football sports game. The graphics are stunning, the controls are intuitive, and there is plenty of content to keep gamers entertained. So, what do you have to lose? To begin your football journey, download the game by clicking the Download Button above. If you have any problems downloading or playing the game, please let us know in the comments section below or by filling out the contact form.

What's new

‐ With the closure of the Jump Book Store, the in-game "Comic" button will now transition to the ZEBRACK service.
- Fixed an issue with free kicks and corner kicks whereby using a passing Special Skill would allow the kicking player to pass to himself.


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