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Looking for an expense and budget tool? Stop searching. Expense Manager is simple, intuitive, stable and feature-rich app that is just designed for you. Everything you need at your fingertips to manage the expenditures, checkbook and budgets.
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Nov 15, 2022
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Expense Manager App APK

Expense Manager App APK is free and without advertisements, but some functions are only available in the subscription edition. Even while particular statistics, for instance, can be bought separately, many users will discover that this feature is very important.

You may track your income and expenses over a long period of time more easily with the help of a simple personal finance program called Expense Manager.

Users can easily and quickly keep track of all of their financial transactions with the help of the app. You can create several categories and assign your income and expenses to each one with only one gesture. The fact that you can quickly and easily access whatever information you need is perhaps one of Expense Manager’s best advantages.

A spending manager is a helpful tool for handling your own finances. Use Google to find out where each and every dollar you spend goes.

Monitoring of Spending

  • Keeping track of income and expenses
  • Split Transaction-Organize all of the items in a single transaction into different categories and quantities.
  • Ongoing expenses and earnings
  • A number of accounts
  • Taking a picture of a receipt
  • Keeping track of taxes
  • tracking mileage
  • Keeping tabs on debt
  • Charge Card
  • SMS message parsing from banks and credit cards
  • Make checks, then email them.

Organizing and Budgeting

Organizing bills by category, week, month, and year

Make plans for both one-time and ongoing payments.

Payment recoupment

A progress bar displaying how the daily, weekly, monthly, and annual budgets are performing.

Summaries on a weekly, daily, monthly, and annual basis

A view of income and expenses on a calendar

Calendar-based financial planning

“Locate and Report”

Utilize the various search options, such as category, subcategory, payee/payer, payment type, status, description, and tag.

HTML, CSV, Excel, and PDF reports

Account activity for import and export

Graphs that can be filtered by category, subcategory, payee/payer, payment type, status, description, tag, and date.

Email report printing

Backup and synchronization

  • Backup to Dropbox, Google Drive, and SD cards automatically
  • Dropbox-powered automatic device syncing
  • useful instruments
  •  An exchange rate converter
  • conventional calculator
  • Tip total
  • Loan Calculator
  • Calculator for credit card repayment
  • Interest rate calculator
  • Note
  • A grocery list

Expense Manager App APK Customization

  • The action bar, button, and background color are all easily customizable.
  • Differential date formatting
  • Category and subcategory customization
  • The user can enter and update the payment method, payee/payer, tags, income category, and status entries.
  • Acceptance of a variety of currencies

Expense Manager App APK Languages

  • English
  • In Germany
  • British
  • Spain
  • In Portugal
  • according to Russian
  • an Italian
  • In Turkey,
  • Southeast Asia
  • China (Simplified) (Simplified) (Simplified)
  • Traditional China (Traditional)

Expense Manager App APK Others

  • A calculator, an overview, a budget, and fast addition are among the widgets.
  • PIN security
  • Registration is not required, nor is internet access.
  • Ongoing developer support
  • Compared to competing for software, our functionality is superior. It’s all free.


Storage: back up your files on external hard drives and SD cards. Purchase receipts must be kept on SD and external cards.

GET ACCOUNTS: Google Drive data backup.

SMS: The program can automatically parse and save SMS messages from your bank and credit card.If you don’t use the SMS feature on your Android 6+ phone, you may turn it off by navigating to Settings/Apps/Expense Manager/Permissions.

ACCESS WiFi STATE: This permission enables a computer to connect to WiFi.If you don’t need to use this program on a PC browser, you can disable this permission.

Anything stored in your personal cloud account or on your phone. Only you have access to your account.

We value the assistance from:

Emilio Blanco, for the Spanish translation.

Manuel Gruber and Christian Glass contributed the translation into German.

For the Portuguese translation, Gustavo de Freitas Leite, Ricardo Gomes, and Michel Graciano

Cerrato Renaud for the French translation

Home Budget, Money Manager, Money Tracker, Budget Tracker, Spending Tracker, Checkbook, Finance Manager, Daily Expense, Budget Manager, Budget Planner;

Contact the developer by email at [email protected] with any questions or feature requests. We actively help users.

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What’s a Novel?

WiFi connection for the browser on the PC

-Export and import capabilities between the phone and the PC

Include a lot of records on one screen.

-Access aggregated information from many accounts.

-View charts on the wide screen of the PC browser.

Furthermore, small advancements

fixing bugs

Keeping Track of Expense Manager App APK

  • Keeping track of spending and income
    Split Transaction – Record all items in a single transaction with a separate category and amount;  Recurring spending and income; and
  • Multiple accounts
    Photographing receipts
  • Tracking taxes
  •  Tracking mileage
  • Tracking debts
    Credit Card
  • Credit Card and bank SMS message parsing
  • Check writing, printing, and emailing

Policy on Privacy


When you connect, all data is saved within your phone or in your own cloud accounts, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Your info is only accessible to you.

Please address any questions or feature requests to the developer at [email protected] We actively assist users.

What's new

- Update the app to comply with the latest Android version
- Minor enhancements
- Bug fixes

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