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GB Whatsapp APK

Package namegbwhatsapp
Version2.21.19.21 (2111921005)
File size49.9 MB
Minimum Android versionAndroid 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Screen DPIno dpi

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GB Whatsapp APK is an upgraded and customized version of WhatsApp and is the best choice for users who wish to run more than two WhatsApp accounts on one device. It is an incarnation of the WhatsApp Plus mod, which WhatsApp creators removed after they simplified gb whatsapp lite.

The benefit of GB WhatsApp is that it can be installed with your existing WhatsApp without interruption. You can also see deleted messages by another user and quickly recover images that were deleted during group or private chats.

The available version on gb whatsapp safe is ideal for when you are banned from WhatsApp. Accounts banned will receive an unintentional message: “Your phone number is prohibited from being used on WhatsApp.

Contact support for assistance.” WhatsApp official usually does not issue any warning before banning an account, and this is it. You can’t access WhatsApp for a while. However, GB WhatsApp gives users a way around the ban on    gb whatsapp lite.

The WhatsApp Plus Mod continued to be in circulation, and that’s why we have GB WhatsApp that you can modify if you’re an expert developer. Gb whatsapp safe has a tweaked interface with additional features and utilizes the same protocol and license as WhatsApp.

Once you have installed it, you can use GB WhatsApp with a different number, an independent chat application. GB WhatsApp is packed with many features and a lot more improvements. Additionally, it has numerous new themes and revamped privacy policies.

This application can be used to explore the hidden capabilities of gb whatsapp v6.40. It is the best application to use two accounts on one device. You can block your online status and upload larger video files, and more than 90 images can be sent in one go instead of 10 shots on WhatsApp.

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GB Whatsapp APK Features:

GB WhatsApp has various unique features included in its most recent Modded APK. This app is the independent development company Alex Mods, which is why it has the Anti-Ban feature, allowing it to be Ban Proof. It works well on regular phones, and there’s no requirement to have Root Access. You can still determine whether your phone is rooted with Root Checker. Root Checker application.

Also, you’ll notice better privacy when using this version of WhatsApp. You can deactivate calls from certain people by having the ability to block or remove them. Also, you can alter the style of ticks at your discretion gb whatsapp v6.40. You can easily hide your last sightings Ever message by changing your privacy options settings. And will typically not see these settings in the regular WhatsApp.

You can also hide the double tick and modify the second tick’s settings. In addition, the person who is using it may not even notice you’ve done it. If you use regular WhatsApp, any change you make, you need to implement it yourself too. That’s the great thing about GB Whatsapp 13.50 download, where you only must make changes in one way while enjoying everything you do.

Gb WhatsApp by Hey Mods

Hey mood’s GB WhatsApp is an improved and modified version of WhatsApp. The difference lies in the developers who developed this mod.

Privacy and Customization in GB WhatsApp

In the latest version, you can also make your status private, and you can make it visible to you or only your contacts. You can also make your status invisible to specific references. This feature is exclusive to the GB WhatsApp only. You can also opt out of receiving calls from anyone you wish.

Functions of GB Whatsapp APK

Let’s talk about the great functions of GB WhatsApp, including zooming in on Profile pictures of your contacts. Click on an image and zoom into. You will also receive an alert if friends have modified their WhatsApp profile photos. In addition, you can copy anyone’s status, open the status copy and save it.

Sharing media with this mod version can be fun, and you can upload as many as 90 photos at a step. Audio files can be up to 100MB, while video sizes can go as large as 30MB. Viewing media is easy since everything downloads automatically, and you need to select and then play. gb whatsapp डाउनलोड कैसे करें Be aware that we don’t recommend using GB Whatsapp 13.50 download since it is not official and offers encryption. WhatsApp Inc. has officially been able to stop the use of these apps.

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GbWhatsApp Features

GB Whatsapp APK 2022 is packed with plenty of features you can utilize on your smartphone. 

The characteristics of GB Whatsapp are as follows:

Auto Reply:

First and foremost, you may utilize this auto-reply tool whenever you wish to respond to any of your pals.

DND: If you are using another app on your Android phone and do not want to be interrupted by Whatsapp messages, you may block the internet connection for GB Whatsapp exclusively.

Broadcast text messages:

This function allows you to send Broadcast text messages to groups.

Filter messages:

The GB Whatsapp APK has the Filter Messages function, which allows the user to delete a chat while also filtering your messages.

Anti-revoke message:

This product has an anti-revoke message function.

Share live locations:

By utilizing GB Whatsapp 2022, users may share their live locations with others.

Spectacular effects:

Users may add unique and distinctive products when sharing photos and videos with friends and family.

Revoke multiple messages:

You may revoke numerous messages at the same time.

Transmit More Images:

Unlike the official Whatsapp, you may send more than 90 pictures simultaneously. 

You may also send your contact a 50-MB video clip and a 100-MB audio file.

GB Whatsapp APK Endless Themes:

The Whatsapp theme function is also incorporated in this upgraded version. 

So there are many great themes and Emojis that you may put on your phone based on your mood.

Save Statuses:

Another helpful feature of this program is the ability to download images and videos of status updates posted by other contacts.

Unique Font:

Are you tired of the same old font? 

Then, using this option, you may choose your preferred font. 

This tool allows you to personalize your selected typeface.

Message History:

View the history of revoked communications from your contacts and groups.

Change contacts:

Change the media exposure of a specific reference in your gallery.

Mark the unread messages: You may mark the read messages from the notification.

Choose all conversations:

This app allows you to select all chats at once from the home screen.

Hide your situation: 

The state of voice recording might be disguised.

Best Image Quality:

With GB Whatsapp, you may transmit high-resolution images.

Log History:

The user may also see the log history of all your contacts.


Another excellent feature is picking a speech from a list of available options.


You may also get notifications when someone in your contact list changes their profile image.

Pop-up Alerts:

Another fantastic feature of GB Whatsapp APK is the ability to conceal this app’s pop-up notifications from your main screen.

The Method for Updating and Installing GB Whatsapp APK

At this point, you know how to access your apk; the following steps will teach you all you need to know about installing this apk into your mobile and running it smoothly.

Procedure #1:

Go to your phone’s settings, security, and the On Unknown Sources option. 

This will let you install apps from retailers other than the Playstore.

Procedure # 2:

Using your internet browser, download the most recent version of GBWhatsApp from the shops listed above onto your mobile phone. 

You may download the apk to your computer and then move it around on your device’s storage.


Open the apk file and install it by following the on-screen instructions. This may function the same way we have set up in the conventional WhatsApp software gb whatsapp डाउनलोड कैसे करें.

Procedure #4:

To confirm your accounts, provide your name and state number. 

GBWhatsApp is now installed and ready to use on your device. Open the software from your main menu and utilize it as you usually would.

Themes may be completely customized.

Possibly the most popular of GBWhatsApp’s most recent variation features, with the mod, you will be able to change the theme of any aspect of the WhatsApp program, from the menus to the chat display, enabling you to create an aesthetic that provides one of the most joyful experiences.

Send Large Files

One of the most significant disadvantages of using WhatsApp is the inability to exchange documents. 

Have a picture, music, or movie you want to send to a friend, but WhatsApp only allows you to transfer files up to 16MB in size? is gb whatsapp safe GB 

WhatsApp’s newest version eliminates this restriction, allowing you to send whatever you want.

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GB Whatsapp APK FAQs

What exactly is GBWhatsApp APK?

It is a WhatsApp mod with additional functionality.

Is the GBWhatsApp APK secure, is gb whatsapp safe?

I’ve been using this mod for months for business reasons and have never had an issue with it. 

I hope you enjoy the features safely as well.

Can GbWhatsApp be used on an iPhone?

Yes, it works flawlessly on both iPhone and Android.

Is it necessary to root my phone to use this app?

Nope! There is no need to root your device.

Can I get back up data if I wish to backup?

Yes, you may get a backup of your WhatsApp.

Is it necessary to update GbWhatsApp?

No, it’s not rocket science, but if you stay updated, it’s fantastic.

WhatsApp Account Banned OR Privacy Concerns?

No, you can adjust your privacy settings with the Total Save app.

Can I use two Whatsapp accounts on the same phone?

Sure! This software was created specifically for this purpose. 

so have fun with it


You can modify the messenger’s themes and add customized pieces. There is also dark mode, an integrated emoji generator, and a range of is GB Whatsapp safe themes. The customizations also allow you to modify icons for missed calls, which is beneficial if you’re using WhatsApp to do something else and can alter the screen for your phone calls.

These features may seem enjoyable, but remember it is a fact that the version you are using of WhatsApp is heavily modified and insecure when compared to the original version. This is why it was removed from the Play Store and is the most significant privacy threat that is which is outlined by the piece.

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