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Command the gods of Olympus as they battle through ancient Greece against fortified cities and hundreds of combat units. Control every second of the action as the gods rampage through the cities of your enemies. Build a mighty empire worthy of the gods.
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Nov 23, 2022
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Gods Of Olympus MOD APK

Gods Of Olympus MOD APK – Gods of Olympus Mod Apk is a strategy game for Android. This application has age restrictions, with a suggested minimum age of 15. Over one million devices have been upgraded to the latest version of the official software. The application received a rating of 8.5% on a scale from 1.0 to 5.0, with 416,048 votes submitted.

Game Overview:

The Gods of Olympus mod APK is a game that has been modified from its original form. This game allows you to play with an infinite number of gems, gold, and elixir. It is a multiplayer online game that is free to play. You can develop your army to attack other clans and protect your base in this game. You acquire additional characters and resources as your level increases. These thrilling characteristics increase the game’s attractiveness. In ancient Greece, command the gods of Olympus APK as they assault walled cities and hundreds of war forces. As the gods wreak havoc on the cities of your enemies, you have complete control over the action. Construct a mighty kingdom worthy of the gods.

Main Features Of Gods Olympus MOD APK:

Command Of The Entire Battlefield:

In real-time combat, you control the legendary Greek gods in their entirety. Master a revolutionary fighting system that places you in command of monstrous gods as they raze the defenses of your foes. Utilize strategy and brutality as you unleash the deadly forces of Zeus, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, Artemis, and Hades. Soon, additional gods will be added!

Real-Time Cooperative Play:

In live cooperative play, rush into battle to aid and fight with your allies! Assist them in defending their city against attacks, or join forces with them to crush your enemies.

There Are No Construct Times:

Because upgrades and construction are finished so quickly, there is no need to wait for a build timer to start counting down. Because you may buy and sell buildings in real-time, you can continuously reassess how your city should be laid out. Investigate several different city layouts as well as defensive techniques.

Do Not Be Scared To Utilize The Skills Of Your Gods:

The game’s initial character is Zeus, the father of all Greek gods, and his first ability is Chain Lightning. Before moving on to further targets, this ability significantly damages any buildings or units surrounding Zeus. Due to the short cooldown, you can use Chain Lightning against buildings and smaller enemy groups as often as you like.
Once you have mastered the capacity to control other gods and goddesses, you are free to employ their abilities whenever and however frequently you like. Check the cooldown information in the upper-left corner of the selected images to determine how frequently you can “spam” these abilities.

Enhance Your Gods:

In addition to constantly activating their abilities, you can gain power by bringing your things back to the Pantheon and donating them to them. You will need to spend some gold to get there, but the money you spend can be put toward improving your talents, your strength, or your health. Because there are so few other things you can do with gold, you should put all of the wealth you obtain by frequenting the Pantheon to good use.

Choose Athena As The Following God Or Goddess:

As stated previously, the After Zeus gods of olympus mod apk unlimited everything is extraordinarily kind in that it gives you Zeus as your first god. Why not make the most powerful goddess the second god in your game? When you initially begin, you will have five choices, making it sense to select Athena. Due to her powers and high health points, she functions as a tank in this game. She also possesses the Aegis ability, which reduces incoming damage by up to 70% for your team. Yes, she lacks the attacking prowess of Zeus, but if you’re looking for a tank, Athena is an excellent option.

Before Upgrading Temples, Towers Must Be Improved.

As you can expect, Gods of Olympus Unlimited Money has many tower defense elements; consequently, upgrading defensive towers is crucial. Although upgrading the various temples will offer your gods those all-important passive bonuses (as well as your troops), the benefits will be negligible unless the temples have been significantly enhanced. To begin with, fortifying your arrow towers and other defensive constructions will increase their attack rating and allow them to generate more troops for you. Yes, passive stat boosts are amazing, but you cannot disregard the towers in a tower defense game.

Continue To Deploy Troops:

In the defensive phase of the game, you won’t be able to use the powers of your gods. Thus your troops will be vital. They will be inaccessible, so you must rely on your warriors to battle on your behalf. So, how do you determine if they are up to the challenge?
Establishing a high number of schools and defensive towers will maximize your army production. You might also summon groups of troops to a certain structure. These tasks need to be finished as soon as the rest period for your ability ends so that you can continue using them. If you do not develop a sufficient number of troops, you will be met with significant challenges at later levels.

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How To Download?

  • Click the Download button at the page’s top.
  • This link will bring you to our download page.
  • Additionally, you may download it by clicking here.
  • You can play Gods of Olympus on your personal computer with the help of this free software application.
  • When you are ready to install Gods of Olympus, you may do so by clicking the Install option located at the top of this page.
  • The game will automatically begin downloading!
  • Click Play Game and launch the game from your desktop or taskbar when it is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

Q: Who is the greatest God of Olympus?


Athena is considered the greatest deity for a good cause. She is capable of performing a variety of tasks. She provides two passive benefits: the fortification of your men and an olive grove.

Q: Is Gods of Olympus a quality work?


Apple designated it as a Best New Game and a Best New Update; it is currently rated 4.5+ out of 5 stars! In ancient Greece, they commanded the gods of the olympus game as they attacked fortified cities and hundreds of military troops.

Q: How many gods are available for usage in Gods of Olympus?


There are five deities. There can be a maximum of five gods on the battlefield at once. You may choose to dispatch a few gods at a time or all of them at once for an ambush. If you have more than five gods, you can summon a new one if one dies in combat.

Q: Can I pick multiple structures at once?


Yes, you absolutely can! When a building is tapped, it is selected. Further taps on the same structure will expand the selection group to include additional related objects. A second tap on the Zeus House, for instance, will pick all Zeus Houses. Then, for each deity, an additional tap will choose all houses. Another tap will select all of the structures. After selecting numerous structures, you can act on a collection of buildings. A group of houses, for instance, could be refurbished or sold concurrently.

Q: How can I maintain control of my gods?


You have the entire command of your gods during every attack. You determine how they are summoned, where they go, how they use their god skills, and what they attack. In contrast, hoplites and archers are autonomous and cannot be directed directly.

Q: How can I access all the skills of my god?


As soon as your goods are added to the Pantheon, they gain their initial strength. The Pantheon sells the god’s second power at any moment. At level 20, you can acquire the Ultimate Power of a god.

Q: How do I recognize an attack in gods of olympus mod apk unlimited everything?


When viewing your city, you may discover a Defend City option at the bottom of the screen. This signifies you are presently under attack! If you select Defend City, you can participate in the fight. You will be able to defend your city in real-time by dispatching hoplites and archers to repel gods’ invasion. It’s optional to defend your city in person, but it’s tremendous assistance!


The immortal gods of Olympus MOD APK did not need to work, but they did so out of love. They were not the originators of the world and its inhabitants; rather, the majority were merely the offspring of Kronos and Rhea, who were the offspring of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky). This genealogy is significant because it demonstrates that the Olympians are a small branch of a much broader family.

What's new

What's New in Version 4.8?

Centaur Archers!
- Fast and powerful ranged units

See our news for more details!

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