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Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth.
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May 13, 2022
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Helix Jump MOD APK

Helix Jump MOD APK is one of the simplest but most popular games by Voodoo publisher.

Voodoo is the company that is famous for its simple and addictive game that’s not like the other games. In any given moment, Voodoo’s games get a lot of attention from gamers. Also, Helix Jump too.


The game of puzzles is infused with action arranged according to the standard gameplay. Anyone can play Helix Jump MOD APK because of the simple and enjoyable gameplay. It is a matter of simple tasks while controlling the ball’s bounce and overcoming the tower’s twisting gaps. Due to its fun and visually appealing challenges, this game draws hundreds of millions of players. You might not be able to avoid the intense demands of this game, which comes with the gruelling time limits.


There is no need to be worried about the variety of challenges offered by Helix Jump MOD APK. We are able to provide a variety of levels of different difficulty. When you have completed the previous level with a good score, you’ll be sure that you will unlock additional levels. Naturally, your level of difficulty increases as you go further. But don’t fret, as long as you train and attempt enough challenges, you’ll be certain that you’ll be able to complete each challenge with the best score you can achieve.


What are the requirements to participate in this game is the endurance to take on difficult situations. You should be able to figure out the necessary steps to get the most accurate bounce of the ball. Why should I mention this? Because you must calculate the proper time and distance needed for the ball to bounce. It is important to ensure that the participant is able to control the ball with a certain degree of precision in moving the ball. The ball should move smoothly and smoothly into the next floor and make sure it doesn’t get into the cells that are illegal If you don’t wish to fail at all.


If you’re scared that you’ll fail, then you’ll be unable to finish the tasks. If you’re not clever enough to let the game take begin to end at the beginning be assured that Helix Jump MOD APK always allows you to progress. Players will get additional plays when they watch ads (this method is only applicable to online users). Each time you watch a video you are able to move on at the point you had were unsuccessful prior to. The number of ads displayed will not be restricted during the game, however there are a limited number of views for each level.


We guarantee that a variety of extra features will give you the most enjoyable experience, as well as allowing you to watch advertisements to earn more play. If you find the ads boring to you. You can win turns by purchasing them from the shop. Additionally, you can also purchase boosters that will help you complete the games with the highest quality. Both powers and turns are available at the shop and for a reasonable price. Be aware that if you purchase more games, it will continue to play in the region where you died.


Hundreds of levels, dozens of levels are available to you when you are successful. Challenges available can be increased if a participant requests it. When you complete an assignment, Helix Jump MOD APK will automatically save your achievements and then you can move on to the next stage. Make sure you perform at the highest levels to beat your personal record. You could as well invite friends and family to join you. You can compete against each other to see who’s skilled, and could go even further.

When playing Helix Jump MOD APK, all you must do is be sure to control the ball as it falls down the climbing tower. The game comes with a number of obstacles that will impede your progress. The labyrinth in the game is constantly moving. If you become stuck, you’ll be out of luck.


When playing the game Android gamer will explore and enjoy leisure gaming experience to the max. Enjoy playing as a squishy, bouncey ball, bouncing across the screen in order to get through the obstacles standing you encounter.

Take a walk down the long cylinder that has obstacles that move along its path. You’ll control the simple touch controls and freely move the cylinder, shifting the locations of obstacles, and creating areas that your ball can bounce.

Experience a number of challenging challenges as you play this simple but extremely addictive game. Play with your friends and online players to achieve the highest high scores while playing Helix Jump MOD APK to the fullest degree.

Helix Jump MOD APK Features

This page will provide all the thrilling features the game can offer:

Never-ending difficulties

You’ll be able to complete the game by controlling the ball until it reaches its destination. The higher the difficulty you will face more difficult obstacles because the labyrinth gets faster moving with more obstacles and is more risky. That means that you’ll have to control the ball with greater difficulty. There is no better method to win other than to make use of your imagination and reflexes. Since Helix Jump is Endless it is a game that you play until you’ve made an error. Helix Jump MOD APK brings discomfort for players, yet it is also extremely fascinating. It will cause you to try harder to achieve better scores. I’ve been a victim of many losses, and only needing a small amount of effort to be successful. Setting the record, make your own to this game.

Unlock new effects and balls

In addition to the standard ball you will also be able to get colorful balls within Helix Jump. As you play, you will earn many coins in order to purchase various items in the game. The ability to own a colorful ball is the goal that numerous Helix Jump MOD APK players. Every level, the color is changed and creates variety, so you can avoid becoming boring.

Helix Jump MOD APK Graphics

Helix Jump MOD APK simulates virtual space is beautiful and abstract. The design of the spiral maze is simple and unique unlike the other games. The graphics have been improved in comparison to other games, ensuring the most pleasurable experience for players. In addition, you can listen to the music that is fun while playing the game.

Simple, simple and extremely enjoyable game

At first, Android gamers will find themselves able to master the game quickly. However it is easy to utilize the touch controls to effectively move the cylinders and the obstacles it faces in different directions. The goal is to let your ball to leap into the lower part of the cylinder while you move it. Do not touch the red areas because the game will end if you hit them. Be careful when directing the cylinder so that you are able to move on to the next levels. Utilizing the intuitive one-finger controller this game will be very engaging and fun.

A number of exciting levels with increasing difficulty

For those who are curious playing the game, there are several levels featuring fun and exciting gameplay that you can play while playing Helix Jump MOD APK. With increasing difficulty you’ll discover the initial levels extremely easy and fun. As you advance and more difficult levels, they will go increasing in difficulty and will allow the game to remain demanding. Therefore, you will not be bored, even after having played for hours.

Take on the challenges with massive forces

If you’re annoyed by the number of obstacles , and also the black “thingy” that keeps blocking your path and causing you to lose your way, it’s an excellent idea to smash them down should you wish to. However you can get ready for your dazzling feat by guiding the ball through three different levels without touching the platform. Once you’ve built up enough strength, you can and smash the floor like it’s just a thin layer of glass.

A variety of game-specific modifications in game play on both levels and the balls

Have fun with the exciting and entertaining experience that is Helix Jump MOD APK whilst experiencing the stunning levels in the game. With randomly generated levels with diverse obstacles and different color schemes You won’t experience a monotonous game. As you advance through this game, you’ll be able to access various game-specific customization options which you can play with the balls. These will let you change the appearance of the ball and also the visual effects it produces when it bounces.

You can play the game either in conjunction with as or without Internet

To make the game even more enjoyable, players who play Helix Jump MOD APK will also find themselves enjoying the thrilling and exciting gameplay with or without Internet connection. It is ideal to play the game when you’re out and do not want to use up any amount of data from your smartphone.

Helix Jump MOD APK Play for free

Despite all the fantastic features however, the game is available for free to everyone Android players to play on mobile devices. However, it’s quite simple to find it on Google Play Store and have it installed on your device completely free.

Get into the god mode in our mod

If you’re having trouble with the advertisements and in-game purchases somewhat frustrating, then you could opt for this modified game, which provides the free and unlocked game play that is Helix Jump. Most importantly you’ll also get an opportunity to experience the amazing God Mode that we featured in our modification. This lets you effortlessly smash this Red “thingy” without losing the game. It will also enhance the experience and rewarding. All that is required is the download of and installation Helix Jump MOD APK  from our website. Mod APK on the website.

Helix Jump MOD APK Audio and visual quality


Gamers playing Helix Jump MOD APK will find themselves playing through the clear and easy visual experience. Explore the amazing levels featuring beautiful geometric layouts as well as hilarious and soft “things” that we called the bouncey ball. Take pleasure in the crisp and welcoming images while enjoying the thrilling game with fluid animations and stunning visuals. Most importantly, thanks to the low-demand graphics, you’ll also see it very playable on lower-end Android devices.


If you’re curious, the game offers a unique and relaxing audio experiences, so you’ll be completely involved in the game’s addictive game. It’s also great play music while playing the game because you won’t have to worry about the audio in the game.

MOD-APK variant of Helix Jump MOD APK

One of the biggest issues that plague Voodoo games is that they advertise. Since the game is free, the fact that it comes with a variety of advertisements from publishers. This is normal. If you are uncomfortable you can disconnect from the Internet during gameplay and you won’t be able to see ads any more.

Simply. Download and install Mod version. This MOD version of the game will give you lots of money, as well as getting all the skins. The worry of advertisements will go away!

Colorful Balls

When you start this game, players be given the default ball , which will appear simple and without any style. If you are playing the game, you’ll collect numerous coins in order to purchase items during the game. I can assure you that it’s difficult to collect colorful balls during the game. it’s a long process to accumulate the most coins possible to purchase colourful balls. Each time you play the game, you’ll see various new colors for levels and also new items.

No Advertisement

The major source of revenue for Voodoo Games are through advertising, which is why it’s so hated by many. Voodoo games have a lot of ads than the normal games. I’m not sure why but they do. What I do is install Helix Jump MOD APK from the link in this post . Then play the game with no advertisements.

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How to Install Helix Jump MOD APK?

  1. Remove any earlier version you own
  2. Get Helix Jump MOD APK or Normal Helix Jump MOD APK or the normal APK by clicking the link above.
  3. You can enable the “Unkown Sources” Option in Settings>Security
  4. Install the game on your mobile device
  5. If it requests additional permissions, you should grant it.
  6. Start the game and have fun No Ads Experience

Final thoughts

The fans of the cult Smash Hit, Color Bump 3D and several other intriguing titles on our website will get another fantastic mobile game to play on their mobile devices. It’s fairly simple and enjoyable for those seeking an easy and enjoyable game on mobile devices. Furthermore that it’s completely unlocked and free version of the game available on our website, we don’t believe that you have to look for another game.

Begin your thrilling adventure in the twisted towers of the bouncing balls of Helix Jump MOD APK. This is a fun puzzle game that is loved by millions of players due to its enjoyable, but also attractive. When playing this game, players have one objective: to get their ball across the top floor to the bottom floor. There are small and medium-sized openings on every floor that permit players to direct the ball’s downward movement. It is important to ensure you are able to successfully shift them around quickly in order to play at higher levels.

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