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Welcome to Homescapes, the most heartwarming game from Playrix's Scapes™ series! Solve match-3 puzzles to restore a wonderful mansion on a verdant street. Exciting adventures start at the doorstep!
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Aug 26, 2022
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Homescapes MOD APK Introduction

Homescapes MOD APK Everyone enjoys playing games with distinctive and interesting features. There are many games available on the web. A lot of us like playing puzzle games, and we all love the adventure and story-based games since these games can be played for a long period of time.

It is a game in where you enter a home of a character from the game and must help him in transforming the game. These kinds of games are distinctive and enjoyable to play. It is possible to play for hours without feeling bored. Gaming on your smart devices is great because you can take your device around with you and play at any time.

Today , we’ll show you the most enjoyable game where you can take on different tasks and missions to gain advancement within the game. The game that is extremely popular is Homescapes MOD APK. The main character of this game’s story can be described as Austin and you must assist him in renovating his house so that it looks beautiful.

You are able to complete different tasks and missions within the game. You will be able to play three different levels of the game. Each level will have a distinct mission to complete. You are the one responsible for all things that happens in the house since you are the sole one who can help Austin during the game.


The house isn’t good enough to play the game. at the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to enter an area to clean of the mess made. There are many more aspects to be discussed and we’ll also be talking about the gameplay of the game, so let’s get started.

There is nothing better than simulation games. These games aid in learning new skills and also in understanding the ways of living. These games are awesome however have you thought of creating a game that covers the entire games like casual, simulation and puzzle games, as well as gaining the around the trust of billions of gamers? If not, I’ll introduce you to you to the Homescapes MOD APK. It’s an Android game that has been modified using top-quality scripts, allowing you to play with the most amazing features.

Let’s first discuss the game.Homescapes MOD APK is a fun game that is designed for Android as well as iOS smartphones. It is a game with a diverse nature that includes the advantages of both Island Builder and Candy Crush. You will be required to play a variety of games with candy like candy crush levels as well as rebuild the player’s home.

To reduce the amount of effort required to play, we’ve altered the game’s official version and made this version to give you unlimited resources that allow you to build your home in a snap, and without spending time. The application is waiting for youto download it. just click below to download and enjoy it with your game-playing style.

Try out unusual puzzle games that help you redevelop your house

Homescapes MOD APK is an outstanding Android game designed for all avid gamers who are looking for a challenging game. It has features from three distinct genres in one. Homescapes will make you feel relaxed, shrewd and strategically all in the same in the same breath. Additionally, you aren’t required to think about anything before downloading the game as it is backed by over 100 million players across the globe.

If we take a look at the game, we will see a nifty interface that has a gorgeous home filled with dust and old objects like chairs, telephones beds, beds, and old kitchen utensils. In addition, on the other hand it will provide you with a puzzle-based gaming experience where you can either play the escape mini-game, or play the Candy-Crush kind of game to find the candy and collecting stars.

The most fun animated graphics and the most elegant SFXs

One of the greatest features in Homescapes MOD APK is its graphics. Homescapes game which makes everybody feel refreshed and excited is the graphics used in the game. Homescapes is a game that has an animated style that includes all cartoon characters. Additionally, you’ll be stunned by the voice-overs in the game SFXs that make this game a fantastic invention by Playrix. Even if you’re a 5-year-old or a man who is 60 years old You can play this game for hours without getting bored for a moment.

If you’re hoping for more fun or would like to have more fun, it’s possible to download the upgraded version of Homescapes developed by our dedicated team. If you’re stuck between the difficult levels or want to play the whole game, you can look through the sections below to download the game. Enjoy! !

Use the wizard’s version to build the house in a matter of minutes

In the waiting for the magic Waiting for the magic! The wait is gone. You can now visit the following link and simply get this Homescapes MOD APK. The game can be played providing you with a wealth of magical features, including unlimited resources as well as an ad-free interface for no cost.

Additionally, if you’re looking to play through the entire exterior and interior realms of Homescapes game, then could you download it. It’s a very accessible android game that is compatible with nearly all Android OS. If you’re running any smaller or well-constructed phone, you can play it amazingly easily.

Access all the amazing rooms and the outer world

The game Homescapes MOD APK is inspired by homes rooms, rooms and the scenery. The main goal behind the development of Homescapes is to make it possible to experience things in a realistic manner. You will have to finish huge tasks, and unlock each property in your home to gain access to the next one.

However, why should you have to struggle so long, when you’ve available an alternative like Homespaces MOD APK. It’s an excellent version that will provide you with every room that was which is locked at the beginning All you have to do is to tap the massive green button to the left.

Have fun with the Infinite money you can earn to buy puzzle boosters

Every Android game has numerous in-app purchases as well, Homescapes includes the game’s currency, called coins. These coins can help in making the game simpler to play, by providing numerous home assets, without stars.

But not after you install Homescapes MOD APK. Homescapes MOD APK as it will give you unlimited coins, making it easier to solve the puzzles. What are you waiting for? Now download it to buy unlimited games that boost your puzzle.

There is no need to work on problems with these stars that are unlimited

Another unique feature as an unusual feature, the Homescapes MOD APK gives you infinite stars to complete all tasks without ever having to finish those puzzles. When you download the original game, you’ll find yourself frustrated with the difficult levels.

You can choose to take the shortcut and download Homescapes MOD APK. Homescapes MOD Apk. With the endless stars you will be able to skip through all levels and get unlimited stars. Start throwing puzzles and exploring all the new things in the world outside! !

Never-ending fun with endless lives

As we mentioned above that Homescapes is the same concept as the candy crush , and is comprised of the most prominent similarities like puzzles, boosters accessories, and the exclusive candy rainbow that comes with rocket world. In the same way, the Homescapes MOD APK game is also played with lives in which you only solve the puzzles and have the lives. You must wait until you can gain their lives. Are you looking to escape this situation as well? Install our homescapes mod recreation APK now on your phone and you can play for hours after losing endlessly thanks to infinite lives.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Easy Controls:

Homescapes MOD APK game is extremely enjoyable to play. The best feature is that the game is easy to control so that everyone can play and comprehend the game quickly. Thanks to the simple controls, you are able to perform tasks effortlessly during the game.

Highly Addicted:

Because this game is different and you must complete numerous tasks to make your home look amazing. The game is extremely addictive and you could play this game for hours without being bored.

Free of Cost:

This game is a modified version ofHomescapes MOD APK and everything within the game is completely free. It is possible to download and install the game absolutely free without any issues.


3D Graphics:

The downside for this type of game is the graphics in the game is not 3D . The it is based on 2D graphics. However, the graphics of the game are top-quality in 2D.

Bigger in size:

The game’s size is huge and will take up nearly 200 MB of storage on your device. It is necessary to clean out some space on your device in order for you to be able to download and install the game in a proper way.

Homescapes MOD APK Features

Unique Gameplay

The gameplay is unique in that you walk into the house and must help Austin to make his home more attractive and make it look better and more attractive. The player decides the style of the house.


In Homescapes MOD APK the game, you’ll be able to experience three different levels. Each level comes with its own unique tasks that you must complete. You will have to complete different tasks and missions , and your house will improve and more efficient.

Beautiful Mansion of Homescapes MOD APK

Homescapes MOD APK has a stunning mansion that is enormous and contains many hidden secrets in the mansion that you need to find in the game.

Free of charge

The game is completely free of any cost and requires no cash to play it. The game itself is free and available.

Technical issues solved

Major and minor technical problems and bugs have fixed in the game since the creators of the game make sure that the game is updated through regular updates.

Homescapes MOD APK Mod Features

Unlimited Stars

It is a modified version.The Homescapes MOD APK will give you unlimited stars, so you’ll never be short of something within the game.

Unlimited Coins

This updated version of Homescapes gives players unlimited coins in the game. This means that you can purchase any item in the game and play without any obstacle.

Homescapes MOD APK How to Download

  • Start the security settings on your device, then navigate to the unknown sources, and then check this box.
  • Then, open the download link, and then Download the modified Apk for Homescapes.
  • After you have downloaded, go to the location where you placed the Apk file.
  • Start the Apk game and then tap the Install button located at the bottom right corner.
  • After installation, you can launch the game and play the game’s mod Homescapes on your device.

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Homescapes MOD APK FAQs

Q. Do you think Homescapes MOD APK is available to download?

Yes! This game is free and all of the game’s items are fully unlocked. The players do not need to pay amount since this game is completely no cost and is mod.

Q. Is Homescapes MOD APK safe to download?

The game is completely safe and protected from security threats and problems like spywares, malwares as well as hackers, worms, etc. It is possible to download the game without worrying about viruses.

Q. Are Homescapes MOD APK games a light game?

No! It is not a light-weight and comprises of approximately 200 MB. You must have at minimum 200 MBs of storage space to download and install the game.

Q. Do I have the ability to play this Homescapes MOD APK through Google Play Store?

No! You cannot download this mod version Homescapes MOD APK from the Google Play store since Google Play Store doesn’t have modifications of Homescapes. It is possible to download this game from the internet via Apk.

Installing Homescapes MOD APK

Then, follow the download link that is above. In order to download, you must first download Homescapes MOD APK Unlimited Coins/Lives on your smartphone. Once you have done that, start the settings and select the security settings to enable the unknown sources button to be activated on your device. In order to avoid any issues when installing. Open the directory of Homescapes MOD file. Homescapes MOD file and like every other game you have modified on your smartphone You can begin installing the game’s file and play with unlimited coins, stars to unlock new seasons, levels, new characters and other unique features.


The Homescapes MOD APK Unlimited Every 2022 is a entertaining and enjoyable casual game. You can enjoy your spare time organizing different candy pieces and constructing the perfect home for your family. Apart from having a great time with bright colors, it’s an excellent addition which will make you feel comfortable psychologically. Since the graphics were upgraded, new features have been added as well as more exciting elements and features were included in the game. The ads were eliminated and unlimited money, unlimited coins as well as unlimited stars, are offered. In addition, you can play more places and download the game by using a an easy and straight download link and experiencing all the features in the cracked version that is above.

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