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Embark on a fun and frozen journey through the Ice Age universe. In his hunt for his favourite acorn, across the frozen lands, Scrat has accidently cracked the Earth's crust.
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Ice Age Village MOD APK

Ice Age Village Mod APK Download Free Android & iOS Game App (Latest Version)  APK Download Hunt Ice Age Community is a social gestures game in which you must build a village for the Ice Age characters, replete with all of the challenges and joy that brings!

Download and install the latest version of Ice Age Village APK for Android, iOS, and PC from this page. Thank you for visiting APK Download Hunt for information on the app’s downloading process in both Android and iPhone versions. I will share the most recent updated version of this App with you here.

Reasons For Building An Ice Age Village:

Although there is no clear plot in Ice Age Village, it begins with Scrat squirrels chasing chestnuts and inadvertently plugging them into ice, resulting in a massive fracture in the ground. This affected a vast area, prompting Manny, Sid, and Diego to seek safety elsewhere. Here, the development of a village that serves as a refuge for numerous animals commences.

Super Addictive Building Gameplay:

Ice Age Village’s gameplay is comparable to Township and other city-building games; the only difference is the game’s ancient setting. In Ice Age Village, there are a variety of structures to construct, but initially, you must focus on constructing homes for your citizens. This will attract additional animals to your village. All of the more than 200 species of animals found in Ice Age Village are extinct. Although they can be adversaries in the wild, they can thrive in Ice Age Village.

Lots Of Quests Await:

The Ice Age Village provides a daily list of activities. Completing these specific quests will increase your coin, oak, and experience gains. Experience points aid in levelling up and gaining access to add new features, lands, and items.

Lots Of Fun Minigames:

While waiting for your property to be constructed or the mission to be completed, you can participate in the minigame provided by Ice Age Village. Scrat has only three lives in this minigame, and the objective is to defeat as many fish as possible. The protagonist of another minigame is a sloth. You will descend into the depths of the ocean and touch the number balls while avoiding the thorns. All are hilarious and absolutely hilarious.

Connect With Friends:

Ice Age Village is a web-based game featuring an idle component. You may go to the countries of friends, relatives, or people with similar interests if you make pals. This function allows you to connect with your friends and cultivate a great land together.

Graphics And Sound:

The graphics of Ice Age Village are indisputable, including a magnificent 3D design. Simulating an ancient world teeming with plants and fauna, the visuals are intricate and vivid. Animals, trees, rock walls, waterfalls, and Sid’s snow sculptures are crafted with a high degree of precision.

Main Features Of Ice Age Village MOD APK:


Utilize trees and statues to embellish your community. This will assist in increasing the value of the animals in your village. However, attractive objects should be arranged appropriately to accommodate dogs. It is best to add these ornaments to the hamlet once the community has settled in. Then it will be easy for you to decide how to order these things.

Slow Moving World:

This is a world with a leisurely pace. In this new version, the player will be prompted to expand the animals’ dwelling space. Ice Age Village will first and foremost inspire you to install the ornaments with care. If desired, the game will then optimize the community’s living space. However, you begin the game with a limited amount of living space. If you have the funds or the oak, you can purchase a new plot of land.

The more it grows, the more expensive land becomes. In addition, as the player’s level increases, the amount of time available to unlock new zones increases. This is a disadvantage because your cash box will be full, preventing you from purchasing anything else. For seasoned players, this is a difficult task.

Concerning The Animals:

In addition to providing food, animals allow you to earn money and gain experience. Animals exist in a broad variety of sizes, shapes, and personalities. They include mammals, dinosaurs, fish, and birds. Introducing a new species into the community will give several benefits. To maximize its effectiveness, you must make a complete set of that creature. A set consists of two fully grown adults and one small child. Each animal’s offspring has the same value as its parent.

Having a new family is analogous to increasing the village’s population in other ways. Even if they are mammals, all newborn creatures hatch in an unusual manner from eggs. It takes these eggs a long time to mature into a baby. They can hatch anywhere between a few hours and a week. In addition, animal rearing will take approximately twice as long as incubation. The game will notify you when eggs are ready to hatch.

Take A Look Around:

Explore the Ice Age’s distinctive world. You will be transported to an entirely new ice-age universe in the game. On the treacherous ice age journey, you will recruit the aid of Sid, Manny, Diego, and Scrat. The game’s experience will be heartbreaking, but you’ll have a great time learning about human survival and exploring new species.

Construct A New Home:

When you initially begin searching for animals, you can choose from over 200 distinct species. Consequently, they will need a location to call home. Otherwise, they will perish from the cold weather. Therefore, you must guarantee that you develop a magnificent dwelling for them to reside and rest in. You can enlist the aid of your friends to accomplish this.

Interesting Missions:

Sid and his buddies will encounter deer, rabbits, and their parents during their global exploration. However, these unfortunate beings have been captured and are unable to escape. Players are capable of saving themselves. You can save them in Ice Age Adventures by playing minigames. For instance, to save a creature, you must play a diamond rating game and force at least three hearts to fall off the board.

To save the young animals, gamers must join Sid in the blizzard and snow at the same time. The user can then move and slide to the left, right, up, and down in order to assist Sid in avoiding obstructions. You may also aid Sid in reintroducing the rescued animals to the neighbourhood so that they may live. Players will receive money or food for every act of kindness. Simultaneously, the creatures you just spared will become your principal source of nourishment.

Amusing Gifts:

There are many humorous presents available. Ice Age’s Scrat is fondly recalled and adored by numerous admirers. Consequently, his absence would render the game dull. In this voyage, Scrat has his own continuous running minigame. The objective is to run as far as possible and consume as much food as possible to restock the ice age settlement. The players will compete to see who can help Scrat travel the farthest distance. Additionally, the player can return to previously explored islands to play the rescue minigame again. The reason for this is that the sooner you level up, the more girls you save.

Ice Age Family:

On vast ice plains, construct a new home for the entire Ice Age family and meet over 200 lovely new species. There are numerous lovely dinosaurs available for purchase at Dino World. Play the minigames Kung Fu Scrat and Sid’s Egg Rescue. Participate in fun events in the Village.

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How to Install Ice Age Village MOD APK On Android?

  • To download, click the download button below.
  • Open the file after the download has concluded.
  • Install the application on your Android.
  • Follow all instructions contained within.
  • Once it has been properly installed, launch it and take advantage of its great features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. How many tiers does Ice Age village have?


Each Leopard family member receives 120 acorns. In addition to 150,000 coins, you will receive 5 acorns. When you reach levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50, you will unlock the subsequent set of achievements. The maximum level a settlement can attain is 65.

Q. What is the purpose of Dino World in Ice Age Village?


In late winter or early spring 2013, Gameloft added “Dino World” to the game. Ice World is simply a distinct set of land blocks, with new objectives and shop products available for purchase.

Q.How can I locate Scrat in the Ice Age village?


Scrat visits your community every four minutes. If you missed him the first time, he will return in two minutes. If you leave between Scrat’s visits, the timer will get frozen. Scrat will reappear three minutes after you restart the game if you exit the game after catching him for one minute.


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