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Forge your destiny in Iron Blade -- the most thrilling of all action RPG games -- set in a medieval Europe filled with war, discord and magic. Explore a fantasy game world brought to life with console-quality graphics and an innovative -- yet easy to learn -- combat system that is never idle and always throws you into one heart-pounding fight after another.
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Sep 29, 2020
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Iron Blade MOD APK

Iron Blade MOD APK is a new and unusual action and role-playing game for Android from the renowned Game loft gaming studio. It is released just a few months ago by its official and global release on Google Play. And once again, as we’ve always done, we’ve decided to introduce you to new activities and games at the same time. As releasing the official and healthy version of it and rejoicing for you!


Iron Sword Medieval Legends mod APK begins during a time in French history. When the late King Philip IV owed a massive debt to the “Sanctuary Knights” and was required to fulfill the contract by assassinating the group. Philip was driven by King Baal, causing France to be overrun by the Hell Army. You must now battle King Philip and King Baal’s military to restore peace to France, much like Damian, the last surviving Knight of the organization. To streamline battles, iron blade bundles free fire’s continuous interactivity is relatively simple. Actions in Medieval Legends are spectacular due to the game’s novel and uncomplicated ongoing engagement.

Iron Blade APK is a simple battle mission that allows players to design their combo based on their preferred style of play, resulting in a unique combination of abilities. When an opponent is routed and crushed, fights become alluring and addictive. Numerous essential weapons, such as blades, bows, and so on, are typically employed based on the type of weapon with diverse combat capabilities. At games1tech, you can play Iron Blade with a modified APK and win unlimited diamonds. You should obtain your sword and become a saint on your own since neither fate nor ancestry can do it for you! Explore a fantastical gaming universe brimming with high-quality graphics and a clever yet simple-to-understand combat system that is never idle and consistently throws you into heart-pounding battles!

Main Features Of Iron Blade MOD APK:

Conscient of your skills:

Each piece of equipment can be augmented with either an active or passive ability. Each provides you with new capabilities. Functional skills will increase your ability to annihilate enemies in combat, while passive skills will improve your attributes and health. Verify your talents before entering a level, as knowing which ones you possess is crucial to victory.

Shield Breaker is an indispensable ability. This active talent is a devastating attack that overcomes enemy defenses, making it an excellent choice against armored knights. Savagery is an additional crucial skill. This passive talent reduces the cooldown of your active abilities whenever you land a hit with your off-hand weapon. If you can consistently land off-hand attacks, you can use your functional skills more often, allowing you to destroy the battlefield.

Free Crates!

You can open a free standard chest every five hours. This should be done as frequently as possible, as these chests contain items, keys, and rubies. For Premium chests, you will need to save up silver keys or rubies. Silver keys can be obtained by logging in daily and gaining levels. Rubies are the game’s premium currency; the only way to get them for free is by winning daily log-in prizes.

Ensure that you do not miss a single day. Accessing the Legendary Gearboxes requires fifty golden keys. To our knowledge, the only way to acquire these is to log in on the daily log-in reward board for 30 consecutive days. You will receive precisely 50 golden keys at the end of the month, granting you immediate access to a legendary chest.

Utilize Your Unique Moves:

Despite this, you should not overlook crucial aspects of your offensive. In other words, we are referring to your special moves, which we recommend using to obtain three stars on any level. Be aware that it may take some time for them to charge, and you won’t be able to choose which one to use because they cycle, so you’ll have to use whichever one is available. However, it may not matter because each of these special moves can deal a substantial amount of damage and, as stated previously, can be incredibly useful for achieving a perfect three-star rating.

The Elements Of The System:

Iron Blade MOD APK, like many other role-playing games, employs an elemental system, which you might overlook immediately due to the game’s lack of explanation. However, the colored emblems on each piece of equipment will catch your attention: blue wings indicate Divine, red skulls represent Demonically, and yellow laurels represent Heroic. Iron blade bundle free fire a simple game of rock-paper-scissors with precisely three elements: Divine trumps Demonic, Demonic trumps Heroic, and Heroic trumps Divine.

Improving Your Equipment:

It is one thing to choose the proper tools, but quite another to keep them sharp, durable, and practical over time. Upgrade your equipment whenever possible, and if you have older items you no longer require, you can use them to bolster your newer, more robust equipment. Often, grinding is the key to achieving exactly what you want or need in iron blade bundle, especially if you’re seeking new, powerful equipment. If you find a weapon, piece of armor, or another item you want or need, replay the level until you obtain it or obtain all possible rewards.


  • You can download any version of APK Iron Blade Mod Apk directly from a third-party source.
  • You can access the iron blade bundle library for most performances and move them as necessary.
  • In contrast to the Play Store, downloads are instant, and there is no approval process, etc.
  • Once downloaded, a Smash Vertical Theater application file will be on your memory card or system storage.
  • You will therefore continue to uninstall and reinstall them without downloading.


  • It appears that Google does not continuously monitor apps downloaded by third parties.
  • It is, therefore, harmful to your phone.
  • APK files may contain viruses that steal or corrupt your phone’s data.
  • Your applications do not automatically update because they do not always have access to the Google Play Store.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Iron Blade Medieval Legends RPG An Offline Game?


Iron Blade Cheat APK, on the other hand, is a big game that requires a great deal of processing power and battery life. It tends to drain the phone’s battery if not maintained. It also requires a constant internet connection, rendering it unplayable in regions without internet access.

Q: Does Iron Blade Feature An Open World?


The battle system in Iron Blade is designed to be simple and mobile-friendly, requiring only tapping and swiping. Even though it is a 3D open-world game, it is pretty simple and enjoyable to play on touchscreen devices like tablets and smartphones.

Q: How Do You Earn Experience Points (OP points) In Iron Blade?


In recognition of completing the campaign, promotion, or network match missions, an OP is added to the player’s profile and other items.

Q: How Can I Acquire Legendary Keys In Iron Blade?


Legendary keys can be obtained through daily rewards, campaign progression, and the purchase of the Legendary set.

Q: How Do You Create An Item In Iron Blade?


Add the item to the Synthesis area, along with up to four other things you wish to use to improve the performance and level of the main article. Alternately, you can gain great experience by utilizing synthesis bonuses.


When playing Iron Blade MOD APK, you may occasionally want to fight another player and invade their territory instead of facing AI opponents in iron blade bundle’s story mode. Log into the multiplayer features of this free Android and iOS game when they are active and wait for them to appear! Then, your objective will be to locate their kingdom, approach it undetected, and devise an attack strategy.

You have access to various potent weapons and spells. Allowing you to overcome any opposition and reclaim their lands’ resources easily. Make sure that if you lose your castle (which is inevitable if your opponent fights back hard enough), you don’t leave empty-handed, as you have no way of knowing what other treasures your opponent has left lying around for you to steal.

What's new

Get ready, Templars! Update 13 is out now!


- NEW ARMOR SETS: Add the Knightly Thistle set and Ruthenian set to your armory!
- Minor improvements and bug fixes


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