King of Thieves MOD APK v2.57.1 (unlimited orbs/ unlimited everything latest version)

Steal gems, build your defenses and win guild wars in the Arenas in this unique blend of arcade, platform and multiplayer PVP game!
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Dec 28, 2022
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King of Thieves MOD APK:

King of Thieves MOD APK: The game King of Thieves MOD APK is made for Android devices. This game is based on the exciting story of the King of Thieves. In this game, a person named “thieves” lives in a small town. Many people in the city where he lives know that he is a master thief. The main goal of this game is to steal everything of value from your house. You will be able to make more money and get richer. If you want to go somewhere else while playing the king of thieves games, you can use its emulator to play it online on your PC. There are different game modes, such as survival mode, infinite mode, and others. Each mode will give you a different experience, depending on how you play the game king of thieves mod apk latest version.

Game Overview:

The gaming community has lavished King of Thieves with accolades. The game retains a classic design that is simple to play and understand, but the difficulty increases as the levels continue. King of Thieves converts the player into a petty thief tasked with stealing gold and jewels from other players to pay for the dungeon’s building. Players can combine gems to produce a more valuable treasure, but they must also construct traps to prevent other players from stealing them. In King of Thieves, ZeptoLab has done a wonderful job combining the casual and multiplayer genres so that players can compete. King of Thieves features simple and engaging gameplay. The game’s gameplay levels will correspond to a range of dungeons. The player has control of a tiny thief who must overcome hurdles to reach his target without being caught.

There will be traps, guillotines, guns, and gigantic beasts ready to devour the small robber. Therefore, players must continually manage their avatars to run, fly, jump, and cling to walls to complete challenging missions. However, treasures containing cash and magnificent stones will partially compensate for the effort expended after each round. Like previous platform games, you must dash and jump to escape these traps. On the other hand, you must protect your treasure from other thieves.

Main Features Of King of Thieves MOD APK:

Operating Procedure:

King of Thieves includes a one-touch control scheme that is as simple as it gets, as previously mentioned. As a result, your character will go automatically, and every time you touch the screen, your character will jump high. Moving cogs, guards, and obstacles will block your road to the neighbor’s wealth. A single error will result in the character’s demise. Therefore players must manage with care.

Explore Different Worlds:

There are seven distinct worlds to explore, each including 112 engaging levels. King of thieves games is a small-scale Android game with a complex plot. It will take up 80-90 MB of your phone’s storage space, but it will get you access to seven beautiful worlds filled with delights. Consequently, it is difficult to become bored with this game. In addition, you will meet 112 enthralling levels across these seven realms, with the number of groups rising daily. King Of Thieves is a fast-paced Android game that is nearly updated monthly. King of thieves mod apk latest version As with their last release, they introduced a new trap, Electro Cannon. It is exceptionally extraordinary and far more resilient than any other mine. Now, immerse yourself in this engaging Android game and live as a burglar.

Effects Sonores:

Another Android game from Zeptolab that will get you excited. Because King of Thieves is a Zeptolab game, you can anticipate high-quality visuals and a compelling plot. Yes, you got it correctly; it’s an animated Android game with incredibly hilarious characters and the most modern power-ups king of thieves download in Hindi.
In addition, you will hear the most entertaining sound effects of little creatures, such as their final Nom Nom. Simply, it is impossible to resist playing this fantastic game. However, read the section below carefully before proceeding. Incredible things are about to occur!! Challenges In addition, users can access the active system, which contains approximately 80 levels of games to explore. king of thieves downloads in Hindi Each game screen will be protected by several locks that will be unlocked only when the player activates the corresponding primary lock king of thieves mod apk latest version.


The graphical presentation of King of Thieves is the same as that of the games that came before it. The aesthetics of the game are animated in a style that is colorful, captivating, and simple to understand all at the same time.

Without Limits:

For ever-increasing security upgrades, unlimited gold will be required. King Of Thieves MOD APK is a basic game with many premium features. Initially, it provides unlimited coins, enabling you to make free purchases of upgrades and extras.
After installing the King Of Thieves MOD APK, it will be a breeze to upgrade your cannon and red guard to level 100. king of thieves download in Hindi, So go ahead and get this calming technique by clicking the link below!

No Need For Roots:

A change that does not require administrator privileges. King Of Thieves MOD APK is a peaceful way to enjoy intricate gameplay and a completely secure gaming environment. It is customized software that does not require root access. You’ve likely heard that many hacked applications demand root access. We will never expect you to deal with errors or interruptions, so don’t worry. King of thieves game online Download the King Of Thieves MOD APK to experience the game’s features without risk!

Without Cost:

Enjoy unrestricted access to the whole Shop market. In addition to the features mentioned above, King Of Thieves MOD APK adds a free, unlocked marketplace. In the official edition, you cannot investigate certain restricted items, such as maps and complicated traps, king of thieves game online unless you increase your level. On the other hand, the cracked version grants access to a completely open shopping menu devoid of all currency and coins. By choosing this great option, you can make unlimited purchases!!

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How To Install?

  • After installing the emulator, the mod APK must be downloaded from our website.
  • After downloading, you must run the file or choose “Import from Windows” to install.
  • After installation, click the launch button to begin using the program.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ:

Q: Is King of Thieves based on actual events?


In King of Thieves, the story of a group of guys who committed one of the greatest robberies in British history is recounted. The diamond heist at Hatton Garden was the name of the theft. During the Easter holiday, a group of guys broke into an underground safe deposit vault in Hatton Garden.

Q: Is King of Thieves available for free?


It is entirely free to play. The game is accessible on the Google Play Store for all Android gamers despite its incredible features. Consequently, you can immerse yourself in exhilarating in-game experiences whenever you like. Because this is still a freemium game, you will be required to unlock specific in-app purchases.


There is no doubt that the King of Thieves game delivers a great deal of entertainment to people who enjoy this genre of game. This game’s visuals, music effects, and information will make you feel as though you are right there, stealing whatever you can get your hands on. You merely need to exercise caution and not lose track of your whereabouts.

What's new

1. Check out the brand-new Christmas Cards feature! Share the holiday cheer with your opponents, collect unique items, and use them to open special gifts!

2. New player-designed dungeon layouts!

3. Two brand-new costumes, including one of the most popularly-requested costumes in the King of Thieves community!


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