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Dec 14, 2022
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Love Live School Idol Festival Cards MOD APK

Love Live School Idol Festival Cards MOD APK, developed and launched by publisher “Klab,” has sparked a lot of fan interest since its announcement. And this game is a musical rhythm game because of the content from the anime film. Players will be tasked with selecting gorgeous girls with musical talent, then assisting the girls in completing the plot and overcoming rigorous musical fights.

Game Background

The “Story” mode has more scenes than the “Live” mode. The contests in this mode are separated into four difficulty levels: easy, regular, hard, and Expert. Players will select the girls and establish a team, then compete in the music competitions. There is also a Master level designed for individuals who have played Love Live! Before. Because of the complexity of the event and the number of songs that can be performed in a short period of time, it is known as a school idol festival.

Love Live School Idol Festival Cards MOD APK  What Has Changed:

Love is alive and well!

Fix a bug in the school idol festival, add a new level, and update all features
Love is alive and well!
Fully Fixed MOD Features: School Idol Festival
Money and Coins in Abundance (Unlocked All)
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Characteristics of Love Live School Idol Festival Cards MOD APK!

MOD APK for School Idol Festival

You will experience MOD features such as Unlimited Money, Unlimited Diamonds, Unlock Levels, Unlock Skins, and more when you download Love Live! School idol festival MOD APK on your device.

Numerous appealing Love Live School Idol Festival Cards MOD APK game modes exist.

Although the developer categorizes Love Live! School Idol Festival is a musical rhythm game; after playing it, I discovered that it also includes role-playing. When you start the game, you will be given the option of playing in two modes: “Story” or “Live.” If you select “Story” mode, you will be required to complete the game’s default missions to complete the storyline. You will be the manager of two singing groups and,’s Aqours in this game. You are responsible for managing the two teams’ schedules and training them to become more professional.

Choosing and putting together a solid singing lineup

Love Live School Idol Festival Cards MOD APK for School Idol Festival.

Seiran High School, Chitose Bridge High School, Shinonome Institute, Tooh Academy, Shion Women’s Institute, and YG International Academy are among the 54 attractive girls who will perform at the Love Live! School Idol Festival. Members, a gacha system of cards, are used to symbolize the girls. Members are classified as N (normal), R (rare), SR (super rare), SSR (special super rare), and UR (ultra rare) (extremely rare). The rest of the members, except the N-level members, all have a leadership skill set (passive) that can affect the net score.

The idols are also dealt with by each card’s qualities, such as Smile, Cool, and Pure. You will be able to form a team with up to 9 players. When competing in music matches, the order in which participants build a lineup is crucial because it directly affects the number of points you obtain. Members with a higher rarity receive more points. In addition, the tactical component is critical; you should group members with similar characteristics together to sing the appropriate song for higher scores.

There are a lot of fascinating events.

Do not leave until you have completed the levels in the two modes above. Every 15 days, a new event is held at the Love Live! School Idol Festival. The incredibly appealing reward is a rare UR card with numerous Gs, Love Gems, and skill gain cards, and each of these events will last roughly 10 days with a 5-day respite. Because these uncommon cards do not appear in the game, the only way to obtain them is to win this special event.

Love Live! has currency!

Festival of school idols

Love Live! School idol festival includes a wide range of currencies compared to other games. The most prevalent is LP, which is given as a fitness score. To compete in music competitions, you’ll need an LP; each song will require roughly 25 LPs, depending on the difficulty. LP will be recharged after a specific period of time has passed. If you don’t want to wait, you can purchase Love Gems, quickly replenishing your LP bar. Gs is used to level up idols and cults. You can also use GS to purchase temporary stat enhancements when you join the event. Friend Points are extremely useful because they can be used to find N, SSR, and R membership cards.
The difficulty can be changed to suit you, and there are over 100 songs to choose from.

—- Rhythm Action —- —- Rhythm Action —- Rhythm Action —- Rhythm Action

Live shows are staged by tapping the screen to the beat of the music.

Many songs from the “Love Live!” and “Love Live! Sunshine!!” series may be found in the game.

Continue Reading

This game has more to offer than just music; read the stories to learn more about the school idols!

Each member has their own story, complete with fully narrated chapters. Deepen your relationship with them by sharing a wonderful moment with them!

 In-Game Activities 

In School Idol Festival, there’s always something spectacular going on. Thanks to the various event categories, you may play this music game in various ways. Collaborate with other players, uncover additional original storylines, and even put your abilities to the test in a group of 100!

Companionship in Love Live School Idol Festival Cards MOD APK

To accomplish the missions, team up with your pals!

Stroll of Adventure

Follow the exclusive story and play with the main characters on a mini-map!

Match the score

Attempt to achieve the highest possible score on your favorite tunes. Matches with up to 100 players are possible!

 Form Your Own Group 

You can pick and choose from various original individuals to form your own teams, including’s, Aqours, and many others. Make teams based on your favorite songs or events or with your favorite people. It’s completely up to you!

 Make Your Members Better 

To help your teammates better, practice alongside them. The higher their performance scores become, the better they will be!


You can choose to accompany one of the female idols when you first start Love Live! School Idol Festival. Each has a distinct and striking beauty that might leave gamers unable to look away. At the same time, you’ll collaborate with them to form a fantastic band and perform outstanding songs of varying difficulties. It’s a rhythm game that you must play.

All your school idols have unique abilities to perform songs of your choosing. At the same time, the amount of interaction and stories that arise in front of players is an interesting aspect that gamers should not overlook. These stories feature characters who aid in the player’s understanding of the character they’re following. Furthermore, unforeseen events may occur, causing players to engage and have various musical experiences.

Festival of school idols


You’ll head to the character menu item and explore the feature buttons after you’ve chosen your companion characters in Love Live! School Idol Festival. You’ll be able to access the level and choose the song you want with simple buttons. At the same time, the number of songs is varied, with varying degrees of difficulty, and the rhythm mechanism is simple to learn.

When the game starts, you’ll see circles in the center of the screen with portraits of the band’s female characters. The musical notes will continue to appear at different frequencies, and you must watch and touch them when they approach each portrait’s position. You won’t be able to predict how frequently they’ll come, but you’ll have plenty of time to observe and react, thanks to your rapid reactions.

Players can select multiple difficulty levels for a song of their choice, which different colors will represent. Some of the difficulty levels are beginners, standard, hyper, and adventure. Furthermore, the spawn rate of elements in difficulty will alter, causing issues for the player, and you will not be able to fail too often because it will harm your score. As a result, you’ll spend time training with new difficulty levels.


When you play Love Live! School Idol Festival, you will undoubtedly be unable to take your gaze away from the music available. Their quality is self-evident, as they have the ability to fascinate you on the first try. In addition, there are difficulty levels to be found in these songs. Each song will undoubtedly provide a pleasurable experience while also assisting you in unlocking certain elements that you desire.

Several aspects of this game will make you fall in love with it, and you look forward to unlocking them over time. Stages with diverse designs can allow you to modify the game’s experience, and when paired with performance effects, you’ll see some spectacular scenarios. Furthermore, idols can wear various outfits, and you will select an idol with an attire that complements their beauty.

Players will take part in performances by school idols, including:

Players will play outstanding songs with talented idols to obtain high achievements in each song.

Also, they can practice and challenge themselves by selecting a song and a level of difficulty, and their skills will develop with time.

The musical notes will emerge in varying amounts and speeds, so you must rely on reflexes to touch them correctly.

The quantity of songs is varied, and they are divided into difficulty levels with various objectives you will attempt to complete.

Stages make idols’ performances more appealing to audiences, and idols will undoubtedly be able to dress up in their finest attire.

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How to Install

Love Live! School idol festival MOD apk is a file that you can download.

Open the downloaded file Love Live! School idol festival MOD apk on your Android phone.

Install should be selected.

Follow the on-screen instructions.

You can now access the application and use it as usual after the installation.

Note: You must remove the original or another MOD version before installing Love Live!School idol festival APK Mod.


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What's new

- Updated Remove Member by Auto
- Adjusted various UI
- Other fixes

Please see the in-game notification for more details.


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