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Ludo King Game APK

CategoryFree Board Game
Publish Date2022-01-13
App uploaded byCarmen Botetano
Latest Version6.6.0.208
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+

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Ludo King Game APK is a classic game that your friends and family can play. Roll the dice to determine your fate. It’s a timeless game played as a child, and many are fond of playing it. You can break the monotony of your routine and begin playing the game. Ludo King will bring the nostalgia of childhood and memories that will allow us to relive the joys of childhood. Ludo King is a multiplayer game that can be played for Android, iOS, desktop, and Windows portable platforms. It is possible to play even without an internet connection.

Ludo King APK Most popular Ludo game. It’s the first Ludo game of its kind to be available on mobile devices since 2016.

Ludo King Game APK is a well-known game played by families and friends. Take part in the game of kings with dice! Remember your childhood!


Ludo king Download is a cross-platform multiplayer game that can be played on Desktop, Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms at all times. It also has an offline mode, meaning players can play using a Computer or Local multiplayer (pass and play mode). Ludo King is also a popular game played by Bollywood stars and Indian cricketers. Try the dice-based game, Ludo King. A great casual game for board games.

This game is built upon the traditional table game Ludo King, which you can play with up to three players in a game of skills. Choose your side identified by an identifiable color before you begin playing.

Toss the dice in the hope of hitting six; then, you’ll be able to begin deploying your chess piece. It is possible to continue throwing another time until you get to the six. When you arrive at your destination at the six-number mark, you can start working towards taking all of the pieces up to the top of the line and take this title.

Additionally, Ludo King gives gamers access to many exciting board games that a group of friends can play. With your smartphone, you can play traditional table games.

Ludo King Game APK Features

A free environment

Ludo King is one of the most enjoyable games that can amuse the whole family and individuals. However, nobody wants to be interrupted while enjoying their time, whether playing games, watching movies, or listening to music. Advertisements in the middle of entertainment could be the most irritating thing around. This is why we’ve updated our app to ensure you don’t have to spend one cent to eliminate advertisements to the Ludo King. It is possible to play and have a lot of pleasure playing.

User-Friendly Interface

Since every aspect of the game or application is designed around an interface for players, the user interface is essential. One of the most significant advantages of Ludo Kin MOD APK is that it has a user interface comparable to the initial Ludo King game and is even easier to use.

Unlimited Assets

Coins are one of the most valuable assets within Ludo King. And are among the highest valued assets of the Ludo King game since they are required for online multiplayer games. Coins can also be used to purchase themes and other assets. Ludo King MOD will give you endless coins and cash, which can be used to buy objects and play games with more stakes for free.

Play Games in conjunction with People

Experience games with friends from all over the world. The multiplayer online game is among the most popular aspects of Ludo King. Ludo King does, however, allow Android players to connect with other players from across the world. Ludo King allows online and local multiplayer, allowing players to select the model most appropriate for their personal preferences.

Play exciting games between two to six gamers. You can play against your fellow players or create new ones by playing with players from all over the globe. It’s a great idea to link all your social accounts to play to be connected to your online friends and track your progress.

Furthermore, with recent improvements to internet connectivity, this game has become more fun and thrilling for players. Not just because of its thrilling gameplay and fantastic socializing features.

Unlimited Six Points

Six points are indefinite, and you can collect the number you require. Another of the major difficulties in Ludo King is when you aren’t able to score the points you want to. Sometimes, this can cause you to lose the game completely, even after making some good gains. This is no longer the case since Ludo King Mod Apk Ludo King Mod Apk comes with the ability to score an unlimited number of points. Needed points. This ensures that you won’t lose the game of Ludo.

Unlimited Money and Diamonds

Cash and diamonds are abundant. However, you won’t need to buy endless coins because you’ll have the chance to win each when you participate. The option to unlock this game isn’t locked. It will allow you to purchase skins, the board, and other items.

A comprehensive statistical system

Ludo gamers will be able to view their statistics and can participate in an electronic sports system. You can also check the statistics of their fellow players in this region. Learn about their victories or their top preferred games, and so forth.

Concerning the leveling system in terms of the system of levels, you’ll be granted access to new games as you progress through the game.

This game is easy and simple to master.

Ludo King is an extremely easy and simple game that players can master rapidly. This is why you’ll soon be absorbed in this classic board game. Utilize the game’s easy and simple touch controls to gain the experience of playing.

Updates on Regular Basis

This game gets upgraded often with new options. Due to the numerous upgrades made available every day, gamers of Ludo King are encouraged to have the most enjoyable and pleasurable gaming experience in this game. You’ll be playing with new features and playing without any bugs.

Offline Gameplay

Offline play is an option in the game. You can play the game offline and enjoy all its features if you want to. However, you’ll be playing with your pals in local multiplayer. In addition, you can play your preferred board games with the latest computers. Furthermore, as it’s a game that could be played while on the move, you can use its versatility. It is possible to play anytime and from anywhere.

No Root Needed

There is no requirement for permission to root. Rooting your phone allows hackers access to all security functions and programs, which allows the phone’s security to compromise. Also, it could cause physical harm to the device’s components and battery, which can result in a reduction in battery life and other problems. But, Ludo King MOD is equipped with the ability to gain access to all top components without rooting your phone.

Multiplayer Game

Ludo King is a multiplatform multiplayer game that works on PC, Android, iOS, and Windows portable platforms. It is also available in offline mode that lets players compete against other players or computers local (pass and the play option). Bollywood idols, as well as Indian cricketers, also love playing Ludo King. Ludo King is a dice game that players can play. The most casual game in the board game genre.

The current variation of the game used by the royals of Parchisi is known as Ludo King. Indian rulers and queens played an old Ludo game. To get to the middle of the Ludo board, roll the Ludo dice and move your dice. Take on the character you play as your Ludo King by taking on other players.

NEW Game Themes are available:

Disco/Night mode Theme

Nature Theme

Egypt Theme

Pinball Theme

Candy Theme

Christmas Theme

Penguin Theme

Battle Theme

Diwali Theme

Pirate Theme

Sui Dhaaga Theme

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is another classic game with the same basic idea. You may have played the game on a board in your childhood and played it like Ludo. The game played for generations has been incorporated into Ludo King to a new level. The goal to win is simple. Begin with one and need to be first to reach 100. It is only possible to move the exact amount of tiles based on the number of dice rolled. If you roll in the same place at the start of an upward slope, it is possible to use the ladder to accelerate the progress. Snakes and Ladders, a game with upwards and downwards, has been an extremely popular game for many years, and it is now possible to enjoy it with Ludo King.

Key Features of Ludo King:

1. No internet connection is required! You can play against your computer.

2. Enjoy playing with your friends and family using Local and Online Multiplayer.

3. Play 2 to 6 Player Local Multiplayer Mode.

Challenge your Facebook friends in a private game room and then beat them to be Ludo King.

4. Join world-class players and become their friends. ludo king apk

5. Chat privately with your Facebook friends and Buddies.

You can express yourself by sending emojis and messages to your adversaries.

6. Play Snake or Ladders on seven different gameboards.

Graphics that have an old-fashioned look and feel of a dice ludo king apk download.

Ludo King is a friends and family game used by the ludo king apk download of the past, and nowadays, it is enjoyed by your friends and family. It’s a game you can play Ludo for hours, and it’s enjoyable for all the family.

Ludo King is the perfect time-pass game of Ludo the board game. You played Ludo in your youth, and now you can play on your tablet or phone.

Another classic game with a similar structure to Snakes and Ladders. Similar to Ludo, you may have played this game as a child. Ludo King apk download now incorporates this classic game into a new experience. The game’s goal is straightforward: you begin at one and aim to become the first to get to 100.

You can only change the same amount of tiles as you get on the die. If you roll at the same place at the start of a ladder, you can use the ladder to take an alternative and continue upwards. It’s a game with ups and downwards; snakes and Ladders have been a hit for generations. And now you can also play it by using the ludo king apk download.

How To Install Ludo King Game APK On Android?

To start, uninstall any previous versions of the game installed on the Android phone.

1. Get Ludo King Mod APK through the download link provided above.

When your Android doesn’t permit this application, make sure you enable the installation of apps that come from third-party sources in the settings on your Android.

2. Follow the steps, and you’ll be able to explore the amazing capabilities of this application.

How To Install Ludo King Game APK on PC?

It’s simple to run Ludo KingModon on your PC. Various Android emulators are available to allow you to play the application on your PC.

  1. It is the first thing to do to install the Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC.
  2. Install the MOD APK via the download link provided above.
  3. Download MOD APK to the Android emulator (Bluestacks). Install the app.
  4. Follow the steps within the application, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the amazing capabilities of this app.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ludo King Game APK

Do I have to be aware when setting up Ludo?

If you’re using macOS or Windows, go to this Bluestacks site. Download Bluestacks on your PC by clicking using the blue download Bluestacks icon. Follow the on-screen directions to install Bluestacks once it’s installed. After you’ve installed Bluestacks, go to the Google Play Store. Google Play Store and look for Ludo King.

Do you consider Ludo King Game APK safe for you to talk with?

Chat conversations with voice aren’t recorded, and they aren’t stored on our server. The information included in chat conversations via voice isn’t duplicated. Ludo King has no liability for the content of these conversations.

What can I do to communicate with Buddy within Ludo King?

For the first time, roll the dice and start the game. You are also able to communicate with your teammates during these games. To make this happen, press the chat button on your avatar’s head and then type in your message and forward your message. It is possible to make fun emoticons with your friends by pressing the gift icon on top of an avatar.

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What’s new:

1. Quick mode

2. Tournament available

3. Voice Chat is available


5. Chat with friends and acquaintances

6. Find friends around the world

7. Challenge Facebook friends/buddies

8. Save/Load Ludo game option

9. User-friendly UIT ludo king mod apk

10. Support for lower-end devices has been extended.

The current version of the game played by the royals of Pachisi is called ludo king mod apk.

 It is a ludo king apk played by Indian queens and kings in times past. You roll your Ludo dice and move your coins to get to the center on the Ludo board. Take on other players, and you will become your own ludo king mod apk.

Ludo King adheres to traditional rules and features the look of an old-fashioned ludo king apk. It is a classic Ludo game. Much like the kings or queens from India’s golden era, the fate of your game is determined by luck in the game’s Ludo dice and your method of moving the tokens efficiently.


The details for the latest version of the Ludo King app – Ludo King MOD APK are provided above. It gives you an unpromising experience and access to premium and paid-for assets. Furthermore, it offers the exact experience of Ludo King. It’s the same experience as the Ludo King app and is compatible with any Android device that runs Android 4.4 or higher. Furthermore, the application is completely secure and bug-free, meaning you can enjoy it without fear of injury. So, download it today. If you’ve any questions you’d like to discuss, please use the comment section following. Take advantage of the fun.

We hope you find this post useful and helpful. If so, check out the other apps we’ve shared on our site APKNETS. Thank you for all your help.



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