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Exciting platformer that combines the RPG genre with fast-paced action gameplay. Magic Rampage features character customization and dozens of weapons to wield, from knives to magical staves. Each dungeon introduces the player to new obstacles, enemies and secret areas to explore. Search Bonus levels, strive for victory in Survival mode, join forces with friendly NPCs and battle it out in challenging Boss fights.
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Aug 22, 2022
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Magic Rampage MOD APK

Magic Rampage MOD APK comes with extensive cheats options. Unlimited funds are available for upgrading weapons, tools, abilities, and characters. Unlocked characters and classes, as well as premium weapons and equipment. All magical skills and abilities are unlocked, as well as all stages and levels. Users will have access to gaming through cheat options and unlocked magic rampage modes. Free shopping to purchase free items, customize characters, and buy weapons and unlocking abilities. No disruption, as all advertisements are prohibited and removed from the game. No rooting is necessary during installation, and it has antiban and antiviral properties. This version of the mod corrects all bugs.

Main Features of Magic Rampage MOD APK:


In castles, swamps, and forests, fight powerful monsters, gigantic spiders, dragons, bats, zombies, ghosts, and challenging bosses! Choose your class, armor, and best weapon from an assortment of blades, hammers, and other items! Discover what happened to the King and the fate of the kingdom!


Take on other players in procedurally created dungeons filled with various foes, including bosses, and overcome various challenges! You can put your allies to the test as well. If you participate in more events, your overall rating will improve, and you’ll move closer to being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Weekly Dungeons:

Every single week, a brand-new Dungeon to explore! The Golden Chest will give gamers new challenges every week and excellent new rewards. Within the Weekly Dungeons, there are three levels of difficulty for the time and star challenges. In addition, you will acquire additional Rank points for each day you complete.

Individualization Of Characters:

You can pick your character’s class from various options, including Mage, Warrior, Druid, Warlock, Rogue, Paladin, and Thief! Personalize the firearms and armor that your character uses and choose the pieces of gear that are most suited to your requirements. You can personalize your hero’s play style by equipping them with armor and weapons with magical components such as fire, water, air, earth, light, or darkness.

Survival Mode:

Put your physical prowess to the test! Enter the most dangerous dungeons and defeat the vilest foes! The longer you survive, the more gold and equipment you’ll obtain! Survival Mode is an excellent method to get new weapons, armor, and a substantial amount of gold for outfitting your character.

This Shop:

Please get to know the salesperson and take a peek around the shop he owns. He sells the most powerful weapons and armor in not only the world but also rare runes that may be used to give your entire armament a significant boost. Despite his short fuse, he will be an indispensable ally in your fight against the challenges ahead.

Mode Of Local Versus:

Own an Android-powered television? Connect two gamepads and invite your friends to enjoy the magic rampage with you. We’ve built a vs. mode with battlegrounds modeled on the Dungeons from the Campaign mode, including the game’s main protagonists. The keys to victory are swiftness and resolve! Acquire weapons from the containers spread across the arena, eliminate NPCs, and keep a watch on your opponent!

Visuals and Sounds:

Due to their sophistication and simplicity, simple 2D graphics create a distinguishing feature for the Magic Rampage game that fits all of the game’s standards and user expectations. The unusual plot of the magical realm is appealing in the 1990s. The characters are distinct, with minimal designs and a small amount of motion. To vividly depict the characteristics of each character and the direction of magic, the colors are predominantly dark. The primary sound will indicate how attacks intensify over time.

Graphics and sound combine to make the magic rampage 2 stand out and attract players. How to build distinctive and charismatic personalities. From the outset, players have complete control over their character’s appearance. You can also create dozens of weapons, ranging from blades to magic sticks, that reflect your character’s individuality. Finally, we will assume the form of a character and battle alongside Zombie monsters to earn rewards and advantageous abilities.

Online Tournament:

Magic Rampage features a thrilling, frenetic online competition mode in which players from all over the world compete in randomly generated dungeons to determine the champion. There are unique new items, bosses, and stuff not found in any previous magic rampage 2. Magic Rampage now supports joysticks, gamepads, and physical keyboards, enabling more responsive gaming.

Players will combat ferocious monsters, gigantic spiders, dragons, zombies, ghosts, and meticulous bosses in thousands of epic quests in castles, marshes, and jungles. To continue running your campaigns and immersing yourself in battle, choose your class, don your armor, and select the most effective weapon from knives, hammers, and magic sticks. The greater your participation, the higher your rating, and the closer you are to being inducted into the game’s Great Hall of Fame.

Amazing Hero:

The most important thing is to construct a hero and explore dungeons, as this is the fundamental objective of the character. There are various classes to choose from in Magic Rampage, each with its attributes. This is reflected in the performance and appearance of the starting ammunition and the attributes of the ammunition itself. Choose a hero for your plan based on speed, strength, and weapon handling skills. Simultaneously, the characters lack fundamental qualities such as physical prowess, skill, and intelligence. Each class’s weapon use, movement speed, and leap height are modified differently. The character’s appearance can be altered. Equip yourself with armor, a sword, and a ring.

Fight Distinctively:

Magic Rampage is separated into chapters. Each chapter takes place in a unique setting, making each subsequent stage more challenging to finish. Regardless of the player’s equipped weapon, it fires by default. Throw everything, including daggers, swords, and clubs, at the enemy to cause damage. The early enemies don’t even attack from a distance, making it easy to complete the levels. The opponents will soon gain strength. They will have more lives and different attacks, and their health will deplete. Therefore, we must strengthen ourselves.

Feature Mode:

Fight against Other Players or within the Story Mode. Utilize swords, daggers, staves, arrows, and poisoned spear darts, among the diverse Magic Rampage arsenal. Each new level will feature new obstacles, traps, and dangers to overcome. However, there are several caches. The location may appear to be completely desolate, but rest assured that the designers did not neglect to conceal the treasure trove.

The competitive mode may also capture a player’s interest. In “shadow boxing” mode, two players compete to collect less damage and more experience in less time while traversing the same level. It also involves mass opponent slaughter and the use of class abilities. The winner is rewarded with the magic rampage mod apk unlimited gold currency.

Critical Features Of Magic Rampage MOD APK:

  • Participate bravely in battles fraught with perils and traps.
  • Compete against a variety of opponents to demonstrate your combat abilities.
  • Excellent interface screen with crisp and distinct images.
  • Select the appropriate level for more in-depth investigation and entertainment.
  • Discover each character’s personality and distinguishing features.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Is The Game Magic Rampage Enjoyable?


There is a game named Magic Rampage on Steam. An action-packed platformer with RPG features and a quick pace. All the testimonials are: Extremely Favorable (61) – magic rampage mod apk unlimited gold has received 61 positive user reviews, of which 95% are positive.

Q: Is Magic Rampage Available For Free?


If you’re looking for a demanding and fair challenge, you may download and play Magic Rampage on your computer for free.

Q: What Class-Specific Powers Are Available In Magic Rampage?


Superior Abilities Represented in Each Group Kill points are gained by players when they kill monsters using the special attacks and abilities that come with their class. Be prudent in its application, as doing so will reduce the number of points available to your class. Time A three percent additional point bonus is awarded to the first participant to cross the finish line.


You may experience various gameplay options by downloading the Magic Rampage MOD APK. Your mission will be to figure out who was responsible for turning the soldiers into zombies. What kind of a curse are we dealing with here? Or what exactly is going on in the Land of Castles? It would help if you fought your way through hordes of the undead while using your warrior talents, which include a wide array of weapons, armors, and magical equipment, to prevail over your foes. In this mod, you can take advantage of the abundant features, expensive weaponry, unlocked classes, characters, and magical powers.

What's new

-Bank: withdrawing items on Rampage Mode now allowed if campaign progress is 102% complete.
-Bank: added feature to purchase extra storage slots.
-Bank: it is now necessary to be connected to the internet in order to use the bank. It makes transactions more secure and less prone to synching issues.
-Visual improvements: richer effects related to explosions with area damage.


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