Merge Dragons v9.6.2 Mod APK (unlimited money and gems)

Discover a magical land of entertainment and mystery in the world of Merge Dragons! where you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey.
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Jan 30, 2023
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Merge Dragons! Mod APK

Merge Dragons Mod APK! Gram Games developed a free puzzle game for Android and iOS. The gameplay resembles popular match-three puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled.

Game Overview:

While playing Merge Dragons APK, I am oblivious to the active regions of the brain. One thing I am confident about, though, is that collecting items makes me happy. This game is initially also simple to play. Observe the playground’s lush grass and sketch three identical objects. Then strike it! Consequently, these three components have already been merged into a more valuable whole. Many things can be combined to create larger and better items. You will soon be connecting increasingly larger items.

Beginning with little bushes and weeds, you can assemble the blossoms into a golden heart. The gray region can be “restored” by combining these hearts. Merge Dragon also contains dragons. These adorable but irrelevant creatures traverse the levels in search of golden hearts. Therefore, they can be combined to repair grayer soil. The camp is accessible between levels. Here, a dense fog blankets the country. This fog can only be unlocked by often combining and collecting dragons with expertise. To collect dragons, one must mix eggs from across the globe.

Main Features Of Merge Dragons Mod APK:

Discover A Mythical And Magical World:

Merge dragon! It offers players a vast world with several options to explore and interact with dragons. The entire universe is based on a magical and mystical theme, and players can uncover and enjoy intricate storylines. However, the globe was now afflicted with dark magic, and it was only through the dragon’s might that he could cleanse and energize the earth. In addition, merge dragons contain numerous factors that can always inspire ferocity among players when they explore the environment, such as trophies, rare objects, and enemies to battle. The game rewards players with increasingly desirable objects, such as dragons, and the necessary equipment to nurture them as they explore and extend their dominion.

Bred Any Dragon You Come Across:

Dragons are divine beings and the game’s focal point, enhancing the game’s depth and vitality through the player’s frequent interaction. Thus, merge dragons will include a camping system in which players nurture dragons and continually connect with them to clear the area. The exciting thing about dragons is that, due to their variety of sorts and elements, they are always strong against one element but weak against another. As a result, their habitats are diverse and numerous, allowing players to design unique ecosystems based on the traits of each dragon species. Eventually, they enter the outside world, evolve into their final forms, and fulfill vital functions.

Create The Dragon’s World:

The dragon farm and setting creation mechanism are both remarkable and fascinating, providing players with a wealth of content to explore. Depending on the dragon type, players must construct an item to create a suitable environment and offer the necessary materials for dragon growth. Over time, players can expand their building and farming regions and amass more resources to breed every dragon. As the merge dragons mod apk advances, new content is gradually unlocked, and the player assumes complete management of the farm to construct a dragon paradise as rapidly as possible.

Combat The Darkness:

Link the dragons! The puzzle-based fighting mechanism makes the merge dragons user-friendly and accessible to a wide audience of gamers. In Skirmish, players can utilize strategic equipment and dragon skills to beat all foes and unlock special abilities if given a chance. The game’s puzzle elements are developed in the match-3 format, a well-known genre that most people have encountered previously. In addition, the merge dragons’ cheats material will continue to grow to illuminate the scenario, and players will find and become more inventive in the shifting shadows.

Use Your Dragons Until They Are Exhausted:

Some of the encampment’s most essential tasks can only be accomplished with the assistance of the baby dragons you find or hatch on your travels. By combining three dragon eggs in the camp, you can make a dragon whelp that will indefinitely assist you in the camp. Despite their extraordinary ingenuity in executing various tasks, these puppies become exhausted after a short time and must rest before returning to work. Therefore, you must exhaust your dragons before returning to the planet and completing additional levels. You will save energy and time and won’t waste time attempting to clear your field. Remember that a dragon must rest before resuming its duties whenever it becomes exhausted. Each dragon has a residence that may be purchased with stones from the shop.

Harvesting Rocks To Make Bricks:

Bricks are a significant resource in merge dragons’ cheats since they can be used to purchase chests containing more helpful items for your camp and buildings that allow you to house more dragons (and put them to sleep faster), store more gold, or store more bricks. Utilize your dragons to gather as many bricks as possible as quickly as possible. Then, like in the previous steps, continue merging the bricks by five each time. When tapped, you can acquire formidable brick stones that yield up to 25,000 bricks!

To Earn Money By Collecting Fruit:

Coins, like stones, can be collected in the game by harvesting fruit trees. To purchase extra dragons and constructions, one must spend coins. A dragon will retrieve fruit if it is dragged onto a fruit tree (pears, bananas, grapes, raspberries, etc.). Once again, combining these coins will reveal the Magic Gem of Life, which is worth 25,000 coins.

Before Beginning A Level, Utilize Every Brick And Coin:

You may exceed your camp’s limit for cash and bricks while you are there (for example, if you only have 300 bricks in storage and gain 350 worth of bricks, the remaining brick will fall onto a pile somewhere in your camp for you to collect later). If you are outside the camp on one of the levels, you will be unable to collect additional gold or bricks, and they will be lost. As you continue through the merge dragons mod apk premium, you can earn a lot of bricks and gold by combining and harvesting items, so don’t waste them by having a complete inventory. Ensure you purchase dragon eggs, treasure, and buildings before leaving camp to maximize your collection potential in the stages!

Develop Strong Dragons:

In this game, most dragons must complete a series of steps before embarking on an adventure with the player. Thus, the evolving merge dragons cheat system will demonstrate the total development of the participants. Players can accelerate their evolution by feeding their Pokémon and equipping them with various special items that boost their adult stats. What is most amazing is that, as the dragons age, they all undergo dramatic transformations, granting players many advantages on the farm and enhancing the efficiency and productivity of collecting in Paradise Dragon.

There Are Many Advantages:

When I play this game, I appreciate the benefits. Combine dragons! There are a variety of awards available to players. The first is a level-based incentive system; the higher the level, the greater the value of the gift. Additionally, you can gain rewards over time. There is a secret chest on the main screen where you can gather goodies when a certain amount of time has passed. The longer the wait, the greater the value of the gift. This motivates my everyday return to the merge dragons mod apk premium. Even if I do not participate, I can win valuable prizes. That’s incredible!

  • Unrestricted shopping.
  • MOD Menu.
  • Unlocked MOD.

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How To Download?

  • Click the fifth download button on the page below, then navigate to the download page.
  • Then, click Download to initiate the uninstalling procedure.
  • Complete the download procedure to 100 percent at this time.
  • Now navigate to your mobile device’s file management and launch Merge Dragons.
  • Then, locate the installation option, click it, and launch the unfamiliar program.
  • Return to the install page to conclude the installation.

Frequent Questions Regarding Merge Dragons:

Q: How many levels does Merge Dragons contain?


Levels are one of the most significant components of Merge Dragons. There are a total of 327 levels, with 27 being Secret Levels and 31 being Challenge Levels. As a result of this, there are 269 normal Levels.

Q: How can you acquire purple stars on Merge dragons?


Purple Stars, commonly known as Dragon Stars, are a random reward for completing World Map and camp-based objectives.

Q: How many times can a level in Merge dragons be played?


Secret levels in Merge Dragons are levels that resemble ordinary levels exceptionally well. They can be played for bonus rewards up to three times. Completing these objectives will also grant you stars. The sole distinction between secret and regular levels is that secret levels are not viewable on the world map.

Q: How do I get zombie trees to merge dragons?


Spooky Trees can be obtained via combining Shorewood, receiving them as Level Rewards, opening Gold, Grimm, or Dragon Chests, or, on rare occasions, tapping haunted houses of level 5 or above. Spooky Trees periodically spawn Necromancer Grass nearby, and each level can only spawn a certain amount of Grass (10, 20, or 30).

Q: What is the function of the golden mushroom in Merge dragons?


It is an object type that does not merge. Once the Golden Mushroom has been created, it can be touched to acquire numerous Golem Dragon Eggs, Golden Apples, Piles of Riches, and Mounds of Rich Stuff. After 10 hours in camp, the Golden Mushroom can be used to obtain additional things from the preceding list.


Download the Merge Dragons MOD APK from our page and join the realm of Merge Dragons to uncover a fascinating land of amusement and intrigue. The game offers truly unlimited difficulties that you will enjoy playing, in addition to uncovering 37 new dragon species residing in the valley. Merge Dragons is essentially a puzzle game; therefore, if you enjoy playing puzzle games, this Merge Dragons MOD APK is ideal. Thanks for visiting

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