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Metal Squad is a shooting action game. This game will take you through series of classic levels, various enemies and boss battles with amazing experience of side scrolling platformer games. Use various weapons filled with slug and power ups to fight your way through a multiple enemies, metal tanks, copters and put an end to the evil army leader's and his world of terror.
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August 13, 2020
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Metal Squad Mod APK

Game Metal Squad Mod APK If you are looking for playing the traditional, side-scrolling RPG action of Metal Soldiers 2 and other excellent gaming apps, Metal Squad is certainly another great mobile game to play on your Android devices. Metal Squad features a thrilling shooting experience, the unique elements of a platformer, and an engaging storyline that will keep you interested in the action.

Explore the vast assortment of weapons in-game with their distinctive characteristics and unique features that will enable you to play Metal Squad’s amazing mobile game Metal Squad to the highest degree. You will have fun playing the addictive action game with a myriad of exciting levels that feature interesting opponents to take on and discover their unique capabilities while you attempt to eliminate your foes with the amazing gameplay mechanics in the game Metal Squad Mod APK.

Learn more about this amazing mobile game by Metal Squad and all of its incredible features in our extensive review.


In Metal Squad, Android gamers will enjoy the traditional game of shooting, which will see them join the heroes’ quest to stop the evil tyrant and his army from restoring peace and order for the entire world. Enjoy the easy and easy gameplay of shooting actions that allow players to explore endless levels that feature classic elements of side-scrolling games Metal Squad Mod APK.

Enjoy fighting with diverse enemies, with distinctive fighting techniques and challenging levels to keep you engaged. Take advantage of the various weapons used in the game to gain your incredible abilities to use against the foes. Enjoy playing through a variety of addictive levels, and thrilling boss fights metal squad shooting games.

You can also play online challenges of Metal Squad, which lets players explore the internet with other gamers and friends. Play PvP games or play on the leaderboards. This should let you take advantage of the game to the maximum.


Here are the top options that the game offers:

Simple controls and easily accessible touchscreen controls

In the beginning, Android gamers in Metal Squad are able to quickly participate in the easy and accessible mobile game due to its simple touchscreen controls. You can use the virtual joypad to move around and point at the opponents in this game. Make use of jumping buttons to jump over platforms, avoid enemies’ attacks, and jump over obstacles. Utilize the fire button to shoot bullets at the enemy. Additionally, you can utilize specific active skills that allow powerful power-ups or boosters to the game.

Fantastic weapons to use

In Metal Squad, Android gamers can play the addicting game of a side-scrolling shooter that comes featuring a variety of amazing weapons, each one allowing you to take on your opponents in different ways. The game can be played with the shotgun to heavy machines, guns, rifles, rocket launchers, and hand grenades. Shoot with precision and then throw a lot of explosives at the enemies using your precise timing to eliminate them. Also, don’t forget to focus on the upgrades available to upgrade your weapons to take on new opportunities within the game metal squad shooting game.

Effective boosters for making use of

For those who are looking to get involved, you can benefit from the helpful boosters available included in Metal Squad, which allow Android gamers to temporarily enhance their characters and give them tremendous advantages over their enemies. From using restricted weapons, like grenades, using Heal Invincibility for a short period of time, or even certain buffs for opponents, Metal Squad will allow players to enjoy the action-packed gameplay fully metal squad shooting game.

A variety of characters can play the game.

To keep the game interesting, Metal Squad also features several characters to enjoy. This game has several heroes with distinct appearances and features that allow players to play the game differently. You are free to take part in the thrilling action levels and play the engaging gameplay for hours.

Unending levels of game play with thrilling challenges

Players will explore the numerous game levels through playing, each with its own distinct and challenging obstacles. Take part through the five unique levels featuring more than 60 levels, each of which will let you enjoy this mobile game. Find unique level layouts and levels of difficulty that increase to keep you interested in the shootouts.

Unique enemies that have unique fighting techniques

If you are curious, you can play the fun game in Metal Squad with different enemies and unique combat mechanics. This should enable you to play amazing mobile games to the max. From fighting the ever-growing number of enemies that continue to get more difficult to battling epic boss battles fought with amazing adversaries. The action-packed enemies will let you be completely entertained during your fights on the battlefield.

Have fun participating in the global leaderboard games

In Metal Squad, Android gamers will always enjoy playing the game with their friends as well as online gamers. Playing game online PvP shooting games to participating on the global leaderboards. Here you will have fun playing in various ways and earn status as a swaggering king with your other players by beating them or beating them on the leaderboards with your scores and accomplishments.

Play offline shooting games

With the offline capabilities of Metal Squad, Android gamers can now play the fantastic mobile game that is Metal Squad on the go and without an Internet connection. It makes it highly accessible and accessible whenever you’re out and about.

Play for free

If you are curious, you can take advantage of the free game Metal Squad on the Google Play Store without paying any upfront costs. However, since it will remain a freemium app, it is bundled with advertisements and in-game purchases, which could be a hassle.

Access our helpful mod

If you don’t want to shell out the high cost to play the full game that is Metal Squad, it’s always more beneficial for Android players to download the unlocked version for free of the game available on the website. This is the modified mobile version that comes that allows unlimited money, no ads, and content that is not locked. All of this should allow players to have a blast using its features. No charges are needed. Download metal squad mod APK from our website. Follow the instructions to install it and then start playing this amazing mobile game.

Audio and visual quality


In Metal Squad, Android gamers will be able to enjoy stunning in-game graphics that feature simple but powerful 2D graphic elements. Enjoy amazing visual effects, exciting game-play animations, and real game-playing physical physics. All of this should allow players to experience the thrilling action of shooting games to the max. Additionally, the simple graphics let you enjoy an enjoyable and smooth gameplay on all devices, mobile or otherwise, without having any problems.

Sound & Music

Along with captivating visuals, Metal Squad also features amazing audio features to keep you fully immersed in playing the game. You can enjoy the amazing music and stunning audio effects that will let Android gamers really immerse themselves into the world of the game.

Key Features

  • There’s a range of guns to choose from, such as shotguns, large machine guns, heavy rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades, as being a range of characters available.
  • A total of 5+ unique stages that have more than 60 levels
  • Diverse types of foes.
  • Boss battles are tough to win
  • Amazing visuals, stunning sound and music, and a world leaderboard. PvP – online shooting games

How To Play:

  • Move using the joypad
  • Tap Jump to jump over obstacles
  • Tap the fire button to shoot.
  • Then then, tap the Grenade to trigger a deadly explosion.

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Final thoughts

Simple yet very enjoyable and addicting shooter action Android gamers. Eenjoy playing with amazing weapons and challenging challenges as they battle the challenging in-game levels. Take on a myriad of thrilling adventures in which you’ll fight all kinds of monsters and fierce bosses. Thanks to our mods enjoy the classic platformer action game that is completely unlocked Metal Squad Mod APK.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Squad MOD APK

Does Metal Squad MOD APK free to play?

It’s accessible for free. Metal Squad is now available for free on the Google Play Store for those who are interested but without having to shell out any upfront costs. But, since Metal Squad is an unpaid game, it is possible to be irritated by advertisements and in-game purchases.

What's new

- Bug fixes and performance improvements

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