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Talking Angela is the super fun virtual star who can’t wait to dance and sing her way to the top.
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Jan 5, 2023
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My Talking Angela MOD APK Introduction


My Talking Angela MOD APK is the best and the most trendy game. It is involved in the category of the virtual pet game. This game was released on the outfil7, and the part of the game that is the taking tom and the other is the friend series. It was released for almost the first time in November 2012 for the android and the iPad. At the request of the people and the game lovers of this type, the android version was released and available on the Google play store in almost 2014. It is like a series-wise game.

My Talking Angela APK

In the talking tom, Angela becomes the close friend of the millions of children and the people all around the world. An old version of this game is also available on our website. I think this is the best game because the old version of this game was specific for only the specific people, but the new version of this game is available for everyone. In the game, you will get a quick and friendly answer to your action that helps the player build their personality, including the behavior and attitude, and also teaching you the singing and the dance tracks.

My Talking Angela MOD APK

This game is developed by the developer of the children’s my talking angela mod apk. In the game, you have a pet, and your responsibility is that you have to feed and train all the things named Angela. If you are young, you have a lot of entertainment in the game that keeps the smile on your cute face all the time you play this game. But if you are in childhood, then there are nothing much entertaining things except it. It is a perfect match for all-age players. If you are an old player, then after comparing the old version of this game with the new one, you can know the differences in how modified and the update in its characteristics.

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This my talking angela mod apk depends on the real-life routine. There is sleeping, talking, dancing, fashion, eating, staying healthy, and singing here. But this version is suitable only for the girls. It is based on the dynamic style of the world and the beautiful colors. But, the level in the game is tied to the age. Here you have a cat that you have to bring up with care more and more time invested in it. Here the two main things are involved in this game first one is the care, and the second is play.


My Talking Angela MOD APK is the latest version of the My Talking Tom. There are many new features involved and nicely introduced. Because there is nothing to worry about in its gameplay, you have to focus on two things: the care and the next one is playing. In the my talking angela mod apk, you must dress up your cat with a lovely, well-designed girl dress. Also, decorate her room as the girly girl’s room. Give the training to your cat. When you talk to your tom, it will reply in the girl sound. Here you can touch and tickle your tomb, and even you can beat the tome.

My Talking Angela MOD APK Graphics

In this game, however, there is a limited place where your angela lives while the room is decorated with high 3D graphics well, and all the necessary things are available for the angela. And here, the interaction between the angela and the player is quite interesting. Before playing the game, you are well known that the character in the game is technically designed, but when you play this game, you will surprise because it behaves like a real character.

My Talking Angela MOD APK Sound

Here the sound quality is very different from the other game. Because it gives the feeling of refreshment juice. The sound perfectly matches the theme involved, and we are watching them. Its audio effect was beautiful. There is no doubt that this game is a mini-game, but due to the best quality of sound, players become addicted to this game and want to play this game for hours.

MOD Features of My Talking Angela MOD APK

Limitless money

There is the specialty of this game that it gives more and more money as we go toward success. With this money, you can purchase the dress of the famous queen and the princes. But once you get the money, it is not enough for the whole game because you have to shop for other decoration pieces with your money for your Angelena.

No irritating advertisement

No irritating advertisement is involved in this talking angela mod apk that helps the player to play the game with total concentration and helps the player reach their goal easily.

My Talking Angela MOD APK Feature

The game start is effortless.

The starts of my talking angela mod apk are effortless and depend on your choice. There are no adventures after some moments. You have to choose your kitten, give them a nickname, raise it, and notice it while it grows. Built the unbreakable bond with your kitten.

Take care under your eyes.

Here you can boost with many other options that built her attention toward you. You have to bring it up by providing everything it needs. You have to shower love and dress up like your princes.

Like your beloved friend

When you are tired from the monotonous life, this game gives you a true friend you can only be but also watch it while talking to yourself. It will entertain you and bring a smile to your face.

Dress up your Angela like their will

There are many luxurious things available in the room of your Angela. It would help if you had to dress up trendy and make a perfect match hairstyle, as the makeup should be like the trend.

Incredible dancing studio

In this game, there is a dancing studio also involved in it. There are many unique dance moves available. It is the only game in which the dancing element involves the player that makes the player happy. It would help if you had to dress up your cat nicely, let it go on the stage, and hit the dancing floor.

Built a network yourself

In My Talking Angela MOD APK, the player can make their network with the online game players. The player can also get help from the other players, see how many players are playing this game, and check their cat’s salon.

My Talking Angela MOD APK Play without internet

The player can play this game without any network. In the offline game, there are many features involved in it. The features are unique and surprising.

How to get My Talking Angela MOD APK

  • If you want to get that game, follow these instructions.
  • Firstly, remove the old version of this game.
  • Then download the apk file from our well-recognized website
  • Move to the setting option of your android phone and then to the security option.
  • Here you will see the option of unknown resource enable it.
  • The next step is to give the specific location to the downloaded file and save it here.
  • Open your file and press on the installation. This process will take some moment.
  • After complete installation, you can play this game, open it and start playing it.

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Is this game exciting?

Yes, this is an exciting game that makes them laugh and makes them happy.

Can we play this game without the internet?

Yes, you can play this game without any internet connection.

Does it have any harmful effects?

No, it has no damaging feature that makes it more unique.


From all the above features and the gameplay, we are well aware of the importance of this game. This game has exceptional gameplay compared to the other games. This game is like our hobby of having pets and raising them. So, it is according to human nature how humans love and care for the animals and entertain them with the best facilities they have. After reading the article and the features of this game, there is no time to waste. Just download this game and start playing and get rid of boredom to have such a beautiful friend like the human being, a pet.

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