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Do you have what it takes to take care of your very own alien pet?! Feed it, clean it, play with it and watch it grow up while leveling up and unlocking different wallpapers and outfits to satisfy your unique taste. How will you customize your Pou?
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Pou MOD APK (Unlimited Money) IS The most fun virtual pet game available on Google Play and Appstore. With more than 500 million downloads The game lets you play with an adorable pet.

About Pou MOD APK

In the event that you do not have many hours of free time, but you still would like to have an adorable pet, Pou is a reasonable option. Your pet here is virtual, but your experience is actually real.

How do you define Pou MOD APK?

Pou The name is given to the main character of the game. He is also a pet that you have to take care of. It’s an animal … but not actually It’s an alien creature that looks like potatoes. However, it was the round, fat body and large eyes that made him his “deadly” point of Pou. It’s so innocent and beautiful that you want to snuggle it up immediately. From the first look, Pou has caused sympathy and made you want to take the time to take care of him immediately.

Care for Pou

Pou is just like other common pets such as cats, and dogs, … To develop, naturally, it is necessary for him to consume food. So, don’t feed him. This is cruel. Pou’s food selection is varied, with many different snacks and foods. It includes Pizza, hamburgers, cake, fruit, and some other healthy food items. Remember, sweets will make you feel happier. He is a big eater and will grow larger and more beautiful. As you watched that “child” growing up every day, it was a pleasant feeling. It feels like having a mother.

It is due to a large amount of food of sweets, particularly, that Pou is in danger of developing obesity. Give him a dazzling drink that can help you burn fat fast. There are numerous other amazing kinds of water that boost the amount of energy and stimulate appetite. It’s so cute! Pou has the look of an adorable child.

Make Pou smile

Caring for your pet isn’t just about feeding them and keeping them feel happy. While they’re happy, we’re satisfied. Sometimes Pou might feel frustrated and bored. This is the time when it demands you to have fun with it. Joy can be created in any manner. Sometimes, simply throwing a ball can be enough to make him feel happy and at ease playing. It is possible to engage with Pou and other pets in mini-games that are fun. This will entertain you and keep your pet entertained.

  • Food Drop Get food and store it far from the garbage.
  • Po Sounds Test your memory by repeating the exact sounds you hear.
  • The Tic Tac Po Have fun with Pou.
  • Sky Jump: Turn the phone around to let Pou take to the skies.
  • Free Fall: Help Pou collects many gold flakes that spill out of the sky.
  • Color Relax with a match-color game.

You not only entertain yourself, but mini-games can also allow you to earn more gold. Money is not free, and it isn’t easy to come by however, with our Pou (MOD Unlimited Money), you do not have to worry about money anymore.

Features of Pou MOD APK

You’ll find the incredible features that the game can offer:

Engage with Pou like you would a pet

Begin by exploring every thrilling aspect of the game while you interact with Pou as your pet. Give it a daily feed provide it with food and keep track of its health each day. Sometimes you Pou may even become sick and requires your care. Check its temperature, feed it medication or other medications, and so on. See it grow each day and build a relationship with your Pou.

Take advantage of many interactive features

Additionally the fact that Pou will also be able to interact with you. Pou is equipped with many interactive features that surpass the capabilities in the world of virtual reality. Therefore, you can talk to Pou and let him listen to your words. You could also tap your screen and touch him as if he were your favorite boy.

You can play a myriad of different games within the Game Room

To make the game even more exciting players will get a chance to try numerous miniature games within the Game Room. Enjoy racing, match-three as well as a variety of other games. Earn coins in the game and buy various goods with Pou as you discover new features.

Explore the features for crafting in the Lab

As a responsible owner, you could attempt to create some useful potions in the Lab. Explore a variety of recipes and methods to create incredible potions for your pou. It’s crucial to know more about making every time you notice that your Pou is sick.

Personalize your Pou MOD APK to your liking it

One thing I’m certain most of you will appreciate is the possibility of making customizations of your Pou. This means that you can modify his appearance with a myriad of styles, accessories, eyeglasses, and more. Select a space that suits your Pou and modify it to your own desires. Find a variety of furniture to gain new ways of engaging through your Pou.

Earn your rewards

In order to earn loots and coins, players are able to participate in challenges within the game. Completing achievements will earn you important rewards. Find achievements and other special items that will allow you to play exciting games and collect new items.

Enjoy this game together with pals

Now, gamers on Pou can connect easily to their preferred social network and access games online. You can connect with your pals’ Pou as well as join their pets in a variety of activities. Bring them to a getaway in which you can play a variety of exciting games. Furthermore connecting your account to the Internet is an excellent option to ensure that your saved files are secure. Make sure that you’re not missing out on this option.

Enjoy the game in one of your preferred languages

Being able to play their favorite games in their most popular languages is what every player would want. Therefore that in Pou the players are able to play their preferred game in various languages such as English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Persian and Arabic, the list continues. If you could have your Pou answer you in your own language is sure to impress.

Play for free

The game is completely free of charge, which means that all Android player can get their Pou installed on their mobile devices, without needing to pay any kind of purchase. However, if you’re one who isn’t a fan of the slow-paced gameplay it offers it’s possible to pay for purchasing in-app items.

Play for hours using our Pou game

Although it’s fun to play in the no-cost version Pou Play on Google Play, I’m certain that most of you will prefer our version mod of the game. You’ll get opportunities to purchase a variety of items to provide your Pou new options for customization and new products to meet his requirements.

New styles of Pou MOD APK

Make your pet look cool and stylish looks using fashionable accessories for fashion. There are numerous eyeglasses available as well as clothes, hats, and jewelry. There are many costumes for special occasions, such as Halloween Halloween ghost costumes, and Santa Claus for Christmas, … If you reach the top levels are reached, you will be able to unlock more attractive and new costumes. Dress Pou with clothes that match your personal style.

Apart from fashion brands, it is possible to alter the wallpaper in Pou’s room and even alter the color of his skin according to your preference. But, at times, Pou’s skin can be filthy and smelly. In this case, you can take a bath with soap in it and then rub the area. Pou will be thrilled and content.

MOD version APK of Pou

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money

Download Pou MOD APK for Android

It is said that the creator Zakeh is extremely pleased with players for constantly adding new and exciting features. Additionally, you can get in touch with the official home page and have them respond to your questions. Always attentive and responsive to demands seems to be the main goal of their job.

Overall, I find Pou very similar to my Talking Tom. In addition, he takes care of animals as well as plays games as well as listens to their “mimicking” us. But, Pou still has his own features that entice and draw players. The proof is in the form of 500 million downloads and many praises for this thrilling game. So, don’t wait any longer Let yourself be the next owner of Pou on your mobile.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Is Pou a free game?

Yes, it is. You can download and play the game for no cost. There is however an in-app purchase option. If you wish to purchase something from the store it is necessary to make a payment using real cash.

  • Q When will the global version of the software be released?

A: We don’t have any official information about the date of release for the version that is available worldwide. The publisher hasn’t been informed of this. We’re following this and will provide you with the most recent information when it becomes made available.

  • Q: Will the data of the Beta version become lost when the final version is out?

The answer is no, it isn’t.

  • Q: Is there an updated version in the Pou Mod Apk?

A: It could be. We usually make available an updated version within two weeks. The mods can are only compatible with the Private Server.

  • Do I have the ability to play this game on Android Emulator?

A: Yes, you can. We tested the running Pou in Blue Stack. It was very successful.

  • Q: What are the platforms that are supported?

A Pou Mod Apk Download is only available for Android or iOS. If you wish to play it on a PC you will require assistance from emulators.

Last Words (Conclusion)

It is without a doubt that it’s a unique game application available in the Google Play Store which lets you manage your unique pet that is not your own. You are accountable for the health of your pets outside. You are accountable for guiding and cleaning your pet. You will find a suitable spot to spend a part of the growing excursion that is your pet’s Pou Mod Apk.

Pou Mod Apk Pou Mod Apk offers you the chance to earn unlimited coins so that you do not have to fret about making a purchase for your Pou. It is a great alternative for those who aren’t able to purchase. Mod Apk additionally functions admirably for those who are unable to use Google Play Store. Google Play Store under any circumstances.

Make sure you choose the Mod Apk to fulfill all the mentioned reasons above and you’ll have opened to yourself an experience, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Just choose an Apk called Pou and promise that you’ll never consider it a second thought.

What's new

Scene: Chocolate! ^_^
Wallpapers: Patterns 6! ^_^
Outside Scenes: Ice, Desert & Volcano! ^_^ (By OesKy)
Hat: Headphones! ^_^
Eyeglasses: Lovely! ^_^
Wallpapers: Valentines! ^_^
New Shoes! ^_^
Police Outfit & Hat! ^_^
Cheaper Outfits & Hats! ^_^
Ghost Halloween Outfit! ^_^
Witch Dress Outfit! ^_^
Witch Hat Colors! ^_^
New Food!^_^
Game: Connect 2!^_^
Pou & Pet: Mask!^_^
Outfit: Superhero!^_^
Sorry for late updates, we're STILL working on something BIG! ^_^


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