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Tomb of the Mask is an arcade game with an infinite procedurally generated vertical labyrinth. Seeking for adventure you get into a tomb where you find a strange mask. You put it on and suddenly realize that you can now climb walls - easily and promptly. And that's when all the fun begins.
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Tomb of the Mask MOD APK  Information

Tomb of the Mask MOD APK is a great mobile game that plays like the well-known Pacman. In the contest, Tomb of the Mask, players can enter a tomb designed as a maze. The objective is to find tiny yellow dots as well as coins along your way of exploration.

As an arcade game, Tomb of the Mask has a very simple control mechanism. But, it requires many challenges for the players. Because the character can move automatically, it is necessary to decide the direction it will go by simply swiping it in different ways on the screen. Additionally, there is danger always in the distance.

Tomb of the Mask requires players to utilize their reflexes to direct the character to travel as fast as they can, as flood waters fill the tomb at an alarming rate. If you contact the water, it will be over.

To combat these risks, There is no other method, but you must react quickly, quickly, and precisely. In addition, you’ll have certain support items that offer temporary advantages, like freezing enemies and collecting all dots and coins. You can upgrade these items using earned cash and access many advantages during play.

Speed and accuracy are crucial factors in helping players win in the Tomb of the Mask. They create the game using high-quality graphics in pixel style, a fast-paced game with simple controls. The players get immersed in the dark crypt, which has many intriguing things to discover. Tomb of the Mask will give you an exciting experience.


The game’s gameplay is straightforward. All you have to do is move your character’s movements upwards and downwards or around and back to collect stars and avoid traps set to finish the level. You can, however, only change direction every time you reach the wall. And the more difficult it is, the harder it will be. The difficulty will increase by the same number of traps set in the wall or moved traps. So, it is essential to be able to switch directions quickly to stay clear of traps.

The game comes with two game modes: Map as well as Arcade. When playing in Map Mode, the players go through the levels and collect stars to complete their goals. In Arcade mode, players race against rising water and many pitfalls ahead to get top scores.

Use energy points to purchase. If it is, be patient and return them or buy them. It is also possible to purchase characters from the shop to alter their shape and increase their stats, that will help players more effectively. The game also has abilities and support items like shields that assist you to avoid traps, money suck or freeze it and increase the amount earned.

Designs and Sound

With retro-style 2D graphics in familiar but also distinctive and beautiful colours, you’ll be enticed. Additionally, the character’s moving effect can create a thrilling experience for the user when the character leaves a trail of light after completing an impressive movement.

The sound is as straightforward as the classic coin-eating arcade games. The lively background music adds to the enjoyment and enjoyment of gamers. Tomb of the Mask is an attractive Arcade game that entices players with its accessible gameplay, classic retro-style graphics, and hypnotic sound.

Tomb of the Mask MOD APK Simple graphic

The game’s graphics are made in a retro style and stripped of many features. This means that the game works with various phones and runs smoothly on most phones, even low-profile ones.


MOD Features

    • Unlimited Money
    • Unlimited Energy
    • No Ads

Tomb of the Mask MOD APK Features


When you visit the Tomb of the Mask, players can explore the mystique and fascinating things in the maze. Once in the maze, you’ll be greeted by a bizarre mask. Which you wear, and immediately feel like you can climb the wall swiftly and effortlessly. Because of this helpful climbing feature, you’ve been seeking an escape from this maze. Now you can explore each corner to discover the world’s wonders- something unusual and new.

When you enter the Tomb of the Mask, you’ll be confronted with challenging and complex problems.

 There are various traps on every level and many ways to take out and destroy you. Many other frightening enemies are also trying to kill and hurt you. All the challenges can get to you and leave you feeling stressed and terrified. But you’ll not quit. It is essential to remain at peace and manage all situations in the most effective way possible to show your worthiness.


Tomb of the Mask always offers a myriad of dangers to you. You must be aware of your choices before making a crucial choice. Develop an attractive and innovative strategy with the experience and expertise you’ve gained. Every person will be at various levels and have their own ideas and strategies. Additionally, you must be able to make friends, learn and meet new people and understand the best ways to have fun.



The designer has developed a unique and fresh graphic screen in Tomb of the Mask. The details are explained and displayed realistically, with great detail on your screen. The character you draw is constructed simply without being too vibrant and bright but enjoyable to the user’s eyes. They’ll be very interested and want to discover and explore this maze alongside the principal character. Furthermore, the combination of fun and light sounds in this game has helped players feel more engaged and focused on their game.

Tomb of the Mask will offer various mazes of various shapes and sizes.

 It is yours to pick one of the mazes you enjoy the most. Mainly the game, there will a set of levels based on the correct stories that range from easy to difficult depending on the skill level to play the game. Be sure to assess your strengths carefully before choosing the maze you will use to engage in an adventure and learn. It will be helpful to rely on your map and the maze-solving abilities you can use in the game’s tense situations.


When you play this game, you’ll enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable place filled with enjoyment and excitement. The fatigue will disappear within a matter of minutes. Stressful situations and brain which you can analyze and figure out the best method to handle. Because of this, your intelligence and understanding are significantly increased, especially for children. You will soon improve their memory and enhance their brains most effectively following the game.


This is a game anybody can participate in to enjoy and learn new things. Whether you’re working, a student or even middle-aged and older, as you can fulfil the intention and desire to try it out, you can download the app to take pleasure in the thrilling activities. Additionally, you can also allow your child to play along with you. If you can play with your child, parents and kids can learn and play easily and comfortably. Additionally, you must expose the joy of the mazes during this activity to the people around you.

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Download Tomb Of The Mask MOD APK:

The download of the tomb of the mask is simple and free of charge. There are a few steps you must adhere to:

      • Select the button Download in the upper right.
      • The file will take a while to download, then open it.
      • Install the Mod Apk onto the device you are using Android device.
      • Allow Unknow Resouces
      • Enjoy the app and start enjoying it.
      • The exact process is suitable for your laptop or PC. Notebook.

Tomb Of The Mask MOD APK faqs:

How do you install mods that are not root (signed)

1-Remove the original game
2- Download the modified APK (Sign)
3. Install modified APK

Mods that are not root (signed)

How can you use root modifications (unsigned APKs)?

1. Your device needs to be rooted.
2. Your device should be fully patched.
3. Download and install an unsigned APK.

Final Words

Tomb of the Mask MOD APK is an endlessly addictive game. It gives players the sensation of playing the famous Pacman game on the level of a different game.

In the Tomb of the Mask, players will be entering a tomb that’s made to resemble an old Pacman maze. Your goal is to find small coins and yellow dots in your quest to find. Every dot you collect adds to your score. Drop a comment to discuss your experience or ask questions.

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