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Vector 2 features intense gameplay with procedurally generated environment and lifelike animations in a dystopian world.
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February 22, 2022
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Vector 2 MOD APK is the sequel of Vector, which was released in 2016. The main character in the game is again having to dodge obstacles and structures after he was captured by security forces at Technology Park’s last story mode. The Introduction of Vector 2 saw the main character wake up in a secret research facility, where it is most likely that he will be tested his skills and become a member of the security force. The game only has one location, and the background changes each stage/level. He is avoiding obstacles and structures far more advanced than he can see. This background also serves as the backdrop of the game. Vector 2 has many technologies to avoid and escape making it more difficult to play. This game is also more difficult than Vector 1.

Vector 2 Premium is the perfect game for adventure lovers who like science and are interested in learning more about it. This game is from the same source as the well-known gaming series. It offers twice the fun and enjoyment. The player must face all the challenges and opponents and leave the laboratory with the best visuals, specially designed stages, and difficult problems.

Introduction to Vector 2 MOD APK

Vector 2 is the final vector game update. This game is very familiar to anyone who has played Vector. Vector is a 2D game with a simple horizontal display format. However, it offers gamers thrilling, non-obstacle encounters and a variety of top experiences. Each game offers a greater variety of material than Vector editions.

With a beautiful presentation on Android, the game is now in full swing and officially at the door to an Android platform. The vector 2 mod Apk is now completely free. However, unlike previous versions, you will need to pay the appropriate amount for the download. The mild force is suitable for all ages 7 and up.

How to play Vector 2 MOD APK 

Vector 2 is a furious action game that uses generative landscapes to create living graphics in the darkness. Vector games are complex so be sure to take the time to understand the rules and follow them. It is quite different from the standard vector, as each game has its own regulations. You can also download the Archers 2 mod apk. It is not surprising that you are paying attention, so be careful.

This updated edition features lasers and explosives that are placed in specific locations to prevent the opponent from pursuing you. To prevent barriers from colliding, players should be careful. It should never get to the point of escape. You are also familiar with the horizontal screen, which is the basic gameplay mechanic. People who are learning the game have a deep love for it. You can also download super city mod apkwhich includes many stick archery games as well as many other apps all in one app. Let me tell you about the features of this vector mod apk.

Fascinating features of Vector 2 MOD APK


You will need to traverse a large and complex research facility in order to reach your goal of being alive. Certain talents can help the player navigate difficult situations. You will need to have a lot of things in order to complete the task. In fact, you must not do anything. You will get less money and bonuses if you choose a route with fewer obstacles. You have the opportunity to give helpful advice and other abilities throughout the game, but you will not receive any bonuses or money if you choose the opposite direction.


You can’t have a good run without having unique game equipment! You can try out high-tech gear to help you survive longer, and learn how to upgrade it. This game will make players more interested and more engaged in strategy games similar to it. It is likely that people will love it and download it immediately to their phones. Serialization is the key to creating a player. Let the game become your partner over the next few months. There are many tower defense strategies that players can use to their advantage.

Style for your skill

You can learn tricks to avoid deadly traps and make it look badass. It is all about escaping and avoiding your opponent’s game plan. In an effort to make the game more fun, the manufacturers created technological equipment that allows the player to escape from their opponent. The player can also update their gear to gain new capabilities and technologies. Throughout the game, you can download and unlock all the items. Keep playing and you will be able to unlock as many upgrades as you can.

Simple control

The android touchscreen is easy to use and intuitive, allowing gamers a smooth experience and rewarding actions. You can take on the diverse missions and challenges. Moreover, you’ll receive multiple guidelines in your quests.

This game includes many features that were missing in the early versions. Some elements are well blurred. Players may also experiment with high-tech equipment to help them survive and improve their game. There are many abilities, but you can learn tricks to avoid fatal traps.

MOD Features of Vector 2 MOD APK

  • Unlimited money and no cost shopping
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • Unlimited Chips
  • Unlimited Energy
  • All Unlocked
  • No ads
  • Compatible with all Android Devices
  • Non-Rooted
  • It’s easy to install and it’s free to play

Unlimited Chips and Energy

The standard version of the game has limited money, energy and chips. You can use the money to buy anything in the game store. Chips are used for upgrading, and energy is used for any level. As we all know, the resources in the play-store version of the game are limited and you can only buy more with real money. You can also complete missions and view ads to earn chips and money. However, you will need to wait a while before your energy bar fills up.

We solved your problem and have worked hard to bring you this vector 2 mod app. You’ll get unlimited money, energy, and chips to play the game. These can be used to purchase anything in the game store or to upgrade your equipment and gadgets to the highest levels. What are you waiting to do? Download vector 2 mod apk all unlocked.

Vector 2 MOD APK is ads free

Vector 2 is full of ads. This is something everyone wants to get rid. You have to be attentive when a video ad appears while you play the game. It distracts you from the game. They are not something anyone wants to see. By making any purchase in the game store, you can turn them off. You can also download the vector 2 mod Apk to get rid of pop-ups. Many vector 2 players are still debating the removal of ads from our vector mod app. It contains modified files and game codes. The game is therefore 100 percent free of ads.


Vector 2 mod apk’s gameplay is very similar to the first. To optimize touchscreen performance, the game uses intuitive and responsive touch controls. These touch controls allow players to fully immerse themselves into satisfying, smooth actions. These intuitive touch controls allow you to control your character and perform different stunts or dodge laser beams for escape. Swiping up or down can be used to perform various actions, such as climbing on a wall, or other common obstacles, and scrolling down to run fast, swipe right, or jumping.

You wake up in the laboratory with some gadgets in hand. You now have to escape the lab. To do this, you will need to complete different levels and challenges. Each level of vector 2 mod Apk Download has a large lab space. To escape, you must find a way to get there. Each level will present new challenges, which will make it more difficult.

There are many obstacles, laser beams and mills that can be used to escape from each level. These obstacles may be static on some levels but they move in complex ways and increase the difficulty. You can play better if you practice more. This will improve your reflexes, and allow you to control the character more easily. The controls and gameplay are simple to grasp. However, this doesn’t mean that you will be able to master the game quickly as the challenges increase gradually.

Vector 2 mod apk is available for download to get many useful items that will enhance your gameplay. You can search for all metallic objects within a radius of 3 meters using a Magnetic Manipulator. Then, for an additional 40 percent unit bonus, Adrenaline Surge will give you 6 seconds to collect tokens. Your chip laboratory data find chance will increase by up to 25% with Ultimate Chip Detector. You can also use other items to convert materials into upgrade kits. These items are necessary to progress in the game. You can find them when you open an update kit.

Vast Upgrading System

The vector 2 mod appk gives its users a wide range of upgrade options. The game allows players to upgrade their character equipment to make them more resilient. You can upgrade five types of equipment: Boots and Belts, Armor, Gloves, Helmet, and Armor. Your armor can protect you from serious injury if you happen to touch it with a laser. The better the armor is, the greater your protection. You can also upgrade support items such as a magnetic manipulator or adrenaline surge in the upgrade section. This will increase their radius and duration of effect.

Download and install Vector 2 MOD APK

For iOS and Android Users

  1. Click the Download button to be redirected directly to the page for download vector 2 everything unlocked Apk.
  2. Wait 10 seconds, then tap the Download Now Button. The file will begin downloading.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the File Manager on your Mobile. Next, navigate to the Download folder and then open the downloaded file.
  4. Go to settings to change all permissions. Next, press the back button. Tap on the vector mod apk 2022 for Android file in the Downloads section. It will automatically install on your phone.
  5. Then, extract the OBB files and copy them to the android>OBB directory.
  6. Once the installation is complete, you can start using the application with all premium features unlocked.

For Windows PC or Macbook

An android emulator such as Bluestacks or Tencent Buddy or LD player is required to run the mod apk for vector 2 apk from your pc/laptop/macbook pro/air.

  • You can download any Android emulator from their official website and install it on your personal computer
  • Download the modded appk from our website at apkholder.
  • Once you have finished, launch the emulator. Log in to your Google account and locate and install the package installer.
  • There you will find the mod apk file that was downloaded from our website.
  • Hit the Select and Install button to install it on your computer. Then, enjoy all the premium features that alight motion offers for free.

Vector 2 MOD APK Reviews

Davi Saito is awesome! While the first game was amazing, the sequel was even more impressive! This game has amazing features. The surprising truth about the plot and new ways to move between stages are just a few of the many highlights. I have been playing this game for hours, and I can’t get enough!

Robin Yan: It’s very fun. This is the best parkour game on Androids and IOS. Vector one is real parkour. This is more sci-fi obstacle avoidance, but it tests your instincts. It’s quite good. There is however one problem. The game never ends. The game has never been updated again. Chapter 2 lv35 will take you to the end. That’s it for now…

Anathi Gumede The first game was great but this one is better. This game has more moves, more fun, and holds you tight. I waited for three years to get an update that continued the second chapter. PLEASE NEKKI

Sean Stoltenberg The reason i gave this game 5 stars was because it has great graphics and 2D gameplay. However, the game lacked speed when i tried Pandora Music.

Immanuel ChrisReuben : It’s challenging, which makes it enjoyable. You might be able to complete a simple game quickly, but it will bore you. It’s the challenge that makes it enjoyable.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I compete with other online players using vector 2 mod apk

You can compete against other players worldwide in the leaderboard section. It is worth your effort to get on the leaderboard.

What is the main feature of vector 2 mod?

The vector 2 mod apk has the following main features: Unlimited Money, Chips, Energy, and More.

What are the requirements for installing vector 2 premium?

To install the gameplay of the vector mod apk from apkholder, Android version 4.1 or higher must be installed on your device.

How do I download the software?
Click the button above to download. Wait for a few seconds. The download will begin automatically in a matter of seconds.

Is it safe to download Mods of Apk files?
Every file before it is uploaded is scanned with antivirus software. You don’t need to worry about files that might be harmful.

Why is it slow to download
You will receive very low Mbps when downloading vector 2 files from disk or Google Drive. Then you will be offered a fast download speed for large files that you need to download in the morning. If your internet speed is slow, please verify your connection to the internet.

Final judgement:

The vector 2 premium gives the player endless pleasure and adventure. The latest visuals are used to create the game. This allows for real-life-style gameplay which keeps the player engaged and hooked up. The vector 2 mod can be downloaded for free. The latest version of the software gives the player unlimited money and allows them to shop without any restrictions. This will enable the gamer create the best equipment from the store. Vector 2 Mod Apk is a great alternative to the base edition.

What's new

This update contains:
*modern devices compatibility


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