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The Animal wildlands is a dangerous RPG world, where the forest animals guard their territory while hunting and surviving off the land. For centuries, the wolf packs have remained at the top of the food chain, maintaining the natural order, led by their alpha, the last remaining dire wolf. When the dire wolf goes missing, you must lead your pack to greatness. Select a gray wolf or a black wolf, and start building your ultimate wolfpack. A wild life animal simulator adventure awaits!
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Wolf Tales Mod Apk Latest Version

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Wolf Tales MOD APK in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Wolf Tales, players explore a setting known as Wilderlands and compete to stay alive. At the same time, players will choose who they want to play as and go on a quest to track down and vanquish a variety of terrifying foes. Your character’s strength might improve with time, giving you the confidence to take part in player vs player phases of the game. While this is going on, there are a large number of characters and a wide variety of animal forms that you cannot ignore.

About the Game:

Join the role-playing adventure game Wolf Tales to interact with frightening wild creatures like wolves. The game gives you the opportunity to wander aimlessly through the dangerous wilderness of the RPG universe. When you mature into a full-fledged grey or black wolf, you will not only contribute to the survival of your own species, but you will also aid other wolves. You will experience some really unforgettable moments if you are successful in growing your pack of wolves to become the dominant pack. You may have an amazing experience for yourself by playing a game set in a natural environment with plenty of wild atmosphere.

Wolf Tales mod apk unlimited moonstone:

Construct a family and engage in role-playing! A savvy breeding simulator imparts its offspring more defensive capabilities than their parents. Bring your cubs along as you invade other tribes and hunt your prey. Your cubs will observe your every movement, learning crucial survival and life skills. Your pet will have no chance in the online multiplayer PvP combat environment if you do not train it properly.

The alpha is every pack’s hero. You will be able to engage in duels with hostile clans and recruit their alphas into your lair. Collect wolves, foxes, bears, wildcats, and other wild creatures, including dragons. Each has realistic and fantastical evolving skins.

Wolf Tales mod apk vip unlocked:

A realistic online multiplayer simulation of survival. When the stability of nature is compromised, competition amongst animals for the remaining food sources begins. Even foreign tigers have been seen far beyond their limits, and ancient dragon rumours have started to spread among the animals. In these troubling times, the grey wolves have been called upon to provide a solution.

Explore a vast, uninterrupted, open MMO world alive with wildlife, from the deep forest to the icy tundra. You may fight in online multiplayer PvP zones, do missions, role-play, harvest resources, or raid opposing clans and conquer their home. On your trip, you may also face the tiger king, a greater version of the wild tiger that has been seen in the jungle for the first time in millennia!

Unparalleled 3D graphics high quality in a wildlife simulation MMO, with dynamic lighting and time of day cycles that bring the digital environment to life! Start the day on a mountain summit, seeing the sunrise with your pack before beginning your adventure for survival and territorial supremacy.

Wolf Tales mod apk unlimited gems:

Explore a massive, unbroken, open MMO world teeming with creatures, from the depths of the forest to the freezing tundra. You may battle in online multiplayer PvP zones, complete tasks, role-play, gather resources, or raid and capture the homes of other clans. You may even encounter the tiger king, a larger form of the wild tiger that has not been seen in the woods for millennia!

Unmatched 3D graphics quality in a wildlife simulation MMO, with dynamic lighting and day/night cycles that bring the digital world to life! Start the day on a mountain peak, watching the dawn while carrying your bag, before starting your journey for survival and territorial dominance.

Wolf Tales Wild Animal Sim Review:

In Wolf Tales Wild Animal Sim, players hunt and kill other animals as wolves. Their talents and capabilities are distinct from those of other animals, giving the game a distinct flavour. Beginning as a wolf, players explore the landscape while living by hunting lesser creatures. The game’s map assists players in locating the enemies they must destroy. In addition, gamers may engage in online competition with other players.

The updated edition of Wolf Tales has a number of enhancements. Those who wish to experience all the game has to offer should download the Wolf Tales Wild Animal Sim MOD APK.

Main Features Of  Wolf Tales APK MOD:

Read our in-depth assessment of the game if you’re interested in the specifics of what it has to offer.

Global multiplayer battles:

Familiarize yourself with the 3D environment, perform patrol and security duties, and maintain vigilance over your lair. When a hostile wolf approaches you, you have the choice of confronting it in combat or running to avoid it. You may choose any choice when options are provided. The objective of the video game Wolf Tales is to protect yourself from your opponent’s predator by simultaneously attacking them with your teeth and paws, leaping on them, and shredding them. Acquire experience points as a consequence of your triumphs, and then use these experience points to level up your scary beast and improve its attributes. Prioritize the development of new talents that will be useful for both food gathering and battle. These abilities will enhance your efficiency in both of these endeavours.

Wolf Tales Mod Apk Latest Version

Improve your fighting skills:

This assortment of short tales Wolf Tales is a work of literature that explores several subgenres. Focuses on the adventures of wolves. The game deviates from the norm in that it blends elements of role-playing games, mystic action games. Even strategy games into an one experience. This provides gamers with a deeper feeling of immersion. You may gain amazing skins and skills for your wolf by completing quests.

Wolf Tales Mod Apk Full Version

Live the history of the wolf clan:

On the other hand, a terrible incident occurred within the pack one day. As a consequence, the surviving wolves have no choice but to go in search of their alpha. Because they are unable to continue on without him. They are unable to continue on without him because they are unable to go on without him.

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What’s new In Wolf Tales MOD APK?

  • Wolf Tales – Online Animal Sim Bug Fix.
  • You should add a new level and make sure that all of the features are up to date.

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Wolf Tales Wild Animal Simplay Walkthrough:

You may also purchase more levels, pets, and items. Wolf Tales MOD APK enables the deactivation of in-app purchases. As a network-dependent game, you may be required to pay for data use if WiFi is unavailable. However, if you have a WiFi connection, you may play this game for free. For further Wolf Tales Wild Animal Sim changes, please visit our website.

You may also play Wolf Tales – Online Wild Animal Sim MOD APK with other gamers. The game’s PvP mode allows users to engage in a number of tasks against one another. You can even have children, which will provide substantial benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. Is it safe to download Wolf Tales – Wild Animal Sim APK Mod (Menu: No Skill Cooldown, VIP Unlocked) ?


ApkSoul.net will look for the appropriate APK file on Google Play and allow users download it straight from our site. Users may feel certain that the games and software they download from our website are risk-free.

Q. Why do you need permission to install Wolf Tales – Wild Animal Sim Mod Hack (Menu: No Skill Cooldown, VIP Unlocked) ?


Your device’s operating system is required for the app to function. All the permissions necessary to operate a program are shown to you throughout the installation process.


Download the latest Wolf Tales – Wild Animal Sim Mod (Menu: No Skill Cooldown, VIP Unlocked) 2022 version for Android. Android game mod apk for Wolf Tales – Wild Animal Sim (com.FoxieGames.WildWolfAnimalSim).

What's new

Welcome to Wolf Tales with New PVP!
-8 New PVP Game modes to play and explore!
-Free for All, Team modes, Battle Royale and more!
-Challenge your friends to duels

-Added Player Facing chat Rules
-Temporarily Removed ads due to crashes
-Added 2 new Wolf skins
-General bug fixes and quality of life changes
-Fix for Cave not loading
-Detection for some known cheats


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