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The zombies are revolting ! Attack the city with a horde of zombies, change pedestrians into zombies and create the largest horde.
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Jul 18, 2022
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Zombie Tsunami MOD APK


Zombie Tsunami MOD APK is the best and oldest arcade game available. One of the offered proverbs is “Old is Gold.” We agree with this proverb. However, the more exciting aspects of the experience are found within its characters and levels. The degree of excitement you feel when you first start playing this game does not drop until the very conclusion of the game. Since the game first became available, there have not been too many people playing it. After the days, many players took pleasure in playing this game daily. In addition, it will quickly establish itself as an actual game on the Android platform.

Most zombie games available on Android require players to eliminate zombies from all available levels. This is something that appears in virtually every game involving zombies. However, Zombie Tsunami MOD APK does not contain that particular feature. In this game, the player may play several characters, such as zombies, and the objective is to kill every living person. When the player kills numerous enemies at once, they unlock the ability to assemble a larger zombie army. The next level of humans will be able to defeat the zombies by employing weapons with a high durability rating. Therefore, the zombie army must be expanded to defeat everyone in each subsequent wave.


The Zombie Tsunami MOD APK features a one-of-a-kind approach to gameplay. There is no additional difficulty in learning how to play the game. Your starting inventory will include one zombie when the game begins. Utilizing zombies as a means to meet and consume all of the humans, an assault on the cities is planned. It would help if you fought many zombies in each wave, which would reward you. The lone zombie will assist in the initial assault on the humans located in the city before the game begins. After being given additional funds, the zombies were improved. Once you’ve upgraded, you’ll get an additional zombie for your army. A cap of five zombies can be added to your army.

In the same vein as Temple Run and Subway Surfers, the Zombie Tsunami MOD APK includes an endless mode. Your never-ending chase after the zombie horde has no boundaries and no end in sight. The upcoming routes need the player to overcome the majority of distraction barriers; failing to do so will result in losing points for the player. Jumping and running high speed should get you over the hurdles because they are pretty distracting. The player’s primary objective is to exercise complete command over the zombies. You must avoid making any errors at this crucial point in the game. In that case, your forces will be decimated in a single instant. To ensure the zombies’ safety, avoid any potentially harmful obstructions. Gather in the runways, and take one second to eat your meal on the runway.

Consume Your Allies As Food:

In Zombie Tsunami MOD APK, the most entertaining thing to do is to devour your teammates. When you link your Facebook account to this game, the game displays photographs of your friends on the human head side of the screen. The box in the shape of a square displays images of human heads, including those of your acquaintance. Just run away with your zombie army and try to eat your pals to destroy humanity. It usually works. It is no longer necessary to have any particular ability to attack your pals while playing the game. In addition, at the moment, players who have linked their Facebook accounts to this game can make use of this feature. When it comes to defeating your friend’s face, you will experience the funniest moment of your life at that time.

Take A Trip Around The World:

The developer of Zombie Tsunami MOD APK created the game with various background themes. The available countries determine the appearance of the backgrounds. The graphics are stunning, and the player will experience a wide variety of environments as they progress through the game. Every background on every level has been given its distinct color scheme and animation. Never for a short time become bored when playing each level. You will become increasingly addicted as you experience new circumstances. Never pass up an opportunity to play zombie tsunami with multiple scenarios.

More Zombies:

Every player has a good chance of quickly devouring the folks in the upcoming path. But it is much more challenging to consume the other types of hurdles. To satisfy your want for those products, you will need a large army of zombies to consume them. First things first, you need to have an understanding of why zombies attack humans. The correct response is that zombies can only mature into full-fledged monsters after consuming human brains. A different number of zombies met every public demand. Therefore, make sure to follow the instructions to build a larger zombie army that can destroy all of the things.

You must battle the trashcan and two zombies to acquire coins and brains from dustbin objects. As a reward, you get access to everything available in the zombie Tsunami MOD APK. Because an automobile is such a noticeable object, it needs to be guarded by four zombies and given a brain. You will receive two brains if you destroy the bus, and the bus needs an army of eight zombies to function correctly. Tanker vehicle requires 12 zombie armies, for which the player is awarded three brains. In conclusion, the enormous thing is an airplane; you’ll need 16 zombies to move it. After bringing the airplane down, you will be given four brains.

Skilled Zombies:

Every player is given access to the skill-using elements of Zombie Tsunami MOD APK. To achieve the best results, use the ability at the appropriate time. But they could only employ that ability for a limited period because the player is required to navigate more challenging scenarios on occasion by putting the available talent to use to resolve the pressing problem. The following skills are accessible in zombie tsunami: GiantZ, Ninja, Gold, Quarterback, Tsunami, Dragon, Balloon, and UFO. Every character’s skills offer a unique destruction feature. Find the appropriate ability to conquer all human opponents.


The visuals in Zombie Tsunami MOD APK were created using 3D animation graphics. No retrograde steps were taken regarding the graphic animation. The game designer created zombies and obstacles that were interesting to look at and fun to play. Every component has been designed to be visually appealing so that there is never a drop in the overall quality of the graphics. Congratulations to the zombie tsunami developer for making these fantastic animations available to everyone. The music production is also of the highest quality, and listening to funny sounds will boost your mood.

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How To Install?

  • The download button is located beneath the article.
  • Then, wait a few seconds for the system to automatically download the Zombie Tsunami MOD APK / DATA file.
  • To install software elsewhere, you must enable installation from third-party sources.
  • Enable the setting for “Unknown Sources” Check the Unknown Sources box in Menu> Settings > Security to enable the installation of programs from sources other than the Google Play Store.
  • Once the preceding process has been finished, you can navigate to the “Download” folder in the file manager and tap the downloaded MOD APK file.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How To Download Zombie Tsunami?


To download Zombie Tsunami Apk Mod, click the download button at the top or bottom of this page. The “Download” page for the Apk file will then appear. Follow the instructions provided to obtain a free download of Zombie Tsunami MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Diamond).

After downloading most of the zombie tsunami mod apk mod apk, the installation process is identical. Open the Menu, navigate to settings, then security, and search for unknown sources to enable the installation of programs from sources other than the Google Play Store. Click the downloaded file in the “Downloads” folder of your device. Then install it on your phone and launch it. Allow the device a moment to install the zombie tsunami mod apk all unlocked mod APK.

Q: Is It Risk-Free To Get The Zombie Tsunami APK MOD (Unlimited Coins/Diamond)?


When the user downloads an APK file, we will scan Google Play for the necessary APK file and allow the user to download it immediately. The uploaded games and software are risk-free and harmless to users.

Q: Why Is Permission Required To Instal The Zombie Tsunami MOD (Unlimited Coins/Diamond)?


The app requires access to the device’s system. When installing an application, you will be informed of the necessary permissions to operate it.


Overall, we covered every aspect of the Zombie Tsunami MOD APK. This excellent game is in the category of arcade games. There are numerous zombie-themed games on Google Play. However, this zombie tsunami mod apk all unlocked is entirely apart from other existing zombie games. Consider playing zombie tsunami mod apk all unlocked to create a new zombie army and devour your buddies. You could only use gold and money in the game’s original version. Utilize our modified version to obtain free infinite money and gold. Download the MOD version from the links provided below.

What's new

- Summer events!
- Bug fix and improvements
- Optimized for larger screens
- Blast Processing

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