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UC Browser APK 

Varies with device
UC Browser is a fast, smart and secure web browser. It is designed for an easy and excellent browsing experience. With the unique self-developed U4 engine and video player, UC Browser can provide you with a smooth experience no matter you are surfing, visiting websites, downloading files or watching videos.
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UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Jun 16, 2023
Varies with device
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UC Browser is a fantastic app made by an Internet Company that belongs to china and is pronounced the UC Web. The owner of this famous company is the Alibaba Group. The beautiful and amazing UC browser app download is common in India and Indonesia. Al o China include in countries, that is the cause of its popularity. When we look at the development date of this company then, we realize that it was developed for the first time in April 2004 as the name of a Java-Only app.

UC browser is the new name of this UC browser pc download from 2012. It was banned in India for security and privacy reasons on almost June 29, 2020, but it has started in India. UC browser is available for various platforms like android phones, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and many others. Almost last year, the UC browser was declared the 8th most downloaded app on an android phone. App UC browser mini-download popularity is increasing daily, and its developing company earns a handsome amount.

UC Browser APK

UC Browser app is very famous due to many reasons. It is said that the UC browser turbo saves the data of your operating system, Android phone, and other devices. Al ost 80% of data saves by using the UC Browser. When the user uses the UC drive, its storage medium will free almost 20 GB. UC browser mini-download also helps the user to lock the ads that display all the time after installing the add-one. When the user starts it, it first provides the top-ranked sites as the required result.

UC browser apk is free for all users who want to download anything from this app. It also provides the user with a fast speed to download. It gives instant search results. Using the UC browser, apk user can download their favorite content like games, audio, video, movies, dramas, talk shows, etc. This content can be downloaded in the required languages and works like a search engine.

uc browser

UC Browser background

For the first time in 2004, it was developed with the other name, the J2ME-only app. In 2013 UCWeb helped this app to modify with new features for the Indian Vodafone. Af er that the UC Browser shows the partnership with the famous company, Tren Micro, and agrees with them. After that, Gameloft also started contributing to UC Browser and listening to it to sell its product. In the 2014 UC browser, a mini-download developer group, pronounced as the UCWeb and the Alibaba group, joined, and a new name was given, Shenma. In almost 2015, UC Browser started collaborating with the mobile internet revolution in India, like the famous channel Colors TV.

The primary purpose of this coordination was to give the user a basic search engine in China, but after a few months, the Alibaba Group took ownership of the UC browser. Ma y other company join this group and give a peek at this UC browser app download worldwide. UC browser apk provides the user with a vast app store, browser, mobile games, location-based services, and mobile reader operation with less storage.

Different Modes

  • Night mode
  • Text only mode
  • Add-ons mode
  • Speed Mode

Night mode

People attract to the UC Browser due to this feature, which is the night mode. It helps the user to use this app at night. Suppose the user likes reading something at night, then the UC browser app with the light off. UC browser mini-download will be easy and comfortable for the user’s eyes. When the night mode is enabled, the black icons on a white background change to a black background, reducing the amount of hard light teasing their eyes.

Tex only mode

The tex-only mode has many pictures and materials that the user needs. The user can get all these things at the proper cost and a lot of data if the user wants to read any data. But all the things and features are available without any cost. Th re is many pictures related to the text are already available. They do not need to find related images while reading something.  The Ts feature makes the user very happy.

Add-ons mode

UC Browser helps with many add-ons. Be ore UC browser app download, and we have already mentioned the ad-blocker, which include in them. So e other add-ones are mentioned here, like the speed mode, ad blocker, clipboard, QR Scanner, and many others. UC browser apk also helps the user download more add-ons from its page.

Speed mode

Another add-on is the speed boost. It helps the user to select the different versions from different sites like the lite, mobile, or desktop, and also it helps the user of UC Browser to control the data consumed during the downloading. It also saves the time that is consumed to download. With the help of the lite mode, the loading will be faster and consume minor data. The desktop mode gives the entirely excellent desktop with a less consuming desktop. Mo bile mode helps the user to search from the webpage with the help of an android phone.

Features of UC Browser

Integrated Buttons

UC Browser gives the user a newly modified page full of features called cards. It also displays the widgets on the home screen. The s page can sort according to the user’s taste. Al o users are allowed to choose the websites to display the headlines. If the user wants to read the headline, then they should have to open the page of their choice and can check it. In this way, the time user can save easily. Also, the data of the user will save a lot. Mo Moreover, users can choose to get the headlines about the jokes and then select. He e many cards to select headlines, jokes, top sites, and trending videos, and shopping is available for free.

Cloud boost technology

It is a feature in the UC Browser that helps the user load or search for any video quickly. For mobile or Web, it is available for the user to enable either or both. Us r are allowed to disable it for both or single. It is easy to see the cloud boost on the mobile network. Cl ud boost has a great effect on the Wi-Fi and not on the mobile data. UC browser turbo also helps the user to make their Wi-Fi more effective if the speed of their Wi-Fi is slow. The cloud boost becomes the speed boost if the speed is already fast.

Download manager

It is another incredible feature of the UC Browser. In the UC browser, apk old version user has the integrated download manager with the advanced version. He e user can fix the max downloads of almost 1-6 at a time: Gi e the specific folder and select to save or prompt any video before starting. Us r can have a selection to choose enable or disable. UC browser turbo is available if the downloading fails and can auto-reconnect. The download manager also gives information about the free space on the disk. If the space is less, then it also indicates otherwise. Downloading starts and completes quickly.

In the UC browser apk download, there is also the Video Manager that helps the user to download any video they have saved for the reason to watch later as an offline user on their android phone. To arrange the user’s downloading, there is also a neat file manager. UC browser apk old version gives the arrangement of the downloaded file.


In the UC Browser, a vast library of themes helps the user to set the background of this app. Form online, the user can get an unlimited number of themes, but by default, the user is suggested only two themes. The background color quickly changes, and the text color is allowed to change. If the user does not like the online and the default theme, they can make their theme with the help of a picture on their android phone or device.

From the name, it is clear that the UC browser apk download will help the user to block the unwanted ads that load on any website that irritate the user. There is also an interface that can be seen that represents the blocked ads and their counting on each website. The user can change or reset the statistics if they want.

Quick access

In the UC browser, free download is an essential feature that allows the user quick access. UC browser turbo also helps the user to have the persistent search bar rapidly with the help of the shortcut keys to their Facebook newsfeed, messages, notifications, and the shortcut to write the new status. The search is straightforward and can pull down the notification bar.


UC browser helps the user give gestures that make the user faster and easier. The s feature is handy to use in high tablets. It helps the user to swipe the right to go backward or swipe to the left and forward. Al the videos help with gestures in the media player. Th ough the swipe, the user can swipe left or right in a video. He e in the UC browser app, the brightness, and the volume increase or decrease are possible.

Data leaked by UC browser apk download

UC Browser leaked the data of the national security agency in May 2015, and the person’s name was whistleblower Edward Snowden. The data types leaked are international mobile subscriber identities, international mobile station equipment identities, Wi-Fi data, etc.  All these show that the UC browser apk download has less security. Ma y other documents were stolen by the ASD that caused harm to an android phone with the spyware.

Position of UC browser in India and China

It has become the most incredible and favorite in India. It is a Chinese app and is famous in almost 150 countries. But due to cyber security reasons and some clashes between India and China, it was banned in 2020. The National Security Council ordered a ban on the Chinese app developed by the Chinese company.  B  still, the government has not announced the banned removed in India. Before the UC Browser was banned, India’s users became crazy about this UC browser app download and reached the top-ranked app. But now they are all waiting in their country. They wish to unban the UC Browser. Also, in China, in almost March 2021, UC browser free download was banned due to complaints like selling misleading medical advertisements. But still, it is available on Apple Inc, the Chinese app store.

Security and its laws

According to researchers at the typical anti-company Doctor Web, UC Browser and UC Browser Mini for Android were obtaining and installing extra modules. For this purpose, they used the business’s systems through an open HTTP channel in March 2019. Us, rs of browsers, are at risk of uncontrolled remote code execution if a thief can deliver a harmful module through a man-in-the-middle attack. Furthermore, it violates Google Play rules, which disallows apps from obtaining program files from any other than Google Play. In June 2020, a new version of the UC browser with improved settings followed by the security guidelines of the Google Play store was made available.

When the internet security companies like High Tech Bridge and Qualys realized that UC Browse contained logjam and fake content, the RC$ caliper security and the outdated SSL had some security issues.  An o in May 2019, Arif khan, an Indian researcher, found many issues in the working way of the UC browser’s old version and the UC Browser Mini App.

UC Browser is still working in India.

The UC Browser can now download anything and functions perfectly on iOS and Android. The s is that the ban is not yet in law. The  Indian government is in talks with the country’s ISPs and telecommunications companies to help maintain a blanket ban on these Chinese-affiliated apps and remove them from Google Play and the App Store. On e these apps are removed from UC browser pc download stores, all host names and domain names connected to these platforms will be banned by ISPs, enabling the ban to take hold completely. Implementing the ban is one of the main factors for UC Browser to continue working with Internet Service Providers, and they must stop all data flow on the web browser. The  UC browser pc download will not allow on 4G and wired internet connections managed by companies like Vodafone, Jio, and Airtel.

How to get UC Browser APK

  • Remove the UC browser’s old version of the UC browser apk if the user already has it on their Android phone.
  • Tap the button on the upper part of this page to download the APK file of the UC browser download from our well-known website APKNETS.COM.
  • The downloading process takes some time.
  • After completing the download process, give the proper location to the downloaded file and save it.
  • Move to the settings option of the user’s mobile phone and then to the security option.
  • After clicking on it, the user will find another option, “Unknown sources,” to enable it.
  • Open the downloaded file that the user had already saved.
  • Click on the install button. It starts the installation process.
  • The user can download the UC browser when the installation process is complete.


Why does UC browser mini still have some restrictions?

The UC browser mini is available for download and functions perfectly on iOS and Android. The s is prohibition is not yet in law. The  Indian government is trying to connect other countries’ ISPs and telecom operators to help enforce a total ban.

How the Interface of the UC browser app looks?

The program offers an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require a deep understanding or knowledge base. UC Browser app makes browsing faster and quickly loads even huge pages.

Does UC Browser Mini include cutting-edge features?

You can download videos from URLs using the software’s built-in video grabber.


UC Browser is very safe to some extent and easy to use for every type of user. If the user has less knowledge about it, he can easily use it. Ma y features are present in the UC browser’s old version. He e different modes are present that enhance the popularity of this UC browser download, and all people love to use it. If you want to use this UC browser free download as your device’s search engine, you can quickly get it by pressing the download button on the top of the page. Any questions about the app, then you can discuss them. If you have any suggestions about the article, you can share them, and we will try our best to give you the best.