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Blue Whatsapp Download Latest Version 9.62 - APKNETS.COM

Blue Whatsapp Download Latest Version 9.62

Blue Whatsapp Plus is the best most excellent fantastic app with a bundle of features. It is also the modified version of WhatsApp messengers. In the new version of blue WhatsApp plus the latest version, the new and updated features not present in the recent version are added. The Foud Mokdad develops it for the android phone with many modifications.
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Blue Whatsapp Download is the best, most excellent fantastic app with a bundle of features. It is also the modified version of WhatsApp messengers. In the new version of blue WhatsApp plus the latest version, the new and updated features not present in the recent version are added. The Foud Mokdad develops it for the android phone with many modifications.

It is the world’s leading communication app, with almost 2 billion users. And the monthly active users are nearly 1.5 billion. It is best to secure your data and maintain privacy by using it. As the title of this app shows, the color name is blue. It’s the character that means the theme color of WhatsApp. This type of feature is not added in the old version. Here the user can hide their online status, last seen, and profile photo.

In users can change their wallpaper and also the chat bubble. Here a lot of private setting that is beyond the imagination are present. It is the best way of communication that is secure. The privacy features like the Freeze, anti-delete status, hide the view, and complete control of the profile privacy. The home screen options like the header chats tabs, rows, etc. There is everything present that the user needs and demands from the -. In addition, other important options are available, like the WhatsApp lock and the backup like the Titanium and restore tool, and hiding the media from the gallery is also present.

blue whatsapp plus download

Many users like to use GB WhatsApp, FM Whatsapp, and Whatsapp Gold, but all these types of WhatsApp have some limited features. But Blue Whatsapp is created by a third-party developer by using the official version of the app. Because they felt limitations in the official WhatsApp therefore, this website was developed. You may like fake call bomber apk for Android mobile.

Comparison between WhatsApp and blue WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a beautiful app with a significant number of users at present, blue WhatsApp plus download was released in almost 2009, and its number of users is nearly 600 million worldwide. It applies to devices like the Nokia S40, Windows, Phone, BlackBerry, Smartphone, and iOS. After the Modification in this version, a new WhatsApp name is now called blue WhatsApp. Blue WhatsApp plus latest version was released in 2012.

The first difference between WhatsApp and blue WhatsApp is the theme. WhatsApp Blue has a variety of themes, almost 700 in number depending on the level, like the name, font, and file. But the original version has no option to change the theme, like color and text.

The second difference is emoticons. It is a specific feature for blue WhatsApp. If the other user has Blue WhatsApp, he can watch the smileys you have applied; otherwise, in the original version, people will see a question mark.

The third difference is the editing and The Sharing of files. In the original version of the download blue WhatsApp, there is no option to edit any file, but in the blue WhatsApp, there is an Iron option for the user to change the size limits and the file user wants to send. The file size can be from two MB to 250 MB, and the user has twice to maintain the image quality of their photos and videos. For this purpose, there is a six menu to change their files’ settings. The set of the film involves the change in color size images as well as contact images. Here the animation can be disabled. Violin the original version, the user can have permission to send a file of almost 20 MB

Wonderful blue graphics

Blue Whatsapp plus the latest version facilitates the outstanding feature of beautiful blue graphics. If users are bored with regular WhatsApp, they must try this app. Surely they will like its part and the whole facilities in this app. Blue WhatsApp changes the capacity of the color. Therefore, they are not in contrast form. There is blue color is the prominent color.

Modded Features of Blue Plus WhatsApp

  • The latest version of WhatsApp
  • Videos can be sent up to 50 MB
  • The name of the WhatsApp group can be 35 characters
  • To copy the status of other people’s clipboards is here
  • Hide online status
  • To contact others, remove the blue tick after reading the message
  • In the broadcast group, almost 600 people are added
  • Present in different languages almost in hundred numbers
  • Modify and new emojis
  • Option to set the online status for 24 hours
  • Option to hide writing info during typing
  • Also, hide the recording status while recording a message
  • Option to block the calls
  • Option to copy and paste the text of blue Whatsapp plus 9.11 apk download messages
  • Change the color and size of the tick.

Blue Whatsapp Features

Developed Media Downloader

In other WhatsApp, Users can only view the “Status” that other users have uploaded to the app. They cannot save it. The problem has been fixed by the program that provided a developed media downloader for downloading their favorite status. Everyone likes to help themself, and they do not want to take permission from others. So, in this blue plus WhatsApp. Users can easily download the image or video right to their device without requesting the sender to do so.

Internal Cleaner

Because every device has a specific amount of storage for different programs, tools, and other features, users don’t need to download any third-party cleaner. The primary role of the cleaner is to clear the device of any unnecessary apps and waste data. For this purpose, the user has to take some steps, like first start turning on the cleaner to eliminate all unnecessary messages and improve the speed of your software.

Unlimited Sharing of Multimedia

In the old version of WhatsApp, there was only possible to transfer small audio and video files, but the quality of any image download was generally bad. For this purpose, the user has to use the blue WhatsApp download 2021. Through this, users will get unlimited sharing options, including films longer than 30 flashes and 7 minutes long. In addition, almost 50MB and 100MB audio files with maintaining image quality are easily shared. Using the blue WhatsApp k eep, users can keep their records related to everything and view them whenever they like.

Change blue WhatsApp plus download to iPhone Style.

This is another beautiful feature involved in the blue WhatsApp. Users have to move the setting option and change the emojis’ color to blue to make them like the iPhone emojis to give their app-like iPhone look. And with all the other changes in the blue WhatsApp.The upper bar will change just like the iPhone.

Checking about status

The blue WhatsApp offers the user another excellent feature to hide info when they are typing for a long time, Similar to writing status. sometimes, in reply to any question, the user needs to take a long time to think and reply to the SMS then he will never want to show their receiver to show their typing time.

No Charge

The user does not need to worry about the cost of blue WhatsApp because no charge is required to download and install this fantastic app. It is simple to download the new version of the blue WhatsApp APK. While many other apps have high charges to use their premium features, Blue WhatsApp plus the latest version is free, so users don’t take tension about its payment.

Use the App anywhere.

On the international level, blue Whatsapp plus 9.11 apk download is used without payment. Because the blue WhatsApp plus download is a free messenger app, users can communicate with any of their friends, family members, neighbors, or other people they want anywhere they may be. But it is possible when both users have a strong internet connection.

Stay Login in blue WhatsApp and download the 2022 new version.

Blue WhatsApp has the advantage that users will always sign into their accounts, unlike the other communications and chat rooms. It’s risky to often save their password and additional important information on their device. However, blue WhatsApp will automatically save their phone number and password in storage. As a result, when users choose to use the application, they will find themselves already Login and have access to all their information.

Blue Whatsapp Font and style

Blue Whatsapp apk p has a great style size of font and forms. While in the original WhatsApp, there was only one type of font available in this way, people get bored with using the same pattern on WhatsApp. Therefore, they like to use blue WhatsApp with a vast selection of fonts and styles. In addition, there is a font that resembles cookies. This is the best option for those who want to change the font style in their WhatsApp.

Records of the past

Many users use blue WhatsApp for professional use and must want to keep the record on their phone by using Whatsapp. For this problem below, WhatsApp has a great solution that offers to keep the form of The Uses action, and it is the best option for the user. Users can track their chart and history because this function records users’ activity. The account is also available when users open or close their saved file.

Sticker and wallpaper

In the blue WhatsApp download, 2021 users can get a beautiful sticker that makes them the best user of WhatsApp among their friends. Using it, users can inform themselves with the new and beautiful sticker that updates this app with beautiful wallpapers. Here users can make sticker packs if they lose to find anything they like. For this purpose, they have to visit other websites.

Hide online presence

It is another beautiful feature of blue WhatsApp that offers the player an attractive, special option everyone wants to apply. It allows the user to hide the presence status time from the others who are seeing it, and you are involved in your contact list. By applying this option user looked like the offline, but naturally, he was talking to anyone.

Blue WhatsApp lock

If the user wants the secure WhatsApp without downloading any third-party app locker, he must use the blue Whatsapp plus download. Because when the user turns it on, he will properly set up the Applock password or pattern. If the user knows their password, there is another option to solve this problem. Then he can also set up a security question.

Comment detector

It is one of the best features of the blue Whatsapp plus

that allows the user to change the chat screen as the name suggests completely. All the screen elements, like the action barbell and pictures, chat entry style, and many other things, are change.

Customization option in blue WhatsApp download 2022 new version

Blue plus WhatsApp offers an excellent user background and concepts. The user can customize the head chat screen and the main cover according to their choice. And in addition to the chat capability, Widgets and notification messages can be customiz.

Blue Whatsapp download 2021 requires permissions

  • Send SMS
  • Audio recording
  • Vibrate
  • Stop all background processes
  • Internet availability
  • Find the device
  • Use NFC, wifi, Bluetooth, Camera, and Camera Mike.
  • Obtain Accounts
  • Check Contacts
  • Make audio settings changes.
  • Make a contact list.
  • external storage
  • Using mapping tools

A Variety of Messaging Formats

Usually, WhatsApp is use to communicate the two people and more than two people through an SMS with a single option. But in the blue WhatsApp plus download, there are many choices available in the app for sending and receiving messages;

Blue Whatsapp Auto-reply

Most people are professional and sometimes have no permission to use their cell phones. Then they should take advantage of the best option, the blue WhatsApp. To prevent a bad situation, enable the “auto-reply” option for their regular contacts to inform them of their condition.

Delayed Messages

This feature allows users to schedule messages with the proper time and date for various family-related events. For this purpose, users will deliver the news on time; they won’t need to remember their birthdays or other ceremonial dates.

Offline Messages are useable.

Internet connection or wifi is not necessary for using the blue WhatsApp plus. User communication can quickly be sent in almost an offline method, and the servers will still store it. All the time, users and the receiver can have a connection of any kind, and their message will be forward to them.

How to get Blue Whatsapp

  • Remove the blue WhatsApp plus download the blue WhatsApp download 2022 new version if you already have it on your Android phone.
  • Press the Download button at the top of this page to download the MOD APK file of blue WhatsApp from our well-known website APKNETS.COM.
  • The downloading process will take some time.
  • After completing the download process, give the proper location for the downloaded file and save it.
  • Move to the settings option of your mobile phone and then to the security option.
  • After clicking on it, you will find another option, “Unknown sources,” to enable it.
  • Open the downloaded file that you have already saved.
  • Click on the install button. It starts the installation process.
  • The Minecraft mod apk is available when the installation process is complete.
  • It is ready to play. Enjoy and have a lot of fun.

Blue Whatsapp FAQs

What about the blue WhatsApp download 2021 Messenger?

There are more chat features with the WhatsApp Blue APK mod. With WhatsApp, you can use its visual information that helps you have fun chatting with your friends. With WhatsApp, you can use its visual information that helps you have fun chatting with your friends.

What Has Changed with Blue WhatsApp?

If you think you have an older version of WhatsApp changes, you can upgrade to WhatsApp Blue by choosing the download option. Get the most current version of this mod and start using blue WhatsApp plus download.

What about WhatsApp security in the blue WhatsApp apk?

The use of blue WhatsApp apk WhatsApp is consider entirely safe.

Is Whatsapp Blue an anti-ban app?

Blue WhatsApp’s beginnings, the Anti-ban feature, has protected users against any temporary or long-term ban.

How do I turn off the blue tick function in the blue WhatsApp apk?

By using the “Show Blue tick after reply” feature in the blue WhatsApp apk, you can partially disable the Blue tick in WhatsApp.

Blue Whatsapp Conclusion

Blue Whatsapp is a straightforward and excellent app full of unique features that cause the attraction of people it. The number of users of this download blue WhatsApp is increasing daily due to its natural features. Because the world is going toward the Modification of everything and people like the modified thing for their daily use will be free of cost. For this purpose, this app is the perfect choice for the service. If you want to enjoy downloading blue WhatsApp, you can download it from the top of the page after pressing the download button. If you have questions about this Blue WhatsApp, you can ask without hesitation. We are here to give you the best solution to your problem. And if you have any suggestions about the article, we await your cooperation to provide you with our best.