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Kerala Lottery Result Today Live Results Today Kerala Lottery Ticket 20-06-2023 - APKNETS.COM

Kerala Lottery Result Today Live Results Today Kerala Lottery Ticket 20-06-2023

Kerala Lottery Result Today is only one of its kind lottery scheme. The Kerala Government is managing this lottery organization. The lottery department of Kerala government established a lottery department and organized this Kerala lottery system in 1967. Kerala lottery system is the first fantastic scheme for the residents of India state. It is the first such unique lottery platform for the people of India.
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Kerala Lottery Result Today is only one of its kind lottery scheme. The Kerala Government is managing this lottery organization. The lottery department of Kerala government established a lottery department and organized this Kerala lottery system in 1967. Kerala lottery system is the first fantastic scheme for the residents of India state. It is the first such unique lottery platform for the people of India.

Firstly the Kerala government restricted all other lotteries organization in India in 1967 and implemented the new Kerala lottery system. This lottery program is under the control of the Government. The Finance Minister of Kerala state of India gave the idea about establishing the Kerala lottery system to boost the financial condition of the Kerala government.

P.K Kunju was the minister of Kerala state in the finance department. He was a master of organizing and managing the lottery platforms because he was previously chairman of the (Kayamkulam) MSM Trust.

The main objective of establishing the Kerala lottery organization was to make the services available to people and raise the Government’s financial system without disappointing the public. The Kerala lottery rapidly became very demanding in India. So, a share of many other schemes was added to raise it further.

Kerala Lottery Results Today (केरल लॉटरी परिणाम आज)

Kerala Lottery Result Live daily at 3:05 pm.

LIVE Kerala Lottery Result Today Win Win W 723 Winners List


1st Prize Rs.7,500,000/- (75 Lakhs)

Agent Name: RADHIKA R
Agency No.: E 8129
 Consolation Prize – ₹8,000/-
WN 225511  WO 225511
WP 225511  WR 225511
WS 225511  WT 225511
WU 225511  WV 225511
WW 225511  WX 225511  WY 225511
2nd Prize – Rs.5,00,000/- [5 Lakhs]


Agent Name: SHAJU
Agency No.: R 9085
3rd Prize – Rs.100,000/- [1 Lakh]
WN 631429
WO 216974
WP 149461
WR 342280
WS 330542
WT 628732
WU 986722
WV 134492
WW 335520
WX 535121
WY 956966
WZ 327996
4th Prize Rs.5,000/-
0015  0340  0371  1142  1417  1673  2552  3065  4762  4968  5033  5038  6490  6907  7192  7747  8021  8922
5th Prize – Rs.2,000/-
0111  0642  2603  3586  4028  4965  6181  7418  8755  9553
6th Prize – ₹1,000/-   
1881  2162  2236  3387  4491  4732  5218  5258  6439  7183  7767  8203  8713  8821
7th Prize – ₹500/-
0078  0116  0212  0609  0610  0653  0727  1116  1288  1365  1477  1706  1736  1782  1928  2134  2140  2201  2621  2804  2968  3001  3021  3052  3079  3144  3414  3451  3463  3529  3546  3552  3577  3671  3726  3916  3951  4004  4034  4138  4245  4337  4349  4357  5022  5225  5402  5511  5556  5682  5894  6240  6251  6411  6485  6517  6598  6657  6706  6816  7006  7093  7176  7477  7571  7727  7732  8188  8254  8292  8363  8433  8503  8561  8688  8696  8765  9212  9327  9509  9513  9942
8th Prize – ₹100/-
0353  0354  0409  0518  0656  0668  0708  0815  0850  0940  1070  1159  1162  1229  1240  1331  1425  1493  1521  1534  1602  1788  1892  1906  1927  2055  2078  2087  2089  2354  2422  2517  2594  2714  2757  2809  2903  3162  3219  3269  3330  3365  3402  3440  3495  3551  3578  3692  3766  3867  3926  3965  4059  4081  4305  4463  4516  4550  4609  4840  5000  5047  5079  5171  5173  5290  5320  5330  5572  5610  5661  5700  5730  5790  5923  6037  6042  6145  6235  6246  6315  6414  6456  6516  7033  7107  7150  7193  7260  7277  7278  7291  7333  7363  7391  7466  7637  7664  7781  7855  7875  7918  8040  8219  8252  8270  8286  8310  8354  8437  8462  8545  8615  8695  8715  8796  9012  9123  9294  9449  9474  9536  9567  9587  9727  9933


Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday केरल लॉटरी परिणाम कल


Kerala Lottery Results Today

All the results of the Kerala lottery are accessible on this site. The contributors of the lottery can check the Kerala lottery result today. They can ask for a cash prize if they find their lucky numbers in the result list. They return the tickets within the given day once their numbers are on the draw list.

Today Kerala Lotteries Result is ready to be declared within a few seconds. Live results for today’s Win-Win 722 scheme are announced at 2.55 pm. The Gazette of the Lottery is published regularly on the active site of the Kerala lottery and this trustworthy website at 4 pm.

Kerala lottery result 2023 today Win draw result is announced at (Palayam) Gorky Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram, near Bakery Junction. If anyone wants to check today’s Kerala lottery results, then it is the correct place to prevent the Kerala lottery results in life. The publisher updates the results and further information daily.

Today Kerala lottery draw result

The financial department of the state of Kerala declares a weekly draw result at 3.00 pm on an exact date. The department reports the Today Kerala lottery result on the decided day. The Gazette of Kerala Lottery publishes the draw results on the official website. Suppose any participant discovers their lottery number in the draw result. In that case, they can get the cash prize from the lottery department after returning the lottery tickets to the Kerala lottery organization.

Kerala lottery results today live

The lottery distribution for the Kerala Lottery Result Today lives in the following manners.

First prize ₹75,00,000/-
Relief prize ₹8,000/-
Second prize ₹5,00,000/-
Third prize ₹1,00,000/-
Fourth prize ₹5,000/-
Fifth prize ₹2,000/-
Sixth prize ₹1,000/-
Seventh prize ₹500/-
Eighth prize ₹100/-


If the cash prize is at most Rs. 5000, victors of the Today Kerala Lottery can choose their interests from the lottery shop of the Kerala lottery department. Suppose the lottery price is more than 5000 rupees. In that case, the participants have to resubmit the tickets to the Kerala lottery or Bank managing department to pursue the verification process. This way, they can get the lottery price after completing the verification process.

The agents take a 10% commission in the Kerala lottery. The Government deducts about 30% of taxes from the total achieved price. Visit the website to acquire extra information about the Claims and Structures of the Kerala Lottery Prize. The Barcode Scanner of the Kerala Lottery is a new technique. The Kerala Lotteries Department introduces this technique. Contributors verify the validity of lottery tickets.

Kerala Lottery Result Today Guessing Number.

You are in the right place if you want to work guessing numbers and win the lottery prize. The best strategy for winning the Kerala lottery is the best guessing number. These guessing numbers can support the participants in thinking of the number and winning the Kerala lotteries. You can observe all the previous results and search for the most drawn number in old results. The numbers primarily repeated in all draw results are the best numbers to guess. You can benefit from these guess numbers and check your luck in the Kerala lottery.

Mostly, the most demanding guessing numbers are three-digit and four-digit guessing numbers in the Kerala lottery because these work a lot. So, guessing numbers are the priority for winning the cash prize; keep in touch with the site to check the regular updates of the Kerala lottery today’s guessing numbers.

Kerala lottery jackpot result today.

Assume participants in a Kerala Lottery jackpot have a Kerala lottery ticket for today. Then, we are ensuring you that if anyone once buys a key to the lottery, then the full attention of the contributors is towards the results. They are always curious and excited about winning the lottery prize and becoming rich within a day. All the dream of people comes accurate as a result of Kerala lotteries. So, people can check the Kerala lottery jackpot result today and fulfill their dreams without waiting.

People can contribute to eight regular schemes and buy tickets as per schedule to play with their lucks. The manager regularly updates the program, guessing the numbers and results of the Kerala lottery without delay. Here, members can analyze all the newest results timely.

Kerala lottery chart केरल लॉटरी चार्ट

The modified Kerala lottery charts for cash distribution, schedule, and structures of Kerala lotteries prize are updated regularly.

Some fantastic offers are described in the table

  • Win-Win Prize
  • Karunya Plus Prize
  • 3Sakthi Prizes
  • 50 50 prize
  • Nirmal Prize
  • Bhagyamithra Prize (Monthly Prize)

Some bumper prizes are also organized at different events. As mentioned earlier, it holds all the cash prizes of all six structures.

Kerala lottery results yesterday

Many people demanded the Kerala lottery result yesterday to analyze the previous development. They search the drawn numbers from yesterday’s results and make some guesses for the upcoming draw numbers. Some people miss today’s results because of some circumstances, so they also look for yesterday’s results, but it sometimes takes work to find them. But users can now search for yesterday’s Kerala lottery results without problems. This site is supporting billions of people to come and discover the yesterday, today, and tomorrow results of the Kerala lottery.

If you are wondering about yesterday’s Kerala lottery result, you reached the same place to check the winning records from yesterday’s draws. You can analyze the statistic page of draw numbers and check the lotteries chart for buying the tickets. The complete draw numbers list concerning districts is scheduled daily here. You can view the winning statistics. It helps you to make some guesses about contribution in tickets.

The lottery draw numbers are not dependent on the individual awareness of the applicants. This process is automated. All results and charts are updated as per requirement, so remember to visit the sites to win the cash.

Claiming Kerala lottery prize

Frequently, winners are queering about the process to claim the Kerala lottery prize. Here are some steps to help you claim the Kerala department’s lottery prize.

Firstly, download the claiming form necessary to precede this process. After submitting the form and clearance of all commissions and taxes of the lottery, you can now get your cash prize successfully.

Today Kerala Lottery Result Lives TV

The live video streaming of the Kerala Lottery Live TV is offered on Kairali TV, Kaumudy, and Jai Hind TV. As mentioned, Live Streaming begins at 2.55 pm for the Weekly Kerala lottery results. But, the streaming for some special offers like bumpers on different festivals is always set up sharp at 2 pm. Unique draws are arranged on special days, covering all the routine offers’ budgets. The managing department of C-DIT (Development of Imaging Technology) is administrating these live broadcastings of the Kerala lottery with great support from the Electronics and IT departments. It boosts the commercial culture and helps people know about Kerala lottery updates.

Online Kerala Lottery Purchase

The Government of Kerala state strictly banned the Kerala lottery Online Purchasing in India. The Government punishes the people who are buying or selling tickets on online platforms for breaking the laws. Moreover, Kerala prevents the marketing of online purchases of Kerala Lottery tickets. The department is strictly acting against such offenders. Such strict actions necessitate being more secure using our website. We avoid the promotion of such online purchases for the safety of users.


The Kerala State Lottery has many advantages. Some essential benefits are here.

  • Kerala scheme benefits several humanitarian organizations thanks to the GST collected from selling Kerala lottery tickets.
  • It provides financial aid to India state residents who need help to meet their medical expenses. Since it started, its service has supported more than 27,000 needy people. The main ambition of the Kerala lottery is to give financial aid to Keralans who are inopportune enough to have critical illnesses like hemophilia, renal issues, cancer, or heart problems, as well as to persons who call for palliative care.
  • The Kerala Lottery offers hundreds of families a chance to escape poverty each month.
  • Thousands of people wait to glimpse the results each day at 3 pm, expecting to win the lottery prize to meet their needs and fulfill their dreams.


How to claim for Kerala lottery cash prize?

You can claim the cash prize after confirming the number in today’s Kerala lottery draw result. Fill out the form and explicitly all taxes. Resubmit the tickets to the department and receive the lottery cash.

Can I buy tickets for the Kerala lottery online?

No, you cannot buy tickets online because it is completely banned to purchase tickets from online sources, either from third-party websites or social media.

What is a Kerala lottery scheme?

The name of the Kerala lottery is a combination of two words ‘” Kerala and lottery .” Kerala is based on Kerala state, while lottery means scheme. It offers participants to buy tickets and make guesses for the following numbers. Some people try their lucky numbers, and others make guesses based on their previous experience and knowledge they gather of earlier results. On results announcement days, people become so excited to see their life-changing numbers in the result list. They claim money and become more affluent when they search for their lucky numbers in the result list.

What are the guessing numbers of the Kerala lottery?

Guessing numbers are based on careful examination of old draw results. Nowadays, three and four digits numbers are in great demand for the Kerala lottery. Some websites and guessing apps are also providing these guessing numbers. Visit this website for the updated and most reliable guessing numbers.


You can deem the Kerala lottery like the two sides of the same coin; one is insurance, and the second is a lottery to set it uniquely. It acts as first aid for many patients who need financial support, like patients with renal diseases, cancer, hemophilia, heart patients, and patients of life thrilling diseases like AID, Cancer, and many more. So, the Kerala lottery helps them in treatment. Some people undergo various life-changing crises like accidents, floods, and tourists attack; this scheme also gives a hand to stand such families to move on. A large part of the lottery scheme is also used in charity and the country’s development to remove poverty.

So, buy a ticket and make guesses to change your standard of living. You can check all the results from this website and claim a prize. Results, guessing numbers, and charts are regularly updated to keep you up-to-date with the latest today kerala lottery live news. Remember to visit the site to get results and the latest update.

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