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QuickShortcut Maker APK has an amazing level of simplicity. Even inexperienced users will be able to navigate the app's amazing features with ease because to the user-friendly interface's simplicity. Launching the app and choosing the app or setting you want to build a shortcut for is all it takes to start QuickShortcutMaker.
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Apr 17, 2023
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Quick Shortcut Maker APK is an app specially used to create shortcuts for different apps on your Android phone. If you have many apps installed on your Android phone and your home screen looks messy due to these apps. You can arrange your apps in categories, and even you can hide any app with the help of Quick Shortcut Maker. This app is very lightweight and very easy to use. It is the most comprehensive app that helps you in every possible way. You can use it on a tablet instead of an Android phone. By using it, you can create customs shortcuts and groups.

Quick Shortcut Maker APK

Quick Shortcut Maker APK facilitates one-touch icons on the home screen of an Android phone. If you have a mess created by apps on the home screen, you must find one of them. Then you have to search the two or three letters of your desired app in no time, and it will appear in front of your eyes.



Quick Shortcut Maker is light in weight. This means its file size is very small. It is a very convenient app to download even with less internet connection.

Easy to use

The feature of Quick Shortcut Maker is its layout, which is very simple and easy.

Works everywhere

If you have this app installed on your Android phone or tab, then there is no matter where you are. You can take advantage of this app. There is no time limitation to use this app.

Make easy search

Quick Shortcut Maker makes your app searching on Android phones easy. You have to click on the search bar in this app and write two or three letters of the app you want to search for here. Then in no time, this app will appear in front of you.

Categorize your app

When you have a lot of apps on your tablet or Android phone, you feel you need help finding the desired app here. But after introducing Quick Shortcut Maker, your tension becomes somewhat finished. With the help of this app, every app is categorized according to its features.

A shortcut with custom names

Quick Shortcut Maker allows you to create a shortcut with a custom name. It makes your app searching easy.

Free to download

The fascinating feature of Quick Shortcut Maker is its availability at no cost. You can free download this app from any reliable source easily.

Safe to use

If you use this app and keep apps in it, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your installed app. Your apps and app data will be safe in this app. Quick Shortcut Maker is very secure to use.

Hide your file unnoticed.

Using this app, you can hide any app to go unnoticed. It will provide you full security, and no one can be able to notice your hidden file except you.

Support different languages

Another excellent feature of Quick Shortcut Maker is that it supports many languages. This feature helps those people that are from different regions and have different languages. It can be the reason for its fame among its users.

How it works

Let us know how Quick Shortcut Maker works on your Android phone or in your tab. First, when you open this app, an extraordinary option will appear.

1: Activities

In this section, all specific functions of this app are available.

2: Application

In this section, you will find a list of all the apps that you have installed on your Android phone. A shortcut for any app can be created from the list.

3: Favorite

You can keep your favorite apps in this section.

4: History

You will find all the app history used at different or the same time.

In the upper left corner of this app, there are three dots for setting available. By clicking on them, you can change the settings of your app. few main settings are sort result, sow icons, max history count, clear history, clear cache, and version information, etc.


Save your time.

Excellent organizational tool.

Arrange your dozens of apps


Compatible with a few operating systems.

Its updates are rare in numbers.

Some settings must be changed.

The interface needs to be updated.

Downloading and installing

Download Quick Shortcut Maker from the above link. and save it in the downloaded folder.

Install this app on your Android phone.

After completing the installation, you will be accessible to use this app.


Is there any danger to the safety of Quick Shortcut Maker APK to use?

No, it is very safe, and it doesn’t contain any virus that causes any harm to your Android phone.

What is the method to delete Google Account by using Quick Shortcut Maker APK?

There is an option in the activities section of this app for Google account managers. Before it, you have to download Google Account Manager. Now you can make changes to your Google account.

What is the method to hide the app with Quick Shortcut Maker?

You can change the label or icon of any selected app you want to hide then your file will be unnoticed.


Quick Shortcut Maker APK is a very convenient app in every possible way. You must download it if you have difficulty finding installed apps on your Android phone. You will surely like this app because it will make you more comfortable searching mobile apps.

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