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Quotev App Download for Android Latest Version v1.0.0 - APKNETS.COM

Quotev App Download for Android Latest Version v

Listen to the app read stories from Quotev.com to you aloud.
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Mar 2, 2020
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Quotev App offers an inspired social platform for stories, quizzes, polls, and surveys, established in 2008. You can publish your efforts, share your works with others, add more stories, and update your library. The authors can follow other readers or authors. The readers and authors can discuss their posts with others. They can share their journals and comment in the activity section of journals or posts. Journalists can communicate with their followers in groups or messages. In this way, publishers can motivate their followers.

This platform acquires more than five million users per month. The users have been helping to boost the platform since 2008. Followers share stories, quizzes, tests, polls, and other contents of the same categories. The visitors can create an account in this app and browse the stories.

You can read more than a million journals or stories posted on this app. Journals, including journey, fan fiction, romance, science fiction, fantasy, and more, are available to the readers. There are countless quizzes on different subjects, straddling from technology to entertainment, or compose your quiz on this app.

quotev apk
quotev apk

Features OF Quotev App

Viewer and reader of all Stories

The Viewers and Readers can get access to all the stories or files they want. This app manages all the essential files rigorously. All readers can arrange their important files straightforwardly and orderly. It makes it straightforward for users to review and search the deserving journals.

Unlimited Collection

This fantastic app has unlimited quizzes, surveys, stories, and polls categorized by romance, horror, drama, mysteries, and many more. The viewers can browse any category like fantasy, journey, romantic, e.g., and read it chapter-wise. The categories arrangements make it easy for people to understand and use the app.

Ads free app

Most reading apps show pop ads whenever the reader reads the quizzes or journals, but this app is ads-free. So, you can read, share, and comment on all the published posts without disturbance. You can enjoy reading from this app freely without worrying about pop-ups and other ads.


Get the simple inquiries out of the way now. Save time on a question you can’t understand since you can run out of time on the test. Please return to the more challenging questions and work on them after you’ve finished the more explicit material.

Quotev Adventures

You can now have fantastical, romantic, and terrifying adventures. The users only need to select the appropriate narrative based on their mood to get started.

Make a wise choice so that you are prepared to manage a career and romantic partner. You can pretend to be a lover to solve a mystery or find love. This app is jam-packed, offering thrills and adventures in the reading.

What’s new?

  • Readers can save the story or quizzes from the official site to understand it offline.
  • The users can hear the audio in the app to read and understand the story.
  • The viewers can pause or resume for later listening. In this way, they don’t need to stick to one seat to read a long story.

Installing the Story Reader Quotev APK

Following the instructions will allow you to install the most recent version of this story-reading app.

  • Remove the old version of this story reader APK before installing the updated version.
  • Visit the app store next.
  • Find the updated version of the story reader Quotev APK next.
  • After that, click the install option.
  • Click on an open button after finishing the installation process.
  • Now, the readers can take advantage of different journals and stories and read the story they want.


Can publishers or readers delete quizzes in this story reader app?

Each work in the Published area of your profile has a “Delete” or “Remove” option next to it. (You cannot remove yourself from the list of authors if others are still contributing to the work.)

How many users use Quotev?

This platform acquires more than five million users per month.

How do you be popular on Quotev?

Your status as an author will increase if you share your articles elsewhere to gain more readers—link to your writings so readers can access them. Be a persistent updater. Even if you don’t have a few readers, keep updating.


Quotev is an interactive novel app that is simple to read on a device and functions similarly to a conversation. Your decisions will affect the tale in the app, and the story will develop. Depending on what you decide, the ending varies. The app is free to download and read all the way through. Throughout the story, collect diamonds to read even better endings and stories on the premier route. Novels in horror, romance, and other significant genres are among the most popular.

What's new

- Now you get save any story from quotev.com to read it offline
- Or listen to the app read the story to you
- You can stop and resume at a later time if the story is too long for one listening

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